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Your Morning Dump… Where Gerald Wallace doesn’t know what the [expletive] happened last night


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“I don’t know what the (expletive) tonight was, just to be honest with you,” Wallace said. “I don’t really know what was going on.”

Stevens was unwilling to just move on from this one.

“I think there’s more to it,” he said, “so I want to make sure that we don’t play like that again. I never look at it that it was one of those things. There’s something behind why you don’t play the way you’re supposed to. There are games where things don’t go your way, but we’re letting one end affect the other, and you don’t do that on good teams. Guys can take it one of two ways. When adversity strikes, you can go inward or you can come together.”

Boston Herald

If the Celtics were a veteran squad, the message following last night’s debacle in Houston would be simple: Let’s forget this ever happened and never speak of it again.

But with a lot of young players and few leaders outside of Gerald Wallace and Rajon Rondo, Brad Stevens wants to make sure that effort never happens again.

Jeff Green cranked out another no-show performance. In his last three games, he’s 6-25. My biggest gripe isn’t the low shooting percentage, it’s that he’s not being aggressive enough. I shouldn’t be surprised. Green is, who he is.

How about Avery Bradley stepping up and jacking 22 shots? It’s not ideal, but at least the kid is being aggressive.

Here’s Rondo’s reaction upon seeing Bradley’s stat line:

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Page 2:  Kevin McHale thankful he was never traded

“I remember Red coming up to me and saying, ‘I’m not going to trade you,’ ” recalled McHale, whose club routed the rebuilding Celtics last night. “He said, ‘I told management that if they were going to trade you that they should fire me.’ Red said, ‘Hey, you’re going to be here, so just relax and don’t worry about everything you hear.’

“I was glad to finish my career as a Celtic. I played hard there and loved it there. But that’s really not up to you as a player.”

“I thought at the end of the day that’s what made the Celtics unique and different,” he said. “That’s what made Red unique and different. Now, maybe he might have been too loyal to a fault and everything else, but if you went out there and you laid it on the line for him and you were one of his guys, he was going to take care of you.

“It was a different era. Probably now, you make that move. Back then there was more of a sense that these are our guys and we’re going to stick with them. Back then I think there were more Red-type guys around and there was more of a sense that that’s just what you did.”

McHale certainly doesn’t fault Ainge for making his big deal last summer, getting in return five players and possibly four first-round draft picks.


Watching Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett trudge their way through this season reinforces the fact that Danny Ainge made the right move.

It hurts and sucks to see KG and PP wear Nets jerseys, but it’s for the best.

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  • NE_Celt

    That graphic definitely sums up the night…a big basketball punch to the face…sigh.

    • jason benn

      can anyone make a gif of that so we can see the ball flying in and hitting kelly in the face over n over?

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    Remember after the Heat game when this was the most upvoted comment?

    “Remember when it was preseason and all the skeptics(A lot of Cs fans) were doubting green?
    This team is now starting to play together as they buy into the new system.”

    I wasn’t convinced then, still not convinced. Jeff Green pisses me off more than any Celtic in history. He is so athletic, has so much talent, but he’s so inconsistent. I’m starting to doubt whether JG will ever make an All Star team (even just once). As of right now he’s not a piece to build around. This is his sixth season in the NBA, how many more seasons is it going to take? This is an honest question, can anybody name a player who suddenly blossomed 7 years into the NBA at the age of 27/28 to become a perennial All Star? Trade JG for younger talent or picks.

    • Tommy_Heinsohn
    • jason benn

      I agree green will be nothing more then a decent trade chip surrounded by other picks or a couple of other players for us to get someone that we need. maybe its green that will be packaged in an offer for asik, although maybe after last night the rockets will laugh at the offer of green. green could turn into al jefferson and be the one who with guys n picks go to the twolves to get love? or green to hell anywhere to get anyone would be better. how and why is he an the all star ballot when he is taking 7 SEVEN sieben sept 7 shots in a game. hes just looks lost or like he doesnt care or doesnt know how to work in the system to get his shot. a system that is supposed to be all ablout ball movement he should find it easy to get a shot if he would actually move around. who knows what greens trade value is gonna be right now its way down maybe we can just trade him for cash thast about all its worth right now. im not burying him just saying what i see we all know he is better then 7 shots a game this is why is so frustrating to watch him when he does this.

    • bill_nair

      Agreed its sad at this point. His effort is absolutely in question now. Ya he needs to be more aggressive and take shots but the past few games he looks like a player who got his check and cashed out. I had hopes because you want the type of player Green is on your roster. He has the size and speed to defend the elite SF’s which is important in the eastern conference. But right now we need a player who wants to score and takeover the game and Green is not that.

    • adam

      Maybe Green likes being the 2nd guy. He feels uncomfortable being that number 1 guy. Maybe he feels he doesn’t want to step on Rondo’s toes since its Rondo’s team now. Whatever it is, he needs to man up and do his job. If not, I will get my Nike’s out of the closet and do it for him.

  • Chuck Moran

    Does anyone no if barbosa is healthy yet he is the exact player we need he’s a guard who can dribble and when he gets to the paint he actually makes the layup. He’s also a very good pick and roll player so when the role man is wide open he could make the pass.

    • bill_nair

      He needs to be on a contending team not a team rebuilding.

  • bill_nair

    lmao that Rondo video is hilarious!!!! Looks like hes ready to run over and choke Bradley.

    Yesterday was pathetic. These teams who can score on us all day beat this team into the ground both on the scoreboard and mentally. The preseason game against Minny and the one the other day were similar to the game yesterday. We got beat down and no one on the court looked into it. I wish Green had the aggressiveness that Bradley does. I don’t care if he gets to the line, dunks or grabs one board. Just take 22 f’ing shots and see how it works out. Our best offensive player may be our most scared player on offense.

    I don’t think even Danny predicted the poor start for PP and KG. But Kidd being the coach is who I blame. He should be backing up Deron and trying to make it work ON the court not on the sidelines. He bit off more than he can chew and may have blew this teams “championship” chances this year. I know its early but this team is in no way a threat to Indy or Miami.

  • adam

    I forgot about the game last night. Looks like I didn’t miss much.

  • swissflix

    Jeff Green has arrived.

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  • GreenbirdCro


  • Raoul

    Hey Chuck. Just curious… was the “Rondo’s reaction to Avery” comment a joke or was that confirmed as the fact somewhere. I saw that video in another article stating they were wondering what Rondo saw at that moment and who he looked at after. So I’m just wondering.