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Recap: Celtics seize 1st place with win over pesky Bucks

Chuck - Red's Army December 3, 2013 Recaps 22 Comments


Let this wash over your body:  After a grueling November schedule, the Celtics sit in 1st place in the Atlantic Division. Ignore the fact that this team is 4 games under .500 and the Eastern conference is the worst its been in 40 years. 1st place.

Led by Jordan Crawford’s 15 4th quarter points (3-3 3FG) and a clutch step back jumper by Jared Sullinger, the Celtics beat Milwaukee, 108-100.

The Green:

Crawford scored 25 points on 8-14 FG. How’s that for efficiency?

Jeff Green carried the team in the 3rd quarter where he scored 10 of his 18 points.

Courtney Lee had 11 points (5-7 FG) in his first game back from a knee injury.

The Gross:

The Celtics gave up 37 points in the 4th quarter. Fortunately, they scored 39.


Avery Bradley with circus shot

Gerald Wallace with the vicious dunk

The Grid:

  • The Celtics made 5 3s in the 4th quarter.
  • Kris Humphries logged 20 minutes, his highest total since the season opener (21)

Box score


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  • Chulinho

    The Celtics are in first place in the division?

    • david

      Search your feelings, Doc Rivers, you know it to be true.

      • Chulinho

        Hahahaha!!! Perfect.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jimmy.gallagher.357 Jimmy Gallagher

      HAHAHAHA! I can’t like this post enough.

      • Chulinho

        Yeah I was watching A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back a few days ago, and this popped into my head after reading the headline. Lol

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    Brad Stevens is looking like a great coach and Jared Sulinger was an absolute steal. I really love this team, they’ve grown on me. I’m starting to think we should hold onto Jordan Crawford (no I have not been drinking tonight).

    • Chulinho

      There can’t be one person that thought Jordan “Steez” Crawford would play like this with this team.

      • swissflix

        Well, probably Danny Ainge. To give him credit.

  • 76th

    And the Celtics have as many wins as BOTH New York teams combined

  • Mike C

    A flashback of a Larry Bird shot by Bradley and 1st place in the Atlantic division; I’m starting to believe something big may be coming our way. Maybe knocking number one seed out of playoffs in round one… Don’t know, but I’m definitely enjoying this season so far. Much better than I thought it would be.

  • bill_nair

    I wonder if Danny would make a big trade to help this teams chance of staying in control of the division. Our first round pick was always likely to be outta the top 5 and looking more and more likely each day. He may be able to fleece some team into thinking they got a great pick and get a great player in return.

  • swissflix

    This season has been so much fun!

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  • Sully_Son

    Anyone else think the team will be worse with Rondo? I’d like to see him traded for a BIG

    • Funky_Green

      Absolutely not. Rondo’s ability to create plays will inspire the existing “bigs” to get better. Can we please stop with the trade Rondo scenarios?