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Ainge: “I haven’t talked to any teams about Rajon Rondo”

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The Herald’s Steve Bulpett has the update:

   “I haven’t talked to any teams about Rajon Rondo,” Celts’ president of basketball operation Danny Ainge told the Herald this morning.

He has, however, fielded a number of calls wanting to now if the rumors are true.

“It’s frustrating,” Ainge said.

There it is… flat out.

Expect the rumors and reports to persist, though, because buzzards will always try to pick every bone dry, and the Celtics do have some attractive pieces.  Everything I’ve seen, read, and heard over the past few months indicate the Celtics are not moving Rondo.  I know that always comes with the caveat  “unless they get an offer they can’t refuse,” but those offers aren’t out there, and especially not from New York.

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  • jason benn

    if there was an offer that we couldnt refuse what would it look like? everyone has their own opinion id love to hear it. please dont say the lin asik deal would be one we cant refuse becuase thats laughable.

    • bill_nair

      I have Rondo bias so I haven’t even came up with a deal id say we should do. Realistically, Monroe is probably the best player we can get for rondo. Assuming around the trade deadline the pistons are not on pace for the playoffs, a first round pick would surely get it done. The king’s first and Mclemore for Rondo and another of our young pieces might work. For the record im not interested in either trade.

      • jason benn

        ew the kings?!?! i wouldn’t want anyone thats been in that franchise for any extended amount of time, sure they are working on changing the culture but they have sucked for so long it may stick with their players. if someone was crazy to be doing really bad like the pistons probably will be and they are willing to trade their first round pick to this years draft id say go for it, Ainge might say there is no incentive for tanking for this years draft but you cant tell me he wouldnt get all giddy if someone is willing to give up their first round pick for rondo plus another all star at least. if we trade for a big we need to keep rondo who else is gonna give a perfect alley oop pass to monroe or feed him in the post without worrying about how many points they score, we have enough decent players i think to get a monroe or drummond from the pistons.

        pistons seem to me like they are liking i dont know maybe a solid wing player thats explosive and clutch someone who can pass and play solid defense * cough* jeff green * cough* 😉 we should keep rondo bradley sully ko id like to keep fav just cuz he is the el hombre indestructible lol and he hasnt been injured to the best of my knowledge before which in the nba are hard to come by so why not keep him to back up asik if we get him? everyone else should be trade bait, so what if bass is doing good he just playing good so he can get traded to another contending team just like how when we got him he played his ass off for a fat contract from us, i think bass just shows up in the important years to him, he knows we are rebuilding so now he plays good so he can be traded id like to keep lee but his contract is undesirable for what he offers so far. i agree though i wouldnt do any trades either that involve rondo.

        are the other teams who have all star point guards trying to trade them away for garbage packages? rose, westbrook,curry,irving,wall and so on for top tier point guards all have the respect and contracts they deserve lets stop this and give rondo the respect and fat pay day he deserves

    • They’d need an all star in return. A Rondo trade right now wouldn’t be the type of thing the Knicks are trying to do.

      The Knicks have a decent young player in Shumpert that, in the right situation, can be a game-changer with his defense. He’s the type of guy you try to use as a way to get an un-desirable contract out of town.

      Rondo isn’t that guy. You don’t just dangle Rondo in hopes of getting Lee & Wallace out of Boston. Rondo is the guy you use to plug a more urgent hole in your line up. You find a team that needs a PG and see if they’ll part with a similarly talented player at a different position.

      A Detroit deal that includes Drummond is something you have to think of. If you’re sending Rondo to Houston, I’m asking for Harden. You need big talent in return for Rondo, not just Asik. Asik is a nice player, but he’s not Rondo-level.

      • jason benn

        exactly my point! great answer id say, rondo is a guy you expect to have a trade return of another top tier all star player and at least a 1st round pick otherwise your definetly getting shafted, harden would be nice but he will be staying there now with howard so he would be off the table, id take drummond but again the hope of a solid prospect big isnt something id trade rondo for, id give up at least one of our 300 picks we have (not that much i know) and try to entice them with green maybe but not rondo, if we trade for a big who is gonna get the most of out a big then our all star point guard rajon rondo. detroit already realizes what a cancer and over hype player jennings is so they already want to get rid of him lol they like the knicks both gms made stupid contract offers to bad players just becuase they had the money to spend and thought it would work. this is why i laugh when you get the haters on here about rondo, our only goal ever is to win championships, not atlantic divisons or the eastern conference, so why trade rondo for all these garbage ideas when rondo is on his own level like you said and deserves a decent package in return. you make alot of sense this is why your a mod lol thanks for replying good stuff

      • Jason Whetzell

        Nailed it.

  • GreenbirdCro

    My apologies for sharing a comment that has nothing to do with the article… John/Chuck/anybody, would you please be so kind and remove this ‘around the web’ thing down below. At least for the mobile version. The page loads a bit longer and it takes more of the budget whenever we’re not online via wifi. At least remove pics… Thanks!

    • GreenbirdCro

      I can live with Cs pic within articles, of course! 😉

  • bill_nair

    I believe Danny has no intentions on moving Rondo. I don’t see that “cant refuse” offer out there. A guaranteed lotto pick would do it but what teams would give up their lotto pick for rondo? I say keep Rondo and put a solid scorer around him. This team would be pretty solid as constructed with Rondo.

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