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Recap: C’s ride blistering start to win over Denver

green sully nate

The Celtics broke out of the gates tonight like an Olympic sprinter on steroids.  They decimated the Nuggets with a 14-0 run to start the game and a 39-15 lead after the first quarter.  They needed a good chunk of that 24 point lead because Denver outscored them 83-67 the rest of the way.  Too bad that still equals a 106-98 win for the Celtics.  Jordan Crawford led five Celtics in double figures and Kris Humphries scored 18 off the bench.

The Green: 

The entire first quarter.  All of it.  So much fun.  These guys had me cancelling my June vacation plans and scouting out hotels for a conference Finals series in Indy or Miami (not really, those tickets are non-refundable).  But really, that first quarter was about as good as it gets.

Brad Stevens has brass balls.  It’d be easy to say “Jared Sullinger has been our most consistently good player all season long, I’m going to go with that guy.”  But Sullinger wasn’t having a great game.  Kris Humphries was, and Stevens went with him for most of the 4th quarter.  Is it a knock on Sullinger?  Nope.  Sully is a big key to this team.  But is it proof that Stevens has no qualms about going with what works.

Humph off the bench has me bracing for the “why doesn’t he play more” tweets and comments.  Tonight, he had it going.  The thing with Humphries against a team like Denver is that he’s faster and more athletic than Sullinger is right now.  Sully’s Dad even said it during the last game… Jared is carrying extra weight that helps him play center.  If Sully’s going to be a 4 full time, then he’ll lose some pounds… but right now he’s got some extra padding and it helps against bigger guys.  But Humph is quicker, and that helped tonight.

Slow Hoosiers clap for Jordan Crawford.  I’m starting to wonder if, after 3 years, he’s finally found the coach that gets him.  I’ve spent a lot of time wondering when the sand will run out of this hourglass.  Maybe it won’t.

Is anyone better at the backdoor cut than Avery Bradley?  The play for the 2-handed slam at the end of the first half was just….. sublime.  I loved it.  AB knew it was happening at least three seconds before it happened.

Brandon Bass, again, had an overlooked good game:  14 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks.  That’s one hell of a game.

The Gross:

The first part of the third quarter was atrocious.  The Celtics came out of the locker room like the game was over, and Denver laid an 18-4 run on them in less than 4 minutes.  It happened that quickly.

It’s just more proof that this team needs to give 100% effort to be competitive.  There’s no “flip the switch” mode on this team.  If they’re off, they’re OFF.

The Greenlights:

Brotha Bass with the big block

Humph with the monster slam-and-1  (un-embeddable link)


humph gif

The Grid:

crawford graphic

  • Jeff Green: 15 points (6-13 fg) 2 reb
  • Avery Bradley:  18 points, 4 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl.

This was actually, probably, a dream game for Brad Stevens.  He got the win, which is always nice.  But he also had PLENTY after the first quarter than he can bring up in film and practice.

The Celtics have tomorrow off, then it’s off to New York where they take on the Knicks.  THAT should be an interesting game.

Box Score

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    Have to hand it to Humph-this guy was not welcomed here by fans (including me). Despite riding the pine for quite a bit of the season, he’s played very well when given the opportunity. Props to him.

    • Curt Hays

      Thanks for this. I was really hoping he’d do his thing here, and he has. It seems like people still aren’t giving him his due.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I didnt like the hump vitor combo at first but they are starting to grow on me they are very physical. And I can’t believe the pass I saw bass make tonight he literally made a touch pass to Bradley at the three point line unless he just did it on accident but either way over the last few games he’s been passing the ball good. He’s still a ball stopper on offense but I don’t hate him as much.

  • Chuck Da buck

    Wish jeff green didnt miss that spin move dunk that was a very explosive move.

  • Mannie

    It felt weird watching the Celtics on Espn. It was soo normal for the last couple of years haha

    • Chuck Da buck

      Ya it’s also weird not seeing lebron on espn if they could they would have lebron playing lebron

  • Rich Jensen

    Here’s something to gnaw on……

    Last year, Boston’s record after 21 games: 12-9. They played their 21st game on December 12th. They had played only 3 back to backs, and 12 of those 21 games were played at home.

    This year’s 9-12 team played its 21st game on December 6th. They’ve already played 5 back to backs. And they have only played 10 games at home.

    Time, I believe, will not be kind to Doc’s last year as coach. People assumed that the Celtics would stink without Doc, KG and Pierce. Probably because they did not realize how poorly Doc coached last year’s team.

    All you have to do is compare this year’s Jordan Crawford with last year’s Jordan Crawford. The difference in Crawford is the difference in coaching. It does not reflect well on Doc.

    • Chuck Da buck

      To be honest with you I never liked docs philosophies as a coach I remember how pissed me and one of my friends were when thibs left we both were saying it would be crazy to think about firing a coach and hiring his assistant after he’s won a championship but in hind site we were rite. I never was a big doc rivers guy but I always loved thibs and its clear he’s the better coach.

    • KGino

      I’ve been saying it for awhile, Brad Stevens is really making Doc look over rated

  • Andy

    Is anyone better at the backdoor cut than Avery Bradley? The answer is no

  • KGino

    That AB dunk was the first time this season I jumped off my couch pumped my fist and started yelling “YEA!” …. If you recall the other night he had one similar and tried to reverse it and missed… I was yellin that he’s gotta dunk those!!! Finish em strong AB I know you got plenty of hops

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