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Kurt Rambis, James Worthy still hate us 25 years later

Chuck - Red's Army November 22, 2013 Celtics News 10 Comments

Earlier this week Lakers’ legends James Worthy and Kurt Rambis reflected on the intense rivalry with the Celtics during a fan event at the Staples Center:

Worthy may think we’re nasty, but deep down in his heart of hearts, he wishes Lakers fans cared half as much.

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  • Tom Ong

    A day in a Celtics life, that’s all. LET’s GO CELTICS!!!

  • Ron Flanders

    Michael Cooper feels the same way. Riley set the tone…

  • bill_nair

    “…..but deep down in his heart of hearts, he wishes Lakers fans cared half as much.”

    Says it all. Celtics have the best fans in any sport.

    • LA Flake

      This is 1,000,000,000,000,000% TRUE. When the C’s come to LA, the C fans are almost all there 20-30 minutes before tip off. So, at least during the first quarter when half the Flaker fans are god knows where getting their nails polished, bodies waxed or getting their botox injection, there are as many Boston fans as there are Flaker fans.

  • CFH

    Oh, they still hate us?

    Job well done, fans. Job well done.

    • Chulinho

      There’s still work to be done.

      • CFH


  • adam

    First think I thought when I saw the headline was “Good” and then “Who cares about what these guys think anyways.”

    • Paul Pierce

      Perfect answer.

  • Paul Pierce

    My problem is that I use profanity way too much and end up getting kicked out of games when I heckle. There’s something about using the f word that makes heckling more fun. Calling guys “bums” just doesn’t do it for me. I bet in the 80’s that the security in The Garden would let you say literally anything you want though. I would have fit in as a great a hole fan back then.