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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Green isn’t a go-to guy

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Well, I don’t think Jeff will be a focal point of our team this year,” president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said. “I don’t think we have a player who’s a focal point of our team, especially with Rondo out. I think that we have to do it collectively. If we expect Jeff to be the focal point and to turn into Kevin Durant or LeBron James or even Paul Pierce, I think that we’re putting unrealistic expectations on him.”

But what about those games — the 31 points Green threw in against the Suns in Phoenix last season, the 43 he dropped on the Miami Heat, the back-to-back 27s against the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks? And the game-winning trey at the buzzer in Miami this season?

“I think Jeff is a complete player who can defend and pass and score,” Ainge said, “but, no, I don’t think Jeff is one of those guys who’s going to get you 25 a game. He may be a go-to guy some nights, but I think we’re going to be more of an equal-opportunity basketball team than we are a team that’s built around one or two players like we have in the past.”

Herald: Maybe Jeff Green’s not the right man for the job

It’s hard to say whether this is a refreshingly honest dose of reality and team assessment from the man who constructed this basketball team, or if it’s an attempt to piss Jeff Green off and get him to play mad.

Because let’s face it, Jeff Green is Bruce Banner.  He is, often times, just a regular guy out there, doing regular guy things.  But then something gets him mad, and then it’s GREEN SMASH!!

We want him to go all Hulk all the time, but he’s just not that guy.  He’s Bruce.  He likes being Bruce.  Bruce is a nice guy.  You want your daughter to date Bruce.  You trust Bruce to come over and keep your wife company because he’s too nice to try anything.

That’s who Jeff Green is.  We can wish for him to be more, but this is who he is.  Every so often, and maybe even for long stretches at a time over the course of multiple games, the Hulk comes out, and we’ll love watching that unfold on the court. But he’ll always be Bruce in the end.

Page 2:  The Celtics WOULD take A’mare, but not for Rondo


The New York Knicks continue to dangle Iman Shumpert in trade talks, including a recent proposal to the Celtics that would send the third-year guard and Amar’e Stoudemire to Boston in an effort to obtain star point guard Rajon Rondo, league sources confirmed Sunday.

The Celtics, though, have yet to show interest in the deal, instead preferring to unload forward Gerald Wallace in a trade, sources said.

The Knicks have inquired about Rondo in trade talks before, but both times the Celtics made it clear they were not interested in trading him.

Rondo currently remains sidelined while recovering from February ACL surgery.

Sources did say the Celtics would be willing to take on Stoudemire’s contract if they could unload some of their longer deals, namely those of Wallace and Courtney Lee

ESPN New York: Knicks still exploring Shumpert deal

First of all, the Knicks are already in panic mode and are trying to do whatever they can to get out from under shitty deals they’ve made in the past.

I know… what’s new?

Secondly, the effort to trade Shumpert is a personal vendetta by owner James Dolan that started when Shumpert refused to play in Summer League.  Shumpert’s not an all-world player, but he’s a very good complementary player along the lines of Avery Bradley, and he is still a great value at $6.3 million over the next two seasons.

We know what happens when bad owners have personal vendettas against players in panic situations: stupid trades.

Enter Danny Ainge, who is perfectly willing to be the guy who fleeces the Knicks.  Yes, it would mean taking on one year of Stoudemire at $23 million, but it could mean shedding a similar amount of money that would be tied up longer-term in multiple players.

And if you get Shumpert back, then you’ve got two Avery Bradley types that can play on the floor together and guard opposing 2’s and 3’s and teaming up with Rajon Rondo in what could be one of the most amazing 1-through-3 combos we’ve ever seen.

To paraphrase Christopher Wallace, though, this is all a dream.  There’s very little chance the Celtics could manage a deal that would screw Dolan and work out to our benefit.  The good news is that the Celtics have no appetite for moving Rondo in a deal like this.  Teams will probably come calling, but unless the Celtics can get the world for Rondo, you can probably forget anything like that happening.

Now… let’s just kick back and watch the Knicks do something incredibly dumb.

(h/t Mass Live)

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And Finally…

If you’re not watching the Golden State Warriors… you should be.  They are absolutely the most fun team to watch in the NBA right now.

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  • bill_nair

    I’m glad Danny said it. I had high expectations for Jeff this year but mainly due to us being a poor team who needed his offense. He’s simply just a role player in this system and Danny needs to trade him as soon as he has a nice run of scoring nights.

    I like seeing the Knicks continue to be a complete mess decade after decade. Trying to trade Shump for Rondo is just a dumb trade by Dolan. They need front court help not an all start point guard who wont be back til January and probably wouldnt fit well with melo. I wouldn’t be opposed to Amare on the roster but I say keep the players we have.

