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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad Stevens celebrated his first win for 12 minutes

Stevens champagne

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck alertly snagged the game ball after the final whistle for a Stevens family keepsake. That shows how little Stevens was thinking about the moment. He got a quick on-court hug from Jeff Green, lingered around midcourt for a moment, then headed for the locker room with Boston’s next game already on his mind during a week in which the Celtics play five games in seven days in five different cities.

“I’m going to celebrate for a whole 12 minutes and then I’m going to start watching Orlando and trying to figure them out,” Stevens joked. “Obviously they’ve had a great start to their season, and they’ve got good young talent. And we’ve got a couple more road games — I feel like we’ve already toured half the NBA this week — so just a couple of more road games this week.”

“The thing I’m most excited about is we played pretty well in two straight games,” Stevens said. “That’s a positive. That’s a real positive.”

ESPN Boston – Winning more fun than losing

You think the guys from the 1946-47 Celtics gathered around the TV at the nursing home last night with the hopes this Celtics team would tie and eventually eclipse their franchise worst 0-5 start?

Sorry suckers, put the metamucil-laden bubbly back in the fridge.

I’ll reinforce the point John made last night, this victory was necessary.

For those on the tank bandwagon, relax because there are plenty of losses to come.

What this team needs to avoid are the epic losing streaks. The streaks that breed frustration, contempt and apathy.

We need small positives.

Like Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk playing extremely well against a talented Jazz front line.

Like Phil Pressey proving he can play a capable point guard in small doses.

Like Gerald Wallace contributing off the bench (and taking baby steps towards improving his trade value).

One negative from last night’s victory was Vitor Faverani’s play. It was embarrassing, yet Vitor handled it like a champ:

“This is one of the reasons that I really like Vitor. When I told Vitor that Kelly was starting, Vitor put his arm around Kelly and was talking to him,” Stevens said. “I really like Vitor. Vitor is all in.” Even when he’s out.

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  • bill_nair

    Vitor’s being the consummate pro and Gerald Wallace is crying every moment he gets to speak to the media. Kudos Vitor. And Congrats Stevens.

  • eddysamson

    I think you guys jinxed Vitor with your “Vitor’s impact: Not as good as you might think” article.

  • zippittyay

    I still want to see KO actually show some shooting touch from outside of 3 feet. Can we have a shooting chart on that? He seems to have a real good sense of where to be on offense, but nobody is going to buy that stupid pump fake if he never going to actually shoot or make one from the outside. His boxing out needs a lot of work too.

    • zippittyay

      OK, I found one…. He’s made only one single jump shot in 5 games.

      • eddysamson

        I have been wondering about this, thanks for the post. He’s historically a great jump shooter isn’t he? I wonder if he’s having jitters throwing his shot the slightest bit off?

        • Jake Gruber

          When I used to play in new situations, I remember sometimes rushing my shot, not being able to judge how much time I had to get it off, or over think it when I was wide open. It’s possible this is what’s going on, or was going on, which eventually got him even further into his own head. Stevens is such a great coach though, as he spent time shooting with him 2 practices ago.

  • adam

    That image is so bad its good.

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  • RedHead617

    I don’t understand how intelligent Celtics fans can celebrate this “win” over our chief competition in the lottery. The point of this season is to lose and Utah is now one step ahead of us. There is no post-season, there is only this season, and if we wind up with 19.9% lottery odds (the 2nd worst record) instead of 25% it’s because we chose the here and now over the future we all want. Franchise players win NBA titles and this draft has them at the top, but perhaps not at 4, 5 or 6. Danny needs to deal Jeff Green and eventually Rondo to make sure we get all we can out of an obviously lost season.

    • bill_nair

      How about you go back and look at how many teams with that 25% odds got the #1 pick? We won one game and its the end of the world?! “Fans” like you should be ashamed. As much as I want Wiggins/Parker Im ecstatic about winning our first game of the season. Wouldn’t expect you to understand though.

      Oh and was PP a #1 pick? was Paul George? How about Kobe? Wade?

      • RedHead617

        You don’t need to look back at history to figure out the likelihood that a team with a 25% chance at no. 1 actually gets the no. 1 pick. Also, history DOES show that the guys picked higher are BETTER in the long run, though obviously there are exceptions (and Sam Bowie was picked over MJ, etc.) So the question you need to ask yourself is whether it’s better to be 30-52 with a lesser player (statistically) or 20-62 with a better player…and if you are truly a Celtics fan this isn’t a question at all. We measure ourselves in titles, not in the degree of wretchedness in our losing affairs.
        And Utah is among the top competition; in other words, a win over the Heat is simply a notch in the bad column, but a win over a team we’re competing with? That’s a double-whammy.
        Stay focused Celts fan. Titles. Glory. Sacrifice.

    • KGino

      2007 NBA DRAFT, Celts 2nd best odds to get #1 pick (meaning we will most likely get 1 or 2)… end up getting 5th. Trade it for Ray Allen, acquire KG via trade… BOOM championship. Fate will be as fate is RedHead. And that #1 pick was a real franchise changer for the blazers huh?

      • RedHead617

        One draft is not a convincing enough sample size to conclude that draft position is unimportant, or less important than lottery team win totals. Also, we absolutely tanked in 2007 and were rewarded the next year with a pick to trade for RA, enabling us to convince KG to come to Boston and ring up title #17. And this was merely the second best scenario! Had Ainge picked Kevin Durant and we’d have a dynasty behind him, Rondo, Big Al and whatever came out of our remaining boatload of caproom! Ratliff comes off the books and suddenly we have three studs on rookie deals with no dead money, which sounds a lot like the modern day Thunder pre-Harden trade.
        Eventually the NBA will change its rules but until that day you don’t play for honor or sportsmanship, you play for titles…this is Boston after all.

        • KGino

          You completely missed my point. Right over your redhead.

          • KGino

            Also, don’t confuse tanking with being bad. That 2007 team was horrible once pierce got injured

          • RedHead617

            Being absolutely awful IS the definition of tanking, hence the franchise-record 18 game losing streak and the point I’ve been advocating since the beginning of this thread (“Danny needs to deal Jeff Green and eventually Rondo to make sure we get all we can out of an obviously lost season”). Pierce was held out longer than he needed to be, as will Rondo if he’s still on the roster post trade deadline.
            Anyway, your point seems to be that the draft lottery is random and not worth tanking for. “Fate will be as fate is,” eh? This is absurd since tanking comes at the cost of added lottery team losses, which are entirely negligible if we aren’t going to the playoffs anyway. There are MASSIVE franchise-player benefits to losing and none (other than saving some pride) to winning in a lost season.

          • KGino

            So we should trade all of our good players to have the best CHANCE at getting an unproven “franchise player”? What the hell are u smokin

          • RedHead617

            Hey man, I can’t explain the whole NBA to you right now, I got a hot date tonight. But yes, we should deal our proven vets for picks and young studs to delay and build our success curve into the foundation of a contender. There is no doubt that mediocrity is the purgatory of the NBA and the answer is to be as bad as you can be (while accumulating future assets) to be as good as you can be down the road. Its just that simple.

          • KGino

            just like the Bobcats, right?

          • RedHead617

            It doesn’t work if you blow the pick (Morrison, