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Recap: Celtics streak snapped in a yawner


I can’t blame that chick for letting loose the power yawn because recap duty was the only thing keeping me awake.

How bad was this game? The Celtics wretched 37% shooting was a hair better than Charlotte (36%).

The C’s never found a rhythm on offense. Charlotte’s physical play didn’t help. Al Jefferson had 22 points, including a gigantic offensive rebound and lay-up that sealed the game with 17 seconds remaining. The Celtics missed Jared Sullinger who sat out with a sore knee.

The Bobcats won it, 89-83, ending the 4 game winning streak.

The Green:

Jeff Green had 19 points on 7-13 FG. But in games like this one, the Celtics need more shots from Green. He needs to be selfish.

Courtney Lee and Gerald Wallace combined for 20 points off the bench.

Jordan Crawford had some wild moments but he filled up the stat sheet: 16 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals.

Tommy Heinsohn with the quote of the night following a silly foul by Bismack Biyombo: “El Dumbo by Biyombo.” 

The Gross:

So much to chose from…

The Celtics had 5 TOs in the 4th quarter. They committed 26 fouls.


Jeff Green with the baseline drive and dunk

Brandon Bass with the upfake and dunk

The Grid:

  • Even with Jared Sullinger out, Kris Humphries logged just 10 minutes
  • Kemba Walker was 1-13. Overrated.

Box score


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  • Chuck Moran

    Bottom line bass shouldn’t of been in in the fourth vitor owned big al on defense all night.

    • Jake Gruber

      That offensive rebound had nothing to do with Bass other than him playing terrific team defense and altering the shot of whoever missed the original layup.

      In fact, Bradley even did his job and rotated down as the top man from the weak side and got inside of Jefferson. Unfortunately when you’re an undersized 2 guard and your team lacks length, it’s hard to get that rebound.

      • Jake Gruber

        Other than that, what did Jefferson do that was so good in the 4th aside from a tough jump hook? This loss had much more to do with offense than defense.

        • Chuck Moran

          Ya just thought it was a very winnable game and to me when vitor played we had he upper hand I offense aint going ood put in the guy who’s defense was changing the game in our favor and lastnight that was el hombre indestructible.

      • Chuck Moran

        Never thought I’d see bass and terrific team defense in the same sentence he’s a great individual defender but he’s a bad team defender I was just saying that vitor was dominating inside the paint all night and if bass ant hitting his shots there’s better players for the job he’s great individually offensively and defense but on offense it’s all isos for him vitor had a awful offensive night but did other things he was one of our bettere players lastnight. Just thought he woulda turned the game around for us cause every time he was in the momentum changed in our favor.

  • CFH

    My favorite part of tonight was a fan yelling that Jabari Parker had to have someone to pass to next year.

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    What’s up with not playing Humphries? Seriously, does anyone have a clue?

  • Paul Pierce

    There are always about 10 games a year where I nod out uncontrollably trying to stay awake and watch the game. Then I wake up with that terrible league pass elevator music blaring. Have a feeling that’ll happen more than I’m proud to admit this season.

  • bill_nair

    Kris deffinitley needs to play more. The end was fun to watch until Bradley’s final turnover. We had a real shot. Crawford was a bit more wild but he had no choice. No one was producing on offense and he basically took it in his own hands. Still would like to see Wallace attack more and Kelly in the post.

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