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The Celtics Christmas jersey is a total abomination

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 14, 2013 Celtics News 20 Comments on The Celtics Christmas jersey is a total abomination

rondo christmas jersey


For some un-Godly reason, the NBA continues to force-feed us these horrible short-sleeved jerseys.  And yes, apparently, that even means the Celtics wearing these stupid things next month.

Some of you might be sitting there thinking “oh, I might actually want that.”  Ok, fine, here’s where you can get one of these abominations for a paltry $109.95.

When the Celtics start a soccer club, this will be a great looking part of the kit.  But for now, while they’re playing basketball, these are shit.

The commercial unveiling them is amusing, even though it’s totally fake.

I like last year’s better.

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  • tvor03

    Why do we need a christmas jersey? we aren’t even playing that day.

    • CFH

      The original schedule apparently had them playing on Christmas, but the NBA changed it super quick as soon as Pierce/Garnett were out of town.

      • adam

        not like they would let them play at home either. in the years they had Garnett and Pierce they were on the road all of them or 4/5.

  • JC

    They aren’t going to be playing this Christmas and wearing these on national tv this year are they?

  • bill_nair

    I seen the Bulls one earlier yesterday and its hilariously horrendous. I hate the sleeved jerseys but a big foil looking logo? Stern really is leaving his imprint on the league before he finishes.

  • eddysamson

    The league is pushing the sleeved jerseys so they can sell advertising space on the sleeves. Part of me hates it, but the other part of me recognizes that not only do many international basketball teams do this (or something similar) but that many different sports do it too. (UFC, racing, extreme sports, etc)

    I think I hate the sleeves more than I would hate the ads.

  • vitamin d

    Stop it NBA, just stop. No. Just No.

  • jason benn

    What is this crap somebody hit stern w a bus please! Why not remove the nba logo on a normal jersey to clear room gasp blasphemy i know its not like jerry west logo isn’t everywhere to begin with screw the sleeves waiting for a player to gerow a set and take a small fine for cutting the sleeves off

  • adam

    What is this, the Euro League? Get this crap out of here.

  • Kendal Moore

    I don’t see what the big fuss is but I guess I’m just used to the alternate jerseys and fashion ones too. I like ours though especially the Lucky logo on the front. Sickness. If you’re 50 then I’ll hear your complaints. Most of us wont be running to spend that $109 but soon enough they’ll be giving em away and then I may just have to cop that.

  • pierce Hart

    If they made the greyish couloir white and added the colour to the lepraucan it would look decent. I can see why the nba want sleeved jerseys, they’re much more sellable and soccer teams sell a bomb of them (football to me). But the celtics too is soo iconic I feel that it is hard to come close to a good jersey for us especially as our main colours are green and white.

  • Jester00

    I just puked in my Mouth

  • Hex Effect

    Do the Lakers (even though they suck this year) HAVE to be on every NBA commercial? Why not the Clippers or the Mavs? If they wanna put a contender team, then put a CONTENDER team! I hate, HATE the Lakers! that team is like roaches.

    • Paul Pierce

      Because the lakers are popular. And advertising them is good for business. Don’t over think it bubba. It’s really simple.

  • Paul Pierce

    You guys are missing the joke apparently. The league has been getting god awful feed back on these. All of the fans hate them. So isn’t it obvious that we are being trolled? David Stern and his goons are getting a real kick out of all of us getting all worked up. Just have a laugh and don’t take it all serious.

  • I am a Soccer junkie so I actually really like this jersey, but as a Soccer jersey. $109 is a bit steep for a student though.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Yeah it’s obviously a soccer jersey. The main difference I can see is that the sleeves are just a little bit longer, giving it a little more of a baseball look. Well, that and it also doesn’t have a beer company logo across the front.

  • jason benn

    When was nash healthy enough to shoot like thay roflmao i know its fake but can’t miss zinging the lakers
    please someone that is all for these explain yourselves to me id love to hear why these shouldn’t b burned

    • frickenWaaaltah

      I’m not for them, but I can explain them.

      Soccer sells a relatively large number of jerseys compared to the NBA, despite having prominent advertising. They aren’t covered in advertising, but the main thing written across the front is generally going to be the sponsor, often a beer company name/logo.

      So the NBA is envious of soccer’s sales. Why do they sell more? What is different? Well, the major difference in the jerseys themselves is that soccer jerseys have collars and sleeves. The NBA must think that lack of collars and sleeves are holding back sales, suspecting that many people are just not smart enough to wear a t-shirt under a jersey.

      Personally, I don’t think soccer jerseys sell relatively well because of the sleeves and collars. I think the difference is in the place of soccer in UK/Euro sporting culture. I think their advantage is that they have tapped into something more like what college football in the US has going for it.

      • jason benn

        Give me a jersey still and i can show you a million places you can put a logo guess what none of the spots need a sleeve to fit lol this r horrid i could see sellin these to fans but to make players wear these too. might as well bring short shorts back now with the sleeves lets just look super cool out there lol