    Warriors have been off to a great start. Looks like Iggy has had an immediate impact on the team.

  • Michael Biscardi

    A Stoudemire/Shumpert for Humphries/Lee/Wallace works in the ol’ Trade Machine, but I would think that Shumpert’s knee would have to be worse than previously thought for Dolan to panic and do it. Saves the Knicks $8M next year and the Celts $15M the following year though…

    • Step

      I was on the Knicks blog and they reported yesterday that he had a “secret” anthrocopic surgery on that knee again during the summer.

  • Nathan
    usually not one to use the trade machine, as its just fantasy and fan trades never happen, BUT i needed to pass some time at work and came up with this one. The celtics get Asik without giving up Rondo, and save money money long term, the knicks get rid of Shump and save money somehow, and houston gets a starting 4 and the perimeter defense they need.

  • Curt Hays

    The old two-for post.

  • Curt Hays

    Stoudemire is out of the question. It puts us over the cap unless we trade Humpries and Wallace. We need Wallace. Besides, we have Rondo. There’s no need to screw things up by trading him. This is what Danny Ainge is going to do if he wants to be awesome…and stay away from Stoudemire:

    1. Trade Humphries for Asik. It’s wrong that Humphries is the highest paid player on the team…even more than Rondo. Humphries is good/hard working, and I like him. However, the trade saves us 4 million this year and gets us a premier big guy to start along side Sullinger. Bring Vitor/Bass/Kelly in whenever you want and we’re in business. Also, we have protection from injury (stimulating concept, I know).

    2. We still have the trade exception from P2, but we need to stay under the cap also. So, dump Bass (I know he’s doing well) or Lee (I love the guy, but he’s overpaid) or Bogans (vastly overpaid and doing nothing) for worth paying up to as much as the trade exception from Pierce. This means we can trade Jordan Crawford for Jeremy Lin or any other thing that we want to do.
    Any ideas for trade number 2?

  • jason benn

    dolan trying to trade that for rondo just shows how big of an idiot he is thinking that package would get him rondo. boston new york is a rivalry that will never die, we all know what rondo does on the national stage so why do we wan to be on the receiving end of one of rondos insane games 15 15 15 triple double and so on if we trade rondo he will destroy us single handedly. that being said i like that ainge is sticking up for rondo now, now i just hope he puts his well the owners money where his mouth is and signs rondo long term so we dont have to keep hearing about this.

    ill go for the trade to unload contracts and get them but we keep rondo, i wonder how tommy would feel about this after that game when he lost his stuff when pierce wasnt getting any calls that one game.

    as far as jeff green goes i think we all know by now green is a role player, yes he has the potential but so hasnt a whole bunch of other players we have seen go through here and didnt work out (billups, johnson, and so on) green will be our new al jefferson in a trade to get another superstar or two the super stars we get idk who, but they are out there. green has some great games but in the long run he is just a good trade chip that i dont feel bad in letting go, sure he may have one of his a hole games against us but then he will prolly follow it up the next game with a 12 pt performance looking lost out there. green for asik anyone? we trade green lose more scoring no rondo we keep losing and we draft a sf cuz we have the 1245 all on lock with very good players, not to say green isnt i just think he is expendable, mainly due to how many stinkers he has and how lost he looks sometimes. we got rondo, bradley, suly, and if we had asik?!!? with a ko off the bench get one of these rookie supposed next great ones, and championship next year or year after? not saying we should tank but if we trade green im just saying more then likely that would make us lose more games just due to lack of scoring not on purpose we trade him to get a center for a championship team

    • Curt Hays

      It worked out pretty well for us the last time Danny traded Jeff Green. I like the trade for Asik, but not for Green. Check out my post below this one.

      Edit: So it MIGHT be worth seeing what Danny can come up with this time. Brad Stevens, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk…Danny is on a roll.

      • jason benn

        Some good ideas. lol good pt about trading green last time hadn’t thought of that. i think green after heart surgery really changed him he will still play but he just lost it. it being the ahole. good ideas for trades though to hump for asik would help rockets too. i don’t like jeremy lin at all call me crazy id take steez over lin anyday

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  • Curt Hays

    check out the awesome photo on Jeff Green’s wikipedia article:

  • Dustin Chapman

    love your 90’s hip hop references, John. you know what’s up

  • elgirrl

    Danny wants to trade Courtney Lee hah, just as he’s finally becoming comfortable in his role and starting to get some consistent points. And who created that contract for Lee? Danny himself. Then, he’s said to want to trade Wallace, who is actually playing some very good defense and keeping us in games for an ailing Amare Stoudemire’s ridiculous contract- which is actually 45 million over two years. I’d rather have Wallace for three years than Stoudemire for 2. At least Wallace is productive on the court.