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Could the Nets trade Paul Pierce?


Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports Sports – Top 10 Candidates to be Traded:

10. Paul PierceNets: Here’s the wild card of the group. The Nets have been awful so far, and if their struggles become a permanent condition, they could see what the market will bear for a 36-year-old sniper on $15.3 million expiring contract. The Nets are not shopping Pierce at the moment, but he could be a serviceable piece for a team looking to dump a multi-year contract. The question will become how valuable a draft pick, if any, a potential trade partner would be willing to offer.

The Nets will eventually rise to the top of the Atlantic Division, right? Once guys like Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Andre Kirilenko get healthy, one has to believe they’ll get their shit together.

As for dreaming up any scenarios (Gerald Wallace and Jeff Green?) that land Pierce back in Boston, fuggedaboutit.

A team cannot reacquire a player it traded away in the same season.

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  • Chuck Da buck

    Pierce is def coming back next year he gonna do us a solid and take the vet minimum.

  • Rjd12345

    Why would trading Jeff Green (our second best player) be a dream trade? He gets 16.7 and 4 a game, and that’s without Rondo. Having said that, Pierce is fighting a losing battle with age over in Brooklyn and I welcome him back with open arms next year as a free agent to help guide this young Celtics team.

  • bill_nair

    I really hope Paul comes back. I could see him going to play with the clippers and riding it out but I selfishly want him here. He deserves another shot at a ring…….in green!

    I don’t think he deserves to be traded again but im biased. And some how some way i think they win the division (cause i cant see Toronto or NY doing it)