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Your Morning Dump..Where Bass Is Holding Down The Defense

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bbassKevin Garnett was the (very) vocal leader of the Boston Celtics’ D during his tenure with the team. He brought intensity, great communication and sound fundamentals to the team’s defense. When he was traded to the Brooklyn Nets this past summer, fans wondered who, if anyone, would try and fill the huge gap left by the Big Ticket. Avery Bradley has been very effective on defense the past few seasons, despite being hampered by numerous injuries, and Brandon Bass has quietly started to emerge as well.

In his role as Secretary of Defense for these new-look Boston Celtics,Avery Bradley needed just one training-camp practice before proclaiming that Brandon Basswould be the team’s defensive quarterback and the player tasked with the impossible chore of replacing Kevin Garnett on the back line.

Most scoffed. Bass had put up some solid defensive numbers while paired with Garnett in Boston’s starting frontcourt the past two seasons, but, without Garnett, most figured Bass would be exposed.

Chris Forbserg-C’s Bass Shaping Up As Elite Defender

Brandon Bass’ defense on Carmelo Anthony in last season’s playoffs helped the C’s avoid a sweep, and most recently, he had a huge block on the Utah Jazz’ Gordon Hayward with 2:29 left in the game to help secure Boston’s first win on Wednesday night. Brandon’s block numbers have increased every season since 2010, and last season he had a career-high 64. Forsberg gets more in-depth with Bass’ stats so far this young season:

Bass is allowing a minuscule 0.528 points per play (28 points on 53 possessions), according to individual defensive data logged by Synergy Sports. Consider this: Of players with more than 40 possessions defended entering Thursday’s action, Bass ranked first in the NBA at that mark (out of 120 qualifiers). What’s more, opponents are scoring on a mere 22.6 percent of total possessions again him, the best mark in the league by nearly 3 percent. What’s more encouraging is the team’s defensive performance when Bass is on the floor. The Celtics own a defensive rating of 95 points per 100 possessions with Bass on the court. That’s 4.1 points less than the team’s season average, and that number skyrockets to 106.3 when Bass is on the bench.

Defense was always a staple of the Doc Rivers/Thibs Celtics teams. It remains to be seen just how much of a priority new head coach Brad Stevens will make it. And despite the fact that neither Bradley nor Bass are particularly vocal leaders, leading by example is always a powerful teaching tool. Bass has never been a “thump your chest” type of guy. When the topic of Boston’s rebuilding year was brought up, he basically said that he’s going to be the “best Brandon Bass” he can. Bass has taken a lot of heat the last few years, mostly from fans clamoring for him to “just shoot”. Granted, Bass is at his best offensively when he can shoot in rhythm,without having to dribble, but if he can expand his game, I say go for it. Going forward, the real question will be just what exactly does the future hold for Brandon Bass’ Celtic career..?

It’s fair to wonder what Bass’ future is here. The 28-year-old has one more season remaining on a three-year, $19.4 million extension inked in July 2012. If Boston’s frontcourt of the future is built on the Sullinger-Olynyk-Faverani combo, Bass could potentially be a trade asset in February.

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  • Curt Hays

    Stick with me here, I am trying to be logical.
    Boston’s future can be built on Olynyk and Sullinger, but not Faverani. I’m okay if they do, but right now Bass is the best option the Celtics have. So I don’t know if you really want to build on a guy who isn’t already good. You can’t have 4 guys on your team blossoming simultaneously. Somone has to be great to start with. I realize that Rondo is that guy in the back court, but we need it in the front court too.

    Center: Faverani, well he might be good on a team with a great PF. I think Fav has a rebounding skill that is so ingrained fundamentally that he’s far more valuable than Perk. But you still need a Kevin Garnett or a Dirk if your Center is mainly an anchor.

    PF: Kelly will evolve into Dirk 2.0 (bigger and more lethal, but maybe not as good of a stroke). But will it be soon enough? Can Kelly be an anchor in the paint at Center? Sullinger could be the guy who replaces Paul Pierce. And I think he has the potential to be a better winner than P2. I think if he battles for the spot with Kelly, then we’ll end up with something strong.

