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Red’s Army presents Fan Friday #47: “NBA Slander”

The subject of our latest “Fan Friday” is one of my favorite Twitter accounts- @NBASlander. This self professed trash talker and “troll slayer” holds nothing back. We’ll keep his true identity a secret-it’s all part of the mystique. And not to mention because there are probably a few folks that would like to “have a word with him”.

PastedGraphic-1The man behind the account resides in Melbourne, Australia and says he’s been a Celtics fan for almost 7 years. He’s also an avid follower/supporter of the Minnesota Timberwolves, due mainly to the fact that his favorite player, KG, started his career there. He says as far as Celtics go, Garnett is his favorite:

 From my previous answer, you would’ve guessed by now that my favourite player of all time is Kevin Garnett. I’ve followed his career since his rookie year. I love the man because he plays with so much passion and intensity. He loves the game and plays every one of them as if it were his last. I truly believe he was born to win and to be a Celtic which he did very well in both categories. Off the court, he’s been known to give back above and beyond eg. Donating to rebuild homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Despite living down under, NBASlander had the opportunity to attend a game here in Boston last season. And what a game it was. He witnessed the double-OT thriller between the Celtics & Heat on January 17th of last season…

Living in Australia, it’s not easy going to games but I had the honour of visiting TD Garden and watching Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett play in person earlier this year. We were sitting a few rows from court side (Tickets were $1000/person) and at that moment, I fell deeper in love with the team. There’s just something magical about the arena. We won that game in OT without Rondo against the Miami Heat in Ray’s first return to the Garden. I will never forget it.

The man behind NBASlander loves the Boston Celtics for one of the same reasons many of us do. Tradition:

The Celtics are important to me because they value the importance of family and tradition. You can see it in the way the players conduct themselves. The way the coaches preach we can only win as a team and not as individuals. The way we honour the greats and never forget what they did for us. They inspire me to live life selflessly and value family the same way.

Be sure to check out NBASlander’s Twitter page. But be warned, if you’re offended easily, it’s probably not for you. His work can also be found over on another great site called “The Pick & Roll Au“. Thanks for reading folks, and big thanks to NBASlander for being a part of Fan Friday. See you next time. -KWAPT

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  • Monty

    Nice post Kwapt. Good read for a Redsarmy followers and Celtics fans. I have an appreciation for the Celtics, and players past and present. As far as Garnett it just hurts my eyes to see him struggle in BK. It’s tough to see KG and PP wear BK jerseys, because both bleed green.

    I get the Celtics needed to rebuild, but I think Garnett made a mistake waiving his no trade clause. Garnett and Pierce were better off in staying in Boston or retiring instead they’re now apart of the circus of NY basketball.

    • forever_green

      Yup, I agree. Only problem is DA didn’t so they would have had to retire because DA would have traded Paul anyway…good post.

    • KWAPT

      Thanks Monty.