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Recap: Green Friday

KWAPT (@KWAPT) November 29, 2013 Gametime, Recaps 17 Comments on Recap: Green Friday

csThe Celtics had no trouble finding their offense tonight. Boston opened-up the game on a 19-2 run and were firing on all cylinders. Three-pointers, alley-oops, you name it. The C’s defense also played well, holding the Cavs to a dismal 10 pts in the quarter as Cleveland shoots 21% (4 of 19). Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass & Jeff Green all had it going early and Jordan Crawford had 3 asts, 4 rebs & 4 pts in his first 12 minutes on the floor. Celtics were up big, 28-10 after 1Q.

Kyrie Irving helped the Cavaliers to stop the bleeding a bit in the 2nd quarter. Boston continued to roll for the most part, but Irving had 11 points in the quarter and the Cavs shot a much more respectable 11 of 26 from the field. Helped by the C’s missing 6 free throws, the Cavs actually won the quarter 29-27. Jeff Green’s 15 points were key in Boston going into the half up 55-39.

The 3rd was more of the same. Just nothing offensively from the Cavs, and more good shooting from the C’s. Boston continued to do pretty much whatever they wanted, and went into the 4th quarter up 21, 79-58. The Cavaliers looked like perhaps they were still digesting yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner. Through 3 quarters, the C’s had turned the ball over 13 times and missed 10 free-throws, yet the Cavs could not take advantage. Mostly due to the fact that no one other than Irving could do jack squat. Guys not named Kyrie were 16 of 51 from the floor through 3Q.

The Celtics never trailed in this game and cruised through the 4th quarter. Jordan Crawford put up a triple-double, the crowd got Gino (and I’m still not sure how I feel about that) and the Celtics never looked back. Final score at the Garden tonight: BOS 103 CLE 86. The Celtics will now fly to Milwaukee to face the Bucks, who have lost 11 straight. Tip-off tomorrow is at 9pm EST.

The Green:

  • Jeff Green had a season-high 31 points and once again very aggressive. I’m liking the consistency we’ve seen from him lately and would love to see it continue. Avery Bradley also had a great offensive night, and was instrumental in Boston getting out to a fast start. Bradley had 8 points in the first quarter and finished with 21.
  • Jordan Crawford dropped a triple-double, the 3rd of his career, with 11 pts, 11 rebs & 10 asts. It’s become pretty clear that when he gets involved, the C’s play well.
  • Check out the combined numbers from Brandon Bass & Jared Sullinger: 24 points, 5 of 6 from three, 12 rebs, 7 asts & 3 blks. Not too shabby.

The Gross:

  • The Celtics turned the ball over 17 times and missed 10 free-throws 

The Greenlights:

The Grid: (quick stats)

  • Cavs shot just 4 of 18 from downtown
  • Irving & Waiters had 38 of Cleveland’s 86 points

Box score

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  • Chuck Da buck

    Def one of the best games I seen them play all year and as much as it pains me to admit I actually didnt hate brendon bass tonight he had four assist that’s gotta be close to a career high. If Crawford didnt get side tracked in some games earlier i think we’d have a winning record. Rondos got to be teaching him a few things on the pick n roll.

    • Chuck Da buck

      * brandon

  • Chuck Da buck

    Damn man nobody post on here anymore I can’t be the only one who got banned from celticsblog.

    • P Funk

      Looks like a bunch of the bandwagoners have jumped off. Could be worse, my man.
      Nothing against CB (I still go there every once in a while), but RA is cooler. Always my first stop for the C’s.

      • Chuck Da buck

        Good point. Ya cb is a little to strict with whats considered swearing.

    • bill_nair

      The mood tends to be happier over here than CB. Alot of whining over there and negativity 24/7. Ive stopped going there really.

  • wil

    hope to see more passing in the future, there were alot of stretches that the celtics over dribble.

    They need to break down the enemies defense by quick ball movement.

  • Mike C

    If anyone would have told me before the season started that the Celtics would have a record of 7 and 11 while the nets would be at 4 and 12 at this point in the season, I would have told them they were crazy. Ainge is starting to look like a genius with those trades. I still miss KG and Pierce though. This current roster is starting to grow on me. Go Celtics!

  • Lee in Oregon

    As much as I’m enjoying JC’s play, I’m absolutely shocked that he already had 2 career triple doubles. The other great thing about Crawfords play – it’s put Avery Bradley back at his real position and he’s well on his way to being one of the best 2-way players in the league. If Tony Allen could shoot he’d be Avery Bradley (and I got nothing against TA).

  • Joseph

    Crawford is building his trade value. Hopefully we can package him with something for another pick. Pressy is a great backup for Rondo. I just can’t buy into JC, something about him.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The Cavs straight up throw games. They literally lose games on purpose. They have a nice roster and should be somewhere between 4th-8th this year. They started doing it a few years ago. They have been getting away with it and so look at what it has done to the league this year: it caught on, of course. It has put pressure on other teams to lose games on purpose. They broke the taboo on throwing games on purpose a few years back and so they have broken the draft lottery. The sad state of the league this year is their fault.

    David Stern needs to try to fix this before he goes. He’s got the experience and the brains. He’ll know it’s bad for business to let this go on. He should at least take a
    crack at fixing it.

    The first thing I would suggest he consider doing is busting the Cavs, probably by taking away their draft pick this year and next year at least, and put the rest of the league on notice.

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