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Recap: Goddammit… I really like this team

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 11, 2013 Recaps 55 Comments on Recap: Goddammit… I really like this team

olynyk dunk vs orlando

I’m mad at these guys.

No really, I’m pissed off.

This was supposed to be a shitty season (and it still might be), but goddammit, this team has already won me over.

Tonight, everyone that played made some kind of impact on this team.  Literally.  There isn’t a player who touched the floor for Boston who didn’t do good things to help the Celtics to their fourth win in a row.  This is now a .500 team that has moved into a first place tie atop the Atlantic Division.

Raise your hand if anyone had that happening at all this season.


Me neither.

The Green

Where do I start?  How about with Jordan Crawford, who shot 7 of 12 from the floor for 16 points while dishing 10 assists.  That was a patently UN-Crawford like game.  But like we said in the Dump, it allows Avery Bradley to get comfortable.  I wonder how that panned out tonight?

Avery Bradley:  Team high 24 points (10-15 fg), 3 steals.  I’d say it worked out well.

I actually think Jared Sullinger was the key guy in all of this tonight.  The Celtics weren’t exactly playing great early in the first quarter, but then Sully and Gerald Wallace checked in and it was a totally different game from there.  Sullinger had 14 points on 7-9 fg. to go along with 5 rebounds and 3 dimes.  Every time he was out there, positive things happened.  Probably why he was a +17.

Wallace, meanwhile, was a +20 while only scoring 1 point.  He had 5 assists, 2 rebounds, 3 steals, and 174 awesome hustle plays (give or take a couple).

Kelly Olynyk finally started hitting shots, and he turned in a 16 point, 7 rebound, 5 assist game.  I can’t believe how many really good performances the C’s got.  On any other night, we’d be gushing about this game from Olynyk.  Tonight, it’s more like “oh yeah.. and Kelly was great too!”  Seven different C’s scored in double figures.  Wow.

The Gross

Nothing. Screw this section tonight.

The Greenlights

Jameer Nelson thinks Freddy Krueger plays for the Celtics, because Avery Bradley haunts his fucking dreams

Steez spins and finds Bass in his sweet spot

Steez find AB back door

Our halftime highlight:  AB/Steez/Green combine for a great end-to-end play

The Grid

  • The Celtics now have seven 30-point quarters in eight games this season.  It took them 13 games to do it last year.  
  • The Celtics shot 60%.
  • The last time the Celtics scored 120 points?  This past April…. against the Orlando Magic
  • Points in the paint:  Celtics 50 – Magic 38.
  • Fast Break points:  Celtics 20 – Magic 4 
  • Courtney Lee:  12 pts (5-8 fg)
  • Phil Pressey: 7 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, in 15:07

I don’t know how long this will last, but I’m enjoying every minute of this.  This was a very solid team win.  Lots to be happy about here.

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  • ian

    This is a good team.


    ’til the wheels fall off!

  • ian

    Like Pedroia said about the Red Sox- Jump on the bandwagon now, you dont wanna get left behind.

  • vitamin d

    “Nothing. Screw [The Gross] section tonight” – blahahahaha

  • EricKrasnauskas

    It’s strange love, but love all the same.

  • Uncle Copious

    God I like these C’s. There is no point in trying to get another talented young player, this current roster is full of young hungry talent, I pray Danny doesnt go trade happy, leave them and watch a beautiful thing develop.

    • bill_nair

      If they keep playing this well its very possible he will. Its sort of a pick your poison situation. Have these guys perform well and sell while they’re at the highest value or keep em and hope they improve so you can get the pieces to get over the hump in the middle of the draft or free agency. Were about one good scorer away from being a legit playoff team (5 or 6th seed)

  • Mike C

    Damn is Avery Bradley fun to watch. His hustle on the court is contagious. Congrats to all the players and coaching staff for another great win. Ok…I’m a believer.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Exactly how I feel! And from reading the comments, it’s catching on. These guys play hard and dont talk alot of crap like in past years. Tommy called Crawford “whirling dervish” and it totally fits him. That was the best game I’ve ever seen that guy have. Until tonite his biggest moment in the league was trashing Melo after a game he had no impact on. The whole team shared the ball tonite and it was a blast to watch. It’s fun being the young athletic team, and I’m sure there will be growing pains ahead, but for now the young coach has a 4 game wining streak with some very winnable games coming up.

  • I’m one win away from jumping on this bandwagon. I was thinking Wiggins to start the year but these guys are too much fun to watch. The athleticism and speed with which they play is so damn impressive. It’s hard not to feel good right now about the way they look.

    • KGino

      Root for the nets to lose jimmy, not us!

