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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger doesn’t want wishy-washy fans


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“If we win, don’t jump on our bandwagon now,” Sullinger, who thumbed his nose at tank talkers following Monday’s practice, said before last night’s 108-100 win against Milwaukee. “We don’t want wishy-washy fans. As grown men, we play hard and do the best for this team. For everybody else outside the circle, we could care less.”

Sullinger also reiterated his belief that the Celtics could be a playoff team this season. As for those who laugh at the thought of the C’s in the postseason, the forward was dismissive.

“The same guys who are laughing at us are the ones who said we were going to win five games,” said Sullinger, who had 12 points last night. “Now all of a sudden we win some, we lose some, and guys are saying they’re surprised with how the Celtics are playing.”

Considering the Celtics went into last night a half-game behind the division-leading Toronto Raptors, Sullinger considers anything possible. He said he’s offended by anyone who suggests otherwise.

“I’m very insulted by people who think that,” he said. “We work too hard to just play for another year. It’s almost like a business. Why not come out with new schemes and try to make your product that much better by selling it to people and playing hard? But don’t talk about playing for the following year. I don’t believe in it, I’ll never believe in it. Just play hard every day. That’s what we’ve been doing.

“We’re not out of every game. In every game we’re putting up a fight. . . . It’s up to the guys sitting in the huddle, the guys who are playing hard.”


More tough talk from Jared Sullinger. Two days ago he told the tankeratti to kiss his butt.

Now he’s telling that same crowd to stay off the bandwagon.

Easy, big fella. It’s only December.

I was on board Tanking III in training camp. Tanking isn’t so much a directive as it is a result. Losing comes with rebuilding. With losing comes a high draft pick. A high draft pick improves your chances of success. It’s a fairly simple formula.

But I’m not rooting for this team to lose. That goes against my DNA. When I watch this team play, I get caught up in the moment.

The Celtics are in 1st place in the Atlantic Division. They have as many wins as the Knicks and Nets combined.

Excuse me while I enjoy this moment. We can deal with the draft in June.

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On Page 2, how much will Rondo help the Celtics offense?

When we last saw Rondo, his 13.7 points and league-leading 11.1 assists per game created an average of 38.0 points for the Celtics, and that doesn’t include the new free throw and secondary assist statistics available this season on or the C’s increased pace under Brad Stevens.

This season, Jordan Crawford has received 1,301 touches, which ranks 15th among the league’s guards, and the Celtics rank 26th in points per 100 possessions (96.0). It’s safe to assume there’s a correlation there.

Obviously, Rondo’s 38.0 points created per game would be a lot closer to Paul’s production, which nearly doubles Crawford’s. Even if Rondo isn’t at full strength, he could potentially create 10 more points per game given the same number of touches — an improvement that would propel the Celtics into the league’s top five offenses.


A top 5 offense to go with our top 10 defense?

Giddy up.

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  • bill_nair

    “But I’m not rooting for this team to lose. That goes against my DNA. When I watch this team play, I get caught up in the moment.”

    Exactly how I feel. Do I want to see Parker or Wiggins in green? Hell ya. But I cant help but enjoy winning. Ill root for Parker throughout his career as long as hes not in LA or NY. I trust Danny has a pretty good “Plan B” that hes been more focused on than the easy, tank and draft a stud, “Plan A”

    • Chuck Da buck

      Exactly if someone can watch a game and not get mad when they loose then they ain’t a real fan. I hate when they loose and I would ate it even more if I saw that they weren’t trying to win. We have enough draft picks to rebuild and I believe in this draft very good players ill be there in the late first round.

      • Robert Hodgman

        “ill be there in the late first round.”
        You will? Can you block shots and rebound? Highlights?

        • Chuck Da buck

          I meant to say will.

          • Robert Hodgman

            I know brotha, no offense. Couldn’t miss the opportunity.

  • Step

    I think Sully has every right to be upset, especially when the reporters ask him about tanking. That would insult anybody that takes pride in their craft *in the words of KG*.

  • Chuck Da buck

    U never know with the draft just think at the beginning of last years college basketball season every expert had shabazz Muhammad going number one at the time I thought oladipo was an amazing player so I looked up where the experts said he would be drafted and they had him at late first round and even some had in the second round.i remember thinking wow this kids amazing and the celts might have a chance to get him that late.

  • Curt Hays

    I guess I’m different from all of you. Maybe I’m just short sighted. I want the Celtics to play all out every game and see what they can accomplish. Sure they need a Big Papi or a Koji to make it to the show, but I don’t want to see my guys not play for themselves.
    Sully’s comments tell me that he’s playing for himself, his teammates, and his fans. He. Is. The Man.

    • Curt Hays

      To clarify…I hate every loss. The lottery chances don’t make me feel any better after a loss. I hate the losses.

    • bill_nair

      Sully’s been the voice of reasoning and though it shouldn’t be a surprise to us Celtics fans, its been a welcoming surprise this year. I figured it would be GW and RR making these type of comments. Heck even Bogans was vocal about it during the summer. Sully really has stepped up in that leadership role though.

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  • Celticsfanatic

    I love Sullinger but I’m getting a little sick of him talking, a la Gerald Wallace. No one is discouraging these guys from giving it their all, some just feel a quicker trip to the lottery is the best way to rebuild (and not without merit). While many point to how tanking has ruined as many teams as it’s built over the past couple decades (specifically the 2007 Cs), people forget it was our lack of a top five pick for over a decade that also contributed to the abysmal post-Bird/pre-Garnett era. After all, hasn’t the blueprint of winning with a young All-Star such as Rondo and a collection of very good players such as Jeff Green, Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley already been disproved? Sounds a lot like Paul Pierce, Ricky Davis/Wally Szczerbiak, Al Jefferson and Delonte West to me.

    No one is telling Sullinger not to try to win or that he shouldn’t try to be a great player or even that he isn’t a great player already. The idea that pro-draft Celtics fans are bandwagon fans is ridiculous and insulting. Maybe he should do more of what makes us love him (playing basketball) and stop talking.