    SF: Green is possibly good enough to be our SF into the future, but he’s no Bird or Pierce or LeBron or Durant or even Paul George.
    Can we really expect Rondo, a solid Center (Fav), two scoring PFs (3 if you count Bass), and a small forward who is not an asshole to take us to the ship? I don’t think so. Green has to blossom like James Harden did. The question is, can he be that 4th quarter, hit that shot in your face, this is my house, I’m taking that shot, I’m going to the rim, kind of asshole that seems to be what this league requires right now? I think he can be close enough if the other guys carry the burden appropriately. SFs cost too much right now, and we need to get our money out of Green because I don’t see anyone willing to pay him what we pay him.

    That really leaves us hurting for Shooting Guards. Sure we have SOME. But what we need is Jesus back in that spot. I’m not saying we actually WANT Jesus back but someone ice cold.
    I really think we can keep most of what we have (and save cap space), but we need to trade guys or whatever and pick up a great SG.

    • bill_nair

      I agree with most of what your saying. I believe we need to upgrade the SG position because its easier to keep the other core intact. But i wouldn’t pass on say, Jabari Parker, for a SG to keep green. I beleive Rondo, Green, Sully and KO can be important piece to a contending team but it leaves out the go to guy. Which looks like we need a 2 guard to round out that group.

      For what its worth, I don’t like the idea of Sully and KO as our starting front line of the future. If KO can prove to be a solid help defender and rebounder it could work but I’d prefer a Defensive anchor at the 5 and KO at the 4. Leaves sully out unfortunately due to has lack of offensive polish.

      • Curt Hays

        I hate to stick a little guy (Big Baby) in the paint again, but why not have KO at PF and Sully at C?

        • bill_nair

          I think it could work if Sully becomes a better defender (which I believe he will) Im just uncomfortable watching a 6′ 9″ player defending the elite bigs in the league. Celtics fans more than anyone should know this after the past 5 years of small ball line ups (Big baby, brandon bass, sully) Its not ideal but i do think it could work.

    • Jake Gruber

      I’m nervous about these unfair comparisons between Olynyk and Nowitzski. Olynyk doesn’t appear as agile or as good of a shooter as Nowitzski. It’s obviously still early, but that’s also exactly why these comparisons make me nervous.

      • Curt Hays

        Unfair to Dirk maybe. Kelly has been playing basketball, at the point guard position, for his whole life. He’ll step up. He’s a leader, and Brad Stevens is going to take him there.
        Don’t be nervous. It may be a deterministic reality, but jinxes aren’t real. 🙂 Look at Larry Bird. He made every bit of that happen (including his bad back).
        Nike is so right. Victory is something you do. We will push Kelly and he will step up.

      • LA Flake

        NOT buying the Dirk comparison but…Dirk struggled thru his rookie season IIRC. He started to come on during his 2nd year, I believe.

  • Chuck Moran

    Bass is good one on one defense but he does not anchor the d the guy is constantly missing rotations and those numbers are flawed bass get picked all the time and looses his man then help comes and they score or they pass to the guy bass was suppose to switch to and he’s wide open I swear the guy who wrote that hasn’t watched a game yet.

    • Curt Hays

      I was in a hurry to trade him for the reasons you described, but Bass was that way only in years past. The last 20 or 30 games, he has consistently been in position.

      • Chuck Moran

        You must not have watched the Detroit game even last night he will loose his man and vitor is constantly has to help it just angers me cause he is making vitor look bad I like last night when pj at least showed the replay on one play and proved it was basses fault.

  • LA Flake

    re: Bass…Keep raising that trade value, baby. Get us a 1st round pick in return!

  • LA Flake

    OT: Don’t know how I feel about this but just went to and saw that they had us picking #1 (Wiggins). I feel sad and excited at the same time.

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