  • Paul Pierce

    Ahhhhhh what a breath of fresh air. They probably won’t make the play offs. But what a bunch of lovable scrubs. After the past 5 heart breaking seasons I really am worn the hell out. Let’s just have some fun for a season baby.

    • bill_nair

      Agreed. Watching every game the past 5 years just led me to get infuriated when we lost. Every game was supposed to be won or at least winnable and it was aggravating watching the team lose. Its a relief not having high expectations for a team and watching them perform well.

  • Paul Pierce

    Hey hey guys. Don’t over react. If we sneak in as a 7-8 seed we can’t beat Miami Chicago Brooklyn or Indiana. Just have fun guys. Don’t get delusional after 4 wins.

    • Jack

      Call me delusional because i just dont fear the cHeat..remember we have the Wade kryptonite in AB lest we forget that i firmly believe had we had AB in 2012 playoffs..we win against the cHeat…and oh, they dont have a cure for Rondo..and Green and Gerald can somehow contain the king so if anything…Miami should stay away from us if ever it comes to that.

    • bill_nair

      Hey Hey Hey….We won! Playoffs aren’t for about 6 months why not jump the gun and live in the present.

      For what its worth Chicago has not been the same team the media and fans have been hyping them up to be. Not really fearing that team.

  • Screamin Jay

    Don’t want to jump the gun, BUT, if we really are as good as we are starting to appear, if we have a bunch of guys who have higher ceilings than was previously expected, AND we happen to have found a brand new coach who is even more special than was advertised, then I am all about leaving the Lottery-hoping behind and jumping on the back of this team and riding it as far as it will go.

    If this continues…..and we just get better as you would expect a bunch of new guys unfamiliar with each other, and the rookies follow the expected learning curve to being better players, holy hell how could it get better than that?

    Oh…how ’bout throwing a little bit of Rondo-gasoline on that fire!

    PUMPED, I am!!!

    • bill_nair

      I may be one of a few, but I prefer to see this team “over achieve” and make the playoffs. That means these guys are playing at or above their potential and makes it easier to move them. I think the problem with this team being on pace to make the playoffs means Danny is gonna pull the trigger on trades. Not that I believe he does it to “tank” but because hes going to sell guys like Green, Crawford and Bradley high before they’re value drops again.

  • KGino

    Two words: BRAD STEVENS… Making me wonder just how over rated doc was.

    This team is really making the PP KG trade easier to swallow as well. Love em!

    • pierce Hart

      I agree docs man management sucked as did his tactics. He held back Bradley and green last year. Even Courtney lee. Doc could’ve cost us a shot at the title with our supporting cast last year. Also Stevens has built a very solid defence without an elite big m

  • pierce Hart

    Our future at PF looks good with sully and Olynyk (who ain’t a centre). But I was wondering down the line we’ll need to decide who to keep out of them. What’s your opinions. I’m in sullys corner

    • Jack

      No reason why we cant keep both..they come cheap for now…heck I wont even trade any of the two even for the likes of Boshtrich who is overrated..Greg Monroe and we are talkin.

      • pierce Hart

        I’d take Greg Monroe if he played D. But I feel we will make a move for a strong centre this summer and with rondo back we could be a contender again

    • bill_nair

      Ya i agree that its probably one or the other. I really like sully i think hes a pro whose just going to be consistent on both ends of the floor throughout his career. Kelly i think will be the better offensive player and fit for the direction this team may go. Im hoping both of them can really become great defenders and we can use the both of them in a manner the way the grizzlies use Z-bo and Gasol.

      • NE_Celt

        He just needs to stop taking all those threes!!!

  • Willowgreen

    loved the AB crawford combo in the pre season! im glad their back to that now!

    what im most amazed with is Brad Stevens, he manages to breing the best out of every body who play, thats like three games now that every one who plays just performs to their utmost potential!

    Plus his i love his offense. Non stop pick and rolls. thats why players like AB Sully and Wallace gets easy buckets because they can slip inside to get the easy buckets. Hard to follow for the defense when you dont know where the ball is going.

    • bill_nair

      Ya Stevens has been figuring it out and has definitely improved the past few weeks. That play for Green at the end of the heat game was impressive. His offense though is good. It really makes you question what the hell we were sitting around watching the past few seasons. Doc ran the same offense for 6 years, its no wonder we were one of the worst offensive teams in that span (amongst other issues.)

  • Andy

    Should win the next two but minny, spurs, houston stretch might put us back in our place regretting this little win streak. Sorry to be debby downer. Hope I’m wrong just being realistic. Those are teams with actual talent. Ya we beat miami but they have no bigs to create matchup nightmares. Time will tell.

