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Joey Crawford gets tough with towel boys in Philly

Classic Joey Crawford.

Only Joey could turn an innocent beverage spill into one minute solo act.

Did the 76ers towel boy give his best effort? No. But Crawford’s motive should be to get the ball in play, not stare him down and teach a life lesson.

(h/t Barstool)

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  • tvor03

    Can one of the other refs whistle Joey Crawford for a delay of game?

  • bill_nair

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from Joey.

    Serious question, is there an age restriction to being a ref as far as what age you can start? You would think they would have young blood running up and down the court but its usually older folks. My hats off to how in shape these guys are in.

    • tvor03

      D!ck Bavetta is 142.

      I posted this comment once, but it was deleted because the automated mod can’t tell the difference between the name D!ck and the pejoratiive d!ck.

      • jason benn

        That’s hilarious +1 fo sho lol

  • jason benn

    Can you contact nbatv or whomever you need to, to get this sequence on that what’s the call show with that retired ref. you could ask delay of game or not? this is just ridiculous joey crawford should get a lifetime ban. the fact that i even know a refs first name or let alone last name is insane. bet donaghy was right when he said more refs are in on it. joey prolly bets on himself to get on tv or not i hate this guy.this is when you start to wish the movie the purge was gonna be right lol.

    • Paul Pierce

      If the purge was a thing wouldn’t Celtics fans go after LeBron first and foremost?

      • jason benn

        Lol no i don’t think so lebron kills us at times cuz that’s what great players do the refs however i think would be first then u start on players lol the refs piss me off more then lebron finally making a jumpshot in a game on us

  • jason benn

    Lol kiddin me right we all know lebron would be gunning for mj roflmao how else can he be the GOAT