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Your Morning Dump… Where Avery Bradley is finally comfortable

bradley vs memphis

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

It’s impossible to overstate the positive impact that moving Bradley off the ball has created. Over Boston’s first four games (all losses), the team owned an offensive rating of a measly 86.7 when Bradley was on the court (it ballooned to 105.4 when he was on the bench). Bradley was minus-22 for that stretch while turning the ball over 3.8 times per game.

Since inserting Crawford into the starting lineup, the Celtics have won three straight and Boston’s offensive rating has climbed to 101.6 when Bradley is on the floor (and dipped to 100.3 when he’s off). Bradley is averaging only 1.3 turnovers per game in that span and his field goal percentage is up eight percent.

In order for Boston to consistently have a chance to win games this season, it needs an efficient Bradley on the floor. For whatever reason, running the point guard position tends to paralyze him. But the freedom of the shooting guard role allows his natural talents to take over. It’s fair to say that Bradley isn’t over-thinking the game when he’s off the ball.

ESPN Boston: Avery Bradley is on when he’s off

These were my real-time reactions to Avery Bradley’s 4th quarter in Miami.


He was a monster out there.  He was smooth and confident.  There was no hesitation in anything he did, and he was doing it like he was supposed to be doing it.  In his head, he switched from whatever shell of what he was in the first four games to the “hi, my name is Avery Bradley, and I’m about to shit on your self-confidence” guy we saw late Saturday night.

Avery’s sudden transition from “offensive liability” to “key to winning games” should end, beyond any doubt, any more experimentation with him as the primary ball handler.

Those days are over.  They are done.

Let it be said now with all clarity and for all the world to hear, that Avery Bradley is not, in any way, shape, or form, an NBA point guard.

We’ve seen it proven time and time again that the millisecond Bradley is moved off the ball, he becomes a different player.  Running the offense is his kryptonite.  Plain and simple.

In the three games since Jordan Crawford was injected into the starting line up, Bradley has four total turnovers.  He had 15 in the first four games as the team’s point guard.  He shot 37.7% as the PG.  He’s shooting 45.7% since moving off the ball.

With Jordan Crawford off the floor, Avery Bradley is averaging 0.73 points per possession (PPP).  With him on the floor, it’s 1.11.

Bradley has said that Crawford makes him more comfortable out there because of the way he carries himself (which is funny, because I immediately get uncomfortable when Crawford is out there, despite the results so far).  But it’s really not just a Steez-centric effect.  When Phil Pressey is on the floor, Avery’s PPP jumps to 1.07 as compared to 0.85 with him off the floor.

So the key to the Celtics offense going from “absolutely sucking” to “hey, we look like a real basketball team out there sometimes” has not necessarily been to find ourselves a true point guard.  It has been realizing that Bradley is not one, and going in a different direction.

Jordan Crawford’s not necessarily the answer there.  He’s a pretty good passer when it comes to threading needles and making the occasional pretty drive-and-dish, but he’s still going to do “Jordan Crawford” things and his offense suffers as a starter.  His true shooting percentage as a starter is 52.5%, as compared to 72.3% as a reserve.  And Phil Pressey, while more of a natural point guard, is still a rookie who makes rookie mistakes, is more turnover prone, and hasn’t figured out yet how to get out of trouble when his size becomes an issue.

Obviously these are pre-Rondo stop-gaps, but the point here is that even less-palatable options at the 1 are paying big dividends because of how much being the off-guard changes Avery Bradley’s game.

Page 2:  Jeff Green is Mr. Clutch

green clutch numers


True Hoop: Celtics & Sixers exceeding expectations

I can look at that graphic all day long, and I’m not sure it will make sense.

Where are all the other clutch NBA guys?  Where’s Kobe?  WHY HAS TV BEEN LYING TO ME FOR ALL THESE YEARS???

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And Finally…

Caption this in the comments:

The rest of the links:

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  • 84_and_7

    I think my 2 year old recognizes AB is not a point guard. Not sure why Doc and Stephens kept on insisting on it. Let AB do his thing in the 2 guard spot

    • bill_nair

      As good of a coach doc is with vets he was a terrible talent developer. Thats one thing I believe this team truly missed the past 6 years. We not only put the load of the offense and defense on our vets but we also left it up to them to prep our young players for the future. Its unfortunate.

  • elgirrl

    Caption for Kelly Olynyk’s photo: “One thing most people don’t know about me is that I credit my height growth to the enormous amount of KFC that I’ve eaten over the years. Colonel Sanders has always been an inspiration to me, both on and off the court.”

  • chuckmckenney

    Who was guarding AB during his “takeover mode?” It wasn’t Ray-Ray was it?

    • omitasub

      yep, i think so! he made ray ray his bitch.

  • bill_nair

    Lol that Kelly and Sanders pic is hilarious. That Green clutch stat is telling. Hes calm and relaxed throughout the game it should be no surprise hes calm and relaxed in big moments. He hit a bunch of big shots last year (especially from the corner 3s). Bradley is a 2 and Danny and Brad are only hurting him forcing him to play the point. He has been one of the most aggressive offensive players, consistently all year for us.

  • KGino

    First of all I’d just like to say how wet Jeff Green is from the corner. I had no doubt that shot was going in.

    Second of all, just the other day (about a week ago) everyone was all over AB in the comments, saying they would trade him for sure… I mentioned that they must have forgotten what he plays like with Rondo on the court. Well SCRATCH THAT, just look at how well he does as a 2-guard, period. Why do fans have such short memories? Thanks AB for making me look smart!!

    • 84_and_7

      good comment!

      AB in no way is a point guard. He knows the plays ad runs THAT play no matter what.

  • Curt Hays

    Who’s that guy with the long hair sitting next to Colonel Sanders?
    I just want to say that that must be an enormous statue…

  • Jester00

    Caption for Kelly Olynyk’s photo: Hey guy from Waterboy you would great in my Bel Biv Devo Shirt

  • Jester00

    HAPPY veterans day all

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