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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad Stevens found a silver lining in last night’s loss


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Considering they had lost their last three games by an average of 18.3 points and were behind by as many as 35 on Tuesday in Houston, and were never really a factor in any of them, staying with San Antonio for most of three quarters is borderline duck boat material for what is the Celtics these days.

“We played different,” said coach Brad Stevens, who may have even been able to get some sleep after this one. “The team that played tonight could be a really fun group to build with. That’s what you take from here.

“We talked about this early in the year; there’s going to be nights where we measure progress a little bit differently. And it wasn’t hard to measure (Tuesday) night. We didn’t make any. But tonight we made a little bit, and hopefully we build off of it. I’m disappointed we lost, but I do find more silver lining in this one than maybe (Tuesday) night.”

Boston Herald

This is the new measure of “success” for the Celtics.

I turned on the game in the 3rd quarter (I have a great excuse – she’s 5-6 with stunning brown eyes and a killer smile) to find the Celtics trailing by just 5 points.

At that moment I chalked this one up as moral victory.

Playing in Houston and San Antonio on back-to-back nights is no easy task for any team in the league.

As KWAPT also pointed out in last night’s recap, the silver linings in this one were the individual performances of Jared Sullinger (19 pts, 17 reb vs Timmy D.) and Avery Bradley (19 points on 9-18FG), along with the all-around team effort.

I refuse to recognize Jeff Green’s 19 points. I’ll render compliments with the same consistency he delivers solid performances.

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Page 2:  the league understands Gerald Wallace is having a tough season

“They read to me what I said,” Wallace said, “and then just told me, ‘OK then, well, we understand you’re having a rough season. Hope your season gets better,’ and hung up the phone.”

According to the veteran, there was really no room for rebuttal.

“Nah, they ain’t hearing that,” said Wallace before the C’s 104-93 loss to the Spurs last night. “They called to confirm, make sure ‘Is this what you said? OK, cool.’ They didn’t call me back five minutes later, like, ‘Oh, my bad, I got the wrong number.’ ”

As for an explanation, Wallace said, “They said something about the league was, I don’t know, family friendly or friendly family or something. I said, ‘OK.’ ”


That’s Gerald Wallace explaining the phone call he received from the league informing him of the $10,000 fine for dropping the f-bomb to the media Tuesday night in Houston.

So understanding and thoughtful.


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  • MatthewWilding

    Can we all talk about how Chuck just used this blog post to up his getting laid chances?

    This is the gold standard of blogging.

  • Step

    So that’s why KG didn’t speak to NY media the other day..he knew he was going to let the f-bombs fly : )

    • CFH

      KG needs to retire yesterday if this rule is going to be strictly enforced. He’ll go from hundreds of millions to broke in about a week, and that’ll be even sadder than the way he’s currently playing. 🙁

      • Step

        Yep..I really wish KG was playing better, hope it turns around for him because I would hate if he retired after this season and it ended on a bad note with the Nets.

      • Sean McLaughlin

        Conspiracy theory: KG is playing like hell to help us get a better pick. 😉

  • bill_nair

    We fought which is more than can be said about the previous 3 games. Sully is a beast on the boards and Ive been impressed with KO on that end too. Bradley is making a very strong case for our best offensive player. If green consistently took 14 shots he probably can maintain that 16ppg average. Hes just apparently not built to be selfish. Fun game though.

  • Jester00

    oh well played

  • Sean McLaughlin

    “I refuse to recognize Jeff Green’s 19 points. I’ll render compliments with the same consistency he delivers solid performances.” HA!

  • jason benn

    who needs a lifelong companion that wont watch the whole celtics game with them 😉 lol

  • jason benn

    this is just being posted here becuase look at this solver lining. i put in wallace hump n lee for stat and shump and the anaylsis from hollinger says we r projected to lose 4 extra games if we make that trade hmmmmmm wonder if danny ainge see this as a silver lining money off the table sooner kinda and 4 extra loses for making the trade to get stat……silver lining anyone