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KG isn’t off to the best start in Brooklyn


In case you haven’t heard, the Brooklyn Nets are not playing well. The team with the gazillion dollar payroll is 2-6 with losses to Sacramento, Washington and Orlando.

And Kevin Garnett isn’t helping. He’s averaging 6 ppg on 30% shooting:


The rebounding numbers (6.9 in 22 mpg, 15.0 RP48)) are really good. Other than that, the numbers are ugly.

Here’s a blurb from the Nets Daily blog:

When we had our roundtable at the beginning of he season, I thought Kevin Garnett would be the player that would be the most important to the Nets success. I figured his defensive acumen in addition to his great jump shooting would serve as a major improvement over Reggie Evans. However, Garnett has been awful for the Nets in the early going, as his jump shot has been nonexistent and he hasn’t improved the team’s defense at all.

Kevin Garnett and awful. You don’t usually see those words in the same sentence unless it’s a reference to his language.

Speaking of language, KG gave rookie Mason Plumlee and earful on the bench:

Now that’s value that doesn’t show up in the stat sheet.

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  • Curt Hays

    Garnett is trying to get traded back to the Celtics for Kris Humphries.
    FYI, if that happens…I will pee my own pants and provide proof that I did so.

    • Raoul

      I wish I could ‘like’ this an extra 5-6 times.

      • Curt Hays

        Hahaha, thanks man

  • adam

    I haven’t watched any of the Net games, but maybe those two dudes (KG and Pierce) lost their fire and are trying to get it back. We have all had times at work thinking to ourselves “I have no motivation or ambition right now.” Here is to some high draft picks from the Nets this year!

    • eddysamson

      After the first week some Nets fans were saying Pierce was the best player on the team. Haven’t heard much since then.

  • Classless

    News flash: he’s old. It had to happen sometime.

    • CFH

      If age is really the main factor here, more than trouble melding with new teammates (he’s never really been beside big man as good as Brook Lopez before) and more than a first time head coach who can’t reasonably be expected to know what he’s doing….

      Danny Ainge is a genius for making the trade when he did.

      Not saying I don’t miss KG like crazy: everything from his convoluted food metaphors to thinking Gino was the funniest thing ever no matter how many times he saw him to, you know, actual basketball playing.

      But if Danny managed to keep KG until the second before he fell off the old man cliff and then got a stack of draft picks for him, that’s amazing.

  • Chuck Moran

    It just proves to me how good of a pg rajon rondo is by being able to make three superstars gel together and keep them all happy if he was that teams pg they’d be undefeated and he’d be averaging fifteen assist a night.

    • Jake Gruber

      Except it also doesn’t prove that because this KG and Paul pierce are 2 years older and shells of their former selves, especially KG.

      • Chuck Moran

        Ya but joe Johnson brook Lopez are also on the team if rondo was the nets pg they would be insane.

        • Jake Gruber

          Wait, so, you’re saying that those are good players? Yes, I also agree.

  • eddysamson

    Best case scenario for the season (other than a finals appearance):

    Celtics make playoffs with the 6-8 seed.
    Nets miss playoffs and go under .500.
    Hawks do worse than the Nets (because they can switch draft picks with the Nets)

    Then we get our high first round pick AND we don’t have to sit through a sad season of losses!

  • jason benn

    does anyone else notice how inconsistent his minutes are when is the last time you saw kg get 14 mins in a game then 27 then 15 he cant find his stroke thats all maybe he should sit on back to backs though i want to see him do good not struggle for his legacy he deserves another ring guess he thought brooklyn would be a better shot what is kgs contract lookin like now? what better swan song then pierce and kg not just signing a one day contract but signing a one year contract and going along for the ride as super subs for our new contending team next year of the year after. kg at 38 as a sub is better then the other old veteran subs we will scoop up for a run at the title

  • LA Flake

    Our offense ran through those two. In NJ, they’re glorified role players trying to find where they can contribute. It doesn’t help that Lopez, JJ and DWill haven’t committed to D the way our unit featuring PP & KG did. Their role players (Blatche & Co have been horrible defenders, too). Regardless, they’re just 8 games in. If they’re still struggling to find themselves after the 30 game mark, I’d worry. Also, JKidd has been pretty horrible at coaching. Not surprised but like Perk used to say about us: They’ll go on a tear in January and February.

  • zippittyay

    It’s nice to see Mason’s brother Miles Plumlee doing so well for PHX. Of course, that also makes me madder we didn’t draft him instead of Fab Melo like I wanted……

  • vitamin d

    That’s a quality video right there. Thanks so much for the find