    • bill_nair

      …But Miami are the champs. I think its unfair to discredit this team beating Miami because they don’t have bigs to create matchups. They won 2 straight and made 3 finals with that formula.Plus no player in that locker room will “regret” a win streak. Losing 8 in a row is much worse than winning 4 and then losing some.

      • Andy

        True but look what happened when we played Detroit and Memphis. We got killed down low. And the teams I listed have even better guard play.

        • bill_nair

          Ya I agree this team doesn’t have the personnel to deal with the front lines you mentioned but I feel the defense has been improving and front lines may not be an issue as the season progresses. Bass has been playing fantastic defense and though Vitor’s sample may be small, he has one of the best defensive ratings in the league. I just have faith Brad is putting together a defense that can mask our size issues and help ease the bleeding when we face these teams. We have the personnel to beat a team like Miami so I do get your point.

          • Andy

            You know what screw it your right were going all the way this year. Rondo will come back and win mvp and bradley defensive player of the year. Go celtics!

        • doh

          its a game of adjustments…im pretty sure when we play Detroit and memphis next time, BS will be better prepared

      • JC

        Yeah, we weren’t gonna beat Miami even with PP and KG, so lets ride it out as long as we can go.

  • Raoul

    You can certainly check my post history and find I always felt this squad was going to do very well this season. *HAND RAISED*

    Baby Belichick!

    • Curt Hays

      I can vouch for this claim.

    • Curt Hays

      But Belichick? No way. Brad Stevens ain’t Baby anybody. He’s just going to be Brad mf Stevens…with the serious face.

      • Raoul

        Lol I agree that Brad is going to be Brad, but Brad is a reader. He reads about everything so I’m sure he’s read about coaching. You can’t read about coaching without reading about Belichick. Why do I say Baby Belichick?

        Someone said that it’s pretty much pointless to play any 2nd game against Belichick because he will already have figured your team out. To me, that’s Brad Stevens in a nutshell.

        • Curt Hays

          Haha, nice. Can’t argue with that.

          • Raoul

            The best way someone put it to me is that Brad Stevens’ largest asset is that he can probably outsmart any coach in the NBA. It’s a bold statement but considering the age of the “best” coaches, they are motivators rather than statisticians. The adjustments don’t lie and even Wallace (who I thought was set to be a cancer in the locker room after game 3) has bought into the system now.

  • bill_nair

    Really makes me re-think this teams potential. If we can feast on the bad teams of the league (Utah, Phoenix, Philly, etc.) we should be able to get enough wins for an 8th seed. There’s no reason this team cant be those teams. Very good win and Crawford deserves all the praise. Hes matured greatly and him and Bradley are one hell of a back court duo.

  • Danno

    So I’ll kick off the inevitable debate right now – Trade Rondo, or keep him?

    By the way – straight up for Demarcus Cousins works in Trade Checker. If Sacramento is feeling froggy, send them one of those picks in 2015 or something.

    • Curt Hays

      No question. You keep Rondo. Are you kidding me? You’d rather keep Phil Pressey than Rajon Rondo? NO question.

      • Danno

        They have more than enough Depth at guard, and none at Center. They need bigs.

        • Curt Hays

          Having depth isn’t the same as having Rondo. They also have Kris Humphries who would be starting on almost any other team. They can trade him for another big since they don’t seem to want to use him.
          Trading Rondo is a stupid idea. Logically and emotionally.

          • Danno

            Nobody wants Humphries. Danny HAD TO take him to make the Pierce/KG trade work, money wise. He’s a vastly overpaid underperformer. Trades have to go both ways. In order to get something you want, you have to offer the other team something they want. I’ll say it again, Nobody wants Humphries. Rondo – other teams want. Because they don’t know him.

          • Danno

            Also right now – they don’t have Rondo. They didn’t have Rondo for more than Half the season last year. In fact, over the last 3 years, their record is 75% better when Rondo doesn’t play.

          • Curt Hays

            And this is just pointless. However, without verifying your stat, I’ll respond.
            You’re speaking as though Rondo is the only variable in the last 3 years. This is a new team with a new style of play. This IS Rondo’s game. Brad Stevens is changing this team for the better. Glen Rivers didn’t win any rings. KG and Ray did despite him. If you want to get into it, look at how much better the Celtics are without Paul Pierce. They run the ball and win win win. They beat Miami. Maybe Pierce was the problem.
            There is no reason to argue…but remember this conversation next season.

          • Curt Hays

            Have you not watched Humphries play ball? Everytime he steps on the court he makes good things happen. Regardless, you’re still arguing to keep Jordan Crawford as our starting point guard.

  • Curt Hays

    Also, one of the greatest recaps ever.

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