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Recap: Sully shines as C’s show better effort in loss to Spurs

182407799_Celtics_Spurs_EvansCE0127aTonight’s Celtics game started much better than Tuesday’s debacle.  Behind solid 1st quarters from Avery Bradley, Jeff Green & Jared Sullinger, the C’s were up 25-22 after 1Q in San Antonio tonight. With the exception of some poor transition defense, Boston looked like it was going to give the Spurs all they could handle early. Most importantly, it appeared Jeff Green was going to possibly get his mojo back. But it was Sully who would really ball tonight.

For the most part, quarter number two was also a good one for Boston. Jordan Crawford tallied 6 points on a perfect 3 of 3. None more important than his two baskets in the final minute of the quarter. The Spurs were up 48-44 with 0:51 left in the half, and looking to make a quick run. But Crawford made a pull-up jumper then a layup, and the C’s went into halftime tied with San Antonio 48-48. If not for some turnovers, the Celtics would have led this game. They were playing pretty well on defense, and held Tim Duncan to just 3 of 11 shooting in the 1st half.

In the 3rd, the Spurs started to settle in a bit. They hadn’t played in 5 days before tonight, and they actually showed a bit of rust early. But Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard started to shut the door on any hopes of a Celtics win. Parker’s 8 and Leonard’s 12 were part of a 32 point quarter from the Spurs. Combine that with no one other than Avery Bradley being able to hit a shot, and the C’s headed into the 4th down by 10, 80-70. Bradley continued to play well, scoring 10 points in the 3rd, but the other 6 Celts that saw time in the quarter could only muster 12 between them. The Spurs were starting to stretch things out, and were looking to pull away for good in the 4th.

And pull away they did. Danny Green, who did not hit a field goal for the first three quarters, found his range, and after his 3rd trey of the game & 4th quarter, San Antonio had their biggest lead, 95-78 with 6:55 to go. And that was all she wrote. The Celtics would never make it a game again, and they simply could not stop the Spurs’ perimeter game in the final quarter. Danny Green simply was en fuego in the final quarter. Green scored all of his 11 points in the 4th on 4 of 4 from the floor, including 3 of 3 from downtown. C’s played well tonight, but Spurs win 104-93. Tony Parker had 19 pts and Kawhi Leonard 16 for the Spurs. I’m very satisfied with this effort, considering that the Spurs are a very talented (obviously) team that was well rested. C’s are now off until Friday when they face the Pacers back in Boston. Tip-off is at 7:30pm.

The Green:

  • Once again, Jared Sullinger had an outstanding night. He did a great job defensively on Duncan, and had a double-double of 19 points and a career-high 17 rebounds in his first start of the season.
  • Jeff Green bounced back well, putting in 19 points to go with 5 rebounds & 3 assists. Avery also had 19 points.
  • Jordan Crawford hit key shots to keep the C’s hopes up in the first half. he notched 12 pts, 4 rebs & 4 asts.

The Gross:

  • The Celtics gave away points on turnovers like nobody’s business. San Antonio had 25 points off of 17 Boston turnovers.

The Greenlights:

Jeff Green slam

The Grid: (quick stats)

    • Celtics attempted 12 free-throws, Spurs twice that many at 24
    • Spurs had 20 fastbreak points to Boston’s 8
    • Points in the paint: Spurs 48 Celtics 36



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  • rajonrondoooooooooooo4life

    Future of celtics I’m happy we pick him the best pick we ever have

    • Curt Hays

      Don’t you remember the other best pick we ever had? The Hick from French Lick? He’s the best basketball man of all time. IIRC, Red drafted that guy and it was moderatly successful (if you compare it to the 60s).

      • Paul Pierce

        Dude this kids 10. Leave him alone. He’s not even old enough to remember Starbury as a Celtic.

        • Curt Hays

          It isn’t like I was being rude. Just chill.

          Stop trolling.

  • eddysamson

    that dunk video was already removed

    • KWAPT

      Thanks for the heads-up. Fixed.

  • Paul Pierce

    Did anyone with league pass see the Video where Kawhi Leonard palmed the pile of jerseys? That was hilarious. I love The Spurs. Tim Duncan would have gone down as a top 6 or 7 player of all time if Ray Allen hadn’t made the greatest jump shot in NBA history. F’ing Ray. That 3 he hit hurt me more than him signing with Miami to begin with.

    • Curt Hays

      I will go watch the game on League Pass tonight just to see this. When did it happen?

      • Paul Pierce

        It’s a commercial with Ginobli Parker And Leonard doing laundry. It’s incredibly corny but it’s funny.

    • Curt Hays

      Also, you guys will hate me, but while cheering for San Antonio (I’m from Texas) against Miami in the Finals last year, I actually jumped up and cheered for Ray when he hit that three. I still wanted Miami to win, but I can’t help but love Ray Allen’s game (I coach and tell my guys to learn from Ray’s work ethic). I stood up and yelled “Jesus saves!”, and a bar full of Spurs fans had nothing but drooped heads. Then I started cheering for the Spurs again…depression.

      • Paul Pierce

        I officially hate you and want you to die. No Celtics fan in their right mind has a shred of respect left for Ray Allen. The 08 championship is ruined for me. I can’t even watch my box set anymore because he’s all in it. I don’t get fans like you.

        • Curt Hays

          HAHAHAHA, that’s awesome. I plan to live forever, so far so good. If I do die, then you can have the last laugh.

          I am upset that Ray left more money and a no-trade clause on the table. I don’t feel insulted or delude myself into thinking that I know his whole story. It is too bad that he was compelled to leave. However, I am glad Glen Rivers is gone. He made the Celtics slow, and allowed Paul Pierce (and therefore the whole team) to maintain a slow, half court pace even when Rondo was trying to run with the likes of Tony Allen. I love the style of Brad Stevens, and so does Tommy Heinsohn. I do not develop any attachments to plalyers/coaches who take away from the Celtics’ culture of greatness. The antithesis to this culture…Dwyane Wade. I hope he misses every shot he ever takes and gets made fun of by the good-job-good-effort kid.

          I am a fan of basketball. I am a fan of the Celtics not because I like green or because they have 17 banners. It was 2003 before I knew anything of the Celtics before Larry Bird.

          I’m a fan of playing the game right. Boston exhibits a unique culture of appreciation for playing the game the way I think it should be played. Hustle, defend, teamwork, and championships. I feel like Boston and the Celtics deserve the championship every season because of this. I have been a fan since I was a kid because Larry Bird inspired me to always work harder than I thought I could.

          I will always be a fan of players who inspire me. I recall Paul Pierce inspired me once when he dove to grab that jump ball out from under LeBron and called the time out. I got chills. Jump shots and drives just don’t do it for me. KG has inspired me constantly…every time he pumps someone’s chest or hits them on the back of the head or helps one of his teammates develop into a better player. Rondo shuts up the haters. Nothing more to be said. Ray Allen was inspirational (albeit mostly when he was in green). He always hustled, he was so clutch for so long. He shows up early and leaves late. Ray makes me want to work harder. Sure I’m mad he left, but I don’t think for one second that I know the reasons why.

      • bill_nair

        I’ve been a Ray fan since he played for the Bucks. He’s one of my personal favorite players of all time. Hated him leaving the C’s but I cant ever hate him the way some of the other fans have.

        • Curt Hays

          Have an upvote.

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  • bill_nair

    Who started next to sully? I want to see how KO and Sully work starting on the front line. Id like to see Brad run the offense through them more.

  • Curt Hays

    Based on the Grid, if we only lost by 11, but we had fewer fast break points, points off turnovers, and far fewer free throws…something must’ve been going right.

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