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Gang Green 7.5: Rondo trade rumors and Greenline Inbound and Outbound

Chuck - Red's Army November 22, 2013 Gang Green TV 4 Comments

The guys dive into the “Trade Rondo” talk and roll out a new segment called “Greenline Inbound & Outbound.”

Oh yeah, they also talk about the Celtics recent losses.


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  • Chuck Moran

    Do these guys no anything about basketball what a joke? Do they get paid for this garbage?

  • Michael Merriam

    I’ve made it through 7 minutes and all I can gather from this episode is that the C’s are planning to trade Andrew Wiggins for LeBron James and Rajon Rondo for Eye-man Shrumphurt

  • Brian

    Just wasted 5 mind of my life watching these clowns. Can you get your facts straight if you reference trades? Jeff Green and a salary dump got Allen and Baby Davis. Try putting your thoughts on paper before spewing this garbage

  • Buddy_Hinton

    Ugh why didn’t I listen to these comments and not watch this deplorable show. Why why why.