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Sully goes for career high 17 rebounds & 19 points

The Celtics dropped their fifth straight last night in San Antonio, 104-93. Despite the loss, Jared Sullinger was a beast-Sully grabbed a career-high 17 boards and put in 19 points in 31 minutes. He also played a big part in keeping Tim Duncan at bay, as TD was held to 3 of 13 shooting and got most of his 13 points at the FT line.

The Celtics are off tonight, and will be back in action tomorrow at TD Garden. Paul George and the 9-1 Indiana Pacers will be in town. Tip-off is at 7:30pm EST. Here’s video of Sully’s big night courtesy of RD6, along with bonus highlights of Avery Bradley & Jeff Green, who both also dropped 19:

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  • Thetruth34__

    Sully the guy with the biggest basketball IQ on this team.
    Hes looks calm on the court hes not afraid to take charges , we should keep this dude at all costs and I belive he have all the skills to be a great leader on the Celtics .
    GO CELTICS !!!!!!!!!!

    • zippittyay

      Sully is also our most effective AND dependable player right now.

  • Paul Pierce

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Jeff Green should be by far the best player on our roster in the present. And he should be averaging at least 22 a game. Why isn’t he? He is the biggest enigma in all of basketball if not sports. Why can’t he just do his job?

    • KWAPT

      He’s a decent player, period. That’s it. He’s an inconsistent guy who will be on some nights & off others. That’s just what he is. I’ve come to believe that at this point. Sure, he’s relatively young still & could change, but until he does, I’ve accepted the fact that he is not an every night “go to” guy. He’s just not.

      • Paul Pierce

        Dude with his ability he should be a goto 22 a night guy. But I guess you’re right. Screw it.

        • KWAPT

          I do agree with you on that-and it’s frustrating as hell to me also. Hopefully he can find a way to utilize that ability on a more consistent basis. I personally really like him & hope he can figure it out. Go to the 17 min. mark of this show-I really love how Paul Flannery breaks it down too:

          • Paul Pierce

            I listened to that and I completely agree. But it still blows my mind that a guy with that talent has so many off nights. Whatever.

      • Paul Pierce

        I’m having trouble finding all of the picks we have for the next couple of years. Can you lay it out in a post or just remind me please? Thanks.

    • bill_nair

      Ive given up on this hope. He has the skill set and athleticism to avg 18-22ppg. Hell, I even thought if he never resigned with Boston and say with Cleveland or Charlotte, he would’ve been a 20ppg player due to being the #1 option on offense. He doesn’t have the instinct. Bradley is taking every shot whether good or bad. Jeff floats around the perimeter and gets to passive. It sounds simple but all he needs to do is SHOOT. Hes just afraid to or something I don’t know. He is who he is as KWAPT said.