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Danny Ainge throws wet blanket on Rajon Rondo return speculation


So much for the speculation that Rajon Rondo is nearing a return to the court. MassLive’s Jay King transcribed Danny Ainge’s morning interview on Toucher and Rich:

“I don’t think he’s close, meaning I don’t think it’s going to happen for the next few weeks,” Ainge said during an appearance on Toucher & Rich. “We’re not on pins and needles about it. We’re being very cautious with Rondo, and I think he still has a little bit of a limp. His strength is still not quite there. He is making progress but we’re not close.”

“He’s just not himself yet, but he’s getting there and he’s pushing himself to get there,” Ainge said. “Listen, we’re going to be very cautious with him and make sure he’s right before he comes back. There’s just a little bit of a limp still, and he’s got to get that strength in his knee back to 100 percent before we’ll let him back out on the court.”


While I don’t want Rajon Rondo playing until his knee is 100%, I’m disappointed because I love watching the guy play.

See you in mid-January, Rajon.

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  • eddysamson

    Didn’t look like he had a limp when he was racing Marshon Brooks or playing 1 on 1.

  • MrCuret

    I think that means that he’ll be back soon. We have to take what Ainge says with a grain of salt. He did the same thing when they hired Stevens, he said they didn’t have a coach in mind yet, & all of a sudden Stevens is the coach. I’m sure he knows when Rondo’s coming back.

  • bill_nair

    Sounds like Danny wont put him out there til hes more than ready. Fine with me. Last thing I want is Rondo injuring himself before he can get started like Rose. He should be 150% a week before he plays his first game.

  • Curt Hays

    HAHAHA, clearly this is misdirection by Danny. Rondo doesn’t have a limp or Danny wouldn’t have mentioned it twice. Rondo is a sleeper. When he gets back on the court, he is going to OWN.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    They’ll be accused of tanking if they keep him out, but people are starting to take recovering from ACL injuries for granted because of how good surgery can be now.

    Look at all the sh** Derrick Rose got for not coming back asap, and now he has injured the other knee. Was it just a freak accident? I don’t believe it. Your body has to compensate for damage and even after successful surgery and recovery there are changes that the body must learn to work with. So many times it happens where one serious injury ends up followed by another injury, and it seems like it is often on the mirrored side of the body to the first injury.

    Meanwhile, the NBA schedule is still murder. I’d like to see Rondo play this season, but I’d much rather see him play at an elite level for the next 5-10 years.

  • zippittyay

    Heck, it’s not about THIS season anyway….

  • jason benn

    when is pierce and kg returning to play us????? i forget now but yeah whatever date that game is on rondo will be back that week or that game against them no later then that so he can tear apart the nets and give some good burns to pierce and kg with everyone thinking he was just barely able to come back even though i wont be surprised if rondo is full strength right now and everyone from stevens to ainge to the owners to rondo especially all agree to play it safe before he returns especially after the player formerly known as d rose went down AGAIN freak accident all you want but roses career is done he wont ever be the same and im sure everyone now is super cautious with rondo jumping back in like that……ill bawl like a newborn if rondo comesback then 15 games later tears the other knee no lie

  • DV

    Hurt Hays, good point! Danny is not stupid! He, just like our good boy Bill Belichick, like to mislead everyone to gain an advantage. They will do what the Bulls didn’t do with Rose last year, insert Rondo at the second half of the season and make a strong push in the playoffs. Rondo is the missing piece the Celtics needs but with a trade or two, this team would be complete. The East is a weak conference and Danny knows that! So keeping that in mind, he will try to take a stab at knocking off one of the tops team in the East to advance to the Finals. What do you have to lose? All that would do is make Celtics look like a more attractive team to play for next season with all of those All Stars hitting free agency! IN DANNY I TRUST!