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Avery Bradley continues to give nightmares to Jameer Nelson


Back in January of 2012 when Avery Bradley’s trademark pit bull defense was still in its early stages, Jameer Nelson supposedly asked AB to ease up on him.  Bradley simply laughed at him and went at him even harder.  That gave way to a nightmare of a game for Nelson, which likely prompted him to see visions of AB in his sleep.  Fast forward to last night’s dominating 120-105 win over Orlando at the Garden, AB decided to re-introduce himself to Jameer… just in case he had forgotten.  Just about mid-way through the third quarter, Jordan Crawford found a baseline-cutting AB for an easy lay-up.  AB then immediately did what he does best: found the ball handler and hounded him into submission.  It was again Jameer who re-lived the AB nightmare, coughing up the ball, staying back to complain for a foul and watching the C’s streak to a dunk.  Then about a minute later, on an AB drive, Jameer gets his retaliation by whacking Bradley in the head out of pure frustration.  Hey, anyone who has played PG at any level has been there before.  There’s a tenacious defender that just plays you clean and strips the ball and it’s annoying as hell.  Sure, you want to just toss him to the ground.  But it’s always more fun when that annoying pest of a defender is on YOUR side.  Check it out:

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  • vitamin d

    That’s some nasty defense whoooo

  • Uncle Copious

    Please Danny keep our young talented players and actually give them a chance to fill the legendary Celtic shoes.

  • Paul Pierce

    I could be mistaken, but in 2011 didn’t Avery Bradley force Jameer Nelson into two 8 second violations in the same game?

    • MM

      I wish that happened but it didn’t. It’s still on his bucket list of defensive accomplishments. http://redsarmy.com/2013/02/19/your-morning-dump-where-avery-bradley-sets-himself-apart-with-defense/

      • Paul Pierce

        Someone help me here. Redsarmy, wasn’t there a game 2 years ago where our team forced two 8 second violations in a game? I could have sworn.

        • Joe Schrage

          On January 23, 2012, he forced one and really got in Nelson’s head.

          • Paul Pierce

            Thank you, I went and looked that up myself because I was 99 percent sure he had forced at least one. And I clearly remember him almost forcing another causing Jameer to sprint across half court just in time to save the possession.

          • Paul Pierce

            And come on Redsarmy. You wrote a morning dump on January 24, 2012 about Avery forcing an 8 second.

  • Mannie

    I replayed that first 5 seconds like 10 times haha. Was Nelson sleeping?