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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s have a balancing act to perform


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Of the four veterans who came north, only Wallace is receiving regular time. Kris Humphries has politely kept his words to a minimum over his restricted role. MarShon Brooks is confused and frustrated. Keith Bogans, who was given a magnificent $5.6 million salary to make the deal work, is fulfilling his role as a strong clubhouse guy.

But, as one league official noted prior to the start of the season, “The worry there is going to be unhappy veterans.”

It’s bound to happen once the losses start snowballing, and veterans continue to take a back seat to the kids.

Ainge laughs at this so-called dilemma.

“On every team in the NBA there’s unhappy players,” the Celtics president of basketball operations said. “I’ve never been on a team where everyone is happy with their opportunities.

“It’s not an ideal situation, and we knew that from the beginning. But it’s going to be hard for some guys with other guys in those jobs.”

Ainge values communication with his players. To that end, he routinely takes Wallace’s temperature.

“I’m just trying to give (Wallace) an idea of where we stand,” Ainge said. “He’s a good guy, a good pro.”

Boston Herald – A juggling act for C’s

While Danny Ainge is absolutely correct in the sense that every team in the NBA has these so called “issues,” it’s a bit trickier for this Celtics team.  You’re heard the term “unbalanced roster” when this team has been discussed and that goes from odd mix of veterans wanting to be in different points in their careers (not rebuilding), young players looking for run and some spots being more position heavy than others.  When you start to pile up those losses, it gets more and more difficult to manage throughout a long 82 game season.  Especially one that is being managed daily by a 36 year-old first time NBA head coach.  But Brad Stevens has done remarkably well considering the mish-mash roster as well as a heavy and busy schedule to start the season.  From the same column:

Ainge also has a first-year NBA coach to worry about. Brad Stevens, in moving beyond the more protected environment of college basketball, has consistently preached opportunity, and the need for players to stay ready.

Humphries has already shown his value under those limited conditions. And though Ainge is there whenever Stevens needs advice, this supremely confident 36-year-old coach at least gives the appearance that he has this delicate situation under control.

“Not really,” Ainge said of whether he’s done a lot of mentoring with Stevens. “Brad’s a really smart guy. He has good coaches on his bench. Ron Adams has been in the league for years. Jamie Young and Jay Larranaga have been in the league.

“Jay was in the D-League,” Ainge added with a laugh of the onetime Erie Bayhawks coach. “You think coaching in the NBA is tough, try coaching in the D-League, where no player wants to be.”

That doesn’t diminish Stevens’ balancing act, though. And he has to adjust along the way.

“Sure, and every NBA team is unique,” Ainge said. “Some NBA teams are way more college-like than others. The challenge this year for Brad is that he has 14 players and no clear-cut winners. It’s really close with all of the 2 guards on the roster, and all of the 4 and 5 men. How it’s going to work out is unpredictable. They all can play.

Obviously, the C’s are a busy team internally as well as on the schedule.  So far it’s going relatively well given all the variables.  As the season goes on it will be interesting to see how players start reacting differently.  Right now though there is little to quibble about from a fans perspective in that regard.

Bonus video: Rondo’s pregame workout, races MarShon Brooks, plays Courtney Lee one-on-one:


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  • Chuck Moran

    Damn man the east is awful I know everyone wants a good pick but when rondo comes back we might be the third best team in the east especially with rose down.

    • Andy

      Ya and we already proved we can beat Miami. Championship or bust.

      • Alex Costa

        Don’t get your hopes up too much… Miami definitely went very easy on us that game and they got bit for it.

        • Andy

          Sarcasm bro

          • Alex Costa

            Meh, it’s Sunday morning. My mind isn’t working all the way. 🙂

          • Andy

            Its cool I was gonna crap on you but I know it’s hard to pick up inflection through text.

      • Chuck Moran

        Lol imagine they didnt do the playoffs by conference there would probably only be two east teams making it.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Crazy, but the ‘3rd best’ part could turn out to be true. This has got to be the tankiest year in the history of the NBA, or at least the tankiest year in the East.

      Nobody is fighting to be 4th-10th this year, and now what is Chicago going to do? They are still a very good team who could finish third even without Rose; but are they going to start losing on purpose like the Knicks and Cavs?

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  • eddysamson

    Was so good to see Rondo run like that!

  • greg clark

    Again I say…Rondo has a point to prove this year. He will real soon.

  • jason benn

    if rondo sorry when rondo comes back that will be the real start of the countdown for the scrubs on the team the vets will be shipped out asap but as far as the other young guys who no one knows if they will stay thats when their clock starts ticking. rondo looks great and ready to go so they all better be ready to ball hard when he gets back. we have a solid 4 n 5 guy well backup 5 in ko sully has shown he can handle being a starter we have our 1 n 2 we need that 3 that can do everything and a solid starting 5 if we can keep ko n fav for bench players n get like a asik for when rondo returns i like our chances with how weak the east is. couple of tweaks and we can make some noise. though regardless of wut ainge says he wont let that happen but thats why we should make so many tweaks this year get rid of as many of these vets as we can and package them with the overstock at the 2 guard spot we get some decent players in return maybe one or two or expiring contracts to see how they fit in the system. rondo bradley are like the jones boys back in the day not spitting image but same mold if you know what i mean hard nose defenders leaders just what we need sully will be another great one as well and ko the rest save crawford can all go, watch us get gordon hayward the celtics will offer him a nice contract cuz thats who stevens wants thats why hayward wouldnt sign an extension he wants to play for us and stevens

    • Chuck Da buck

      To get Hayward I wonder if we would have to do a sign and trade with Bradley since they are both restricted but I think I would do it our starting five would be rondo Hayward green sully olynyk which is a great young core but I’d be scared that Bradley turns into a better player he’s already got the defense so who knows if his game is gonna get better but think I’d do it but its tough.

      • jason benn

        Nah I’m hoping we get bradley n make a offer to hayward they sayin 6 mil a yr for bradley i heard last more thrn ebough money to offer to hayward too

        • Chuck Da buck

          Would def be nice but is Hayward restricted? If so might cost us more to make the jazz not match

          • jason benn

            He will b restricted but ainge n ownership has given plenty of bad contracts out ie green bass lee. i think they will offer what’s necassary to steal him away for stevens sunce he is our coach of the future

  • rajonrondoooooooooooo4life

    The only east team can beat the heat is the pacers and celtics., we got a better chance make the playoff cuz nets n Knicks suck so bad this year … We gotta make a trade to get rid marshon brooks and Wallace and hump, and release borgan cuz he useless