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The Atlantic Division standings are upside down


There isn’t a person on the planet who predicted this.

How about those Knicks? They lost today by 31. Carmelo Anthony was a -27.

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  • Paul Pierce

    There are three teams in the league who can win a championship. The Heat, The Nets, and The Pacers. I’ll be rooting for the Nets personally.

    • Borna Anthony Hlousek

      Um San Antonio and Oklahoma beg to differ. Don’t disregard the western confrence. Besides don’t judge who can or cannot win a Championship until later on in the season, its to early to tell what will happen and who will perform well.

      • Agreed Borna. I think Golden State is a sleeper team – they have a young energy and good shooting like those late 90’s Pacers teams.

        • Paul Pierce

          Do you remember what happened when klay and stephs shots didn’t fall in that San Antonio series? I’m not sold on them quite yet.

        • Paul Pierce

          Oh and those 90’s pacers teams never won so I rest my case.

  • Jester00

    I did but i was on Ayahuasca

    • eddysamson

      Really REALLY surprised anyone on this blog knows what Ayahuasca is.

      • Jester00

        well what can I say I am a MENSA drunk!

  • bill_nair

    I hate the Knicks so I would like nothing more for them to bomb the season, but I want all the teams i hate to make the playoffs n miss out on a solid player in the draft. Surprised the Sixers have 4 wins this early though. I dont expect them to be as bad as everyone thinks they are (I think suns will be the worse team in the league) but they have had a good start.