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Crawford’s 10 fourth quarter points crucial in C’s win

Jordan Crawford’s 12 points may not jump off the page when looking at last night’s box score, but Steez was instrumental in Boston winning on the road in Atlanta last night. 10 of his 12 points came in the decisive final quarter where the Celtics snuffed out the Hawks’ hopes of trying to hand Boston it’s seventh straight loss. Crawford’s biggest bucket was a running jumper over the outstretched arms of Al Horford that put Boston up 90-85 with 0:58 to go in the game.

RD6 has your highlight video of Crawford’s double-double that consisted of 12 points & 10 assists. I’ve also added some bonus video of Rajon Rondo working out prior to last night’s game.

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  • frickenWaaaltah

    Man…I thought Jordan Crawford might have a good year but this is crazy. I was thinking they needed offense to come from somewhere, right? I think a bunch of people here looked at the roster and suspected the players who could shoot/score would have an opportunity to step up.

    But if you told me he’d be their best point guard until Rondo got back, I’d have figured you meant it like, ‘the tallest of the seven dwarfs,’ or ‘the fastest turtle’ etc, i.e. bad but still the best we had. Even just for scoring as a 2/3, I would have guessed that a ‘good year’ would be something like he’d chuck up a bunch of shots and hit an ok percentage while the C’s piled up the losses, maybe with a best case scenario of scoring 17ppg on a terrible team.

    It’s so wild that he’s genuinely thriving at pg, with no ‘buts’ about good numbers and bad results even. I just have to say it again: Danny got this guy for next to nothing, for the remainder of the already injured Leandro Barbosa’s one year deal, just because Washington wanted to get rid of him.

  • adam

    Who ever thought we would be seeing so many positive headlines about Jordan Crawford.

    • KWAPT

      Definitely not this guy..