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How bad are the Nets? Pierce is taking shots at Kidd


The bickering and finger pointing was bound to happen. Following Brooklyn’s 5th straight loss, Paul Pierce directed some criticism at the team’s coaching staff:

Jason Kidd, who watched his 3-10 squad crumble in the third quarter (again) and fall for the eighth time in nine games, sent a message by benching his entire starting lineup at the beginning of the fourth quarter. But after the Nets got blown out in another third quarter, Kidd got a message back with Paul Pierce seemingly blaming the rookie coach for the team’s struggles after halftime.

“We got to understand teams aren’t going to play the same way they did in the first half as they did in the second half because teams make adjustments, especially when they are down,” Pierce said. “And we got to realize that and adjust with that.”

On Sunday, the Nets lost the third quarter, 34-15, which means they’ve been outscored by a combined 96 points in the third quarters of their 10 losses. Maybe Kidd needs to work on those halftime speeches.
“We’ve got to be the worst team in the league when it comes to third quarters,” said Kevin Garnett. “Unacceptable.”

Fire in the hole!

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  • bill_nair

    Eh I don’t think there direct shots at Kidd but its true. The Nets ran a particularly boring and slow offense last year. ISO heavy, relying on JJ and Deron to get shots off. Kidd hasn’t came in and changed anything. they run a similar boring offense but with 5 players instead of 2 now. I just hope they sneak into the playoffs cause id hate to see Atlanta get their lottery pick.

  • tvor03

    Jason Kidd was a bad hire, but he’s not the reason the Nets are losing right now. No Deron, no Lopez, no Kirilenko, and Pierce and KG are playing horribly. Especially KG.

  • jason benn

    hahaha thats what happens when u pull a dumb move like hiring a player straight to coach. he needs to get fired soon n let frank take over n i bet they make the playoffs kg n pierce will play better for a actual coach then a more or less player coach. kidd shoulda started off small like the d league or something not right into what the owner expected to be a championship contending team. yes injuries have riddled them and that hurts alot but kg n pierce went there to be complementary players not carry the team, and bring them a championship. i just will hate to see kg retire on this note not getting another ring he definetly deserves, obviously pierce as well! they should come back to us on vet min contracts next year or the year after to be the veteran presence every championship team needs ala sam cassell n pj brown. it would still be rondos team and they can just sit back and enjoy the ride killing 2nd units and retiring celtics and getting another ring. sadly dreams are dreams it be nice but i dont see it happening i just want them to get another ring is all they deserve it more then anyone is this league

  • Paul Pierce

    I think Celtics fans were excited to see The Nets get a crack at The Heat in the play offs especially with Pierce and KG headlining the team. But this really hurts as a big Pierce fan. I don’t want to see my favorite player ever having to deal with this.

  • Chuck Da buck

    I honestly believe that they shouldn’t even worry yet its not like it matters if they get home court advantage this seems to happen with kg and pp a lot then after the all star break they’ll get ready it’s not like they even need to win forty game in the east. Who knows at this point forty might get u a six seed I just got to believe that when there healthy it’s going to be fine for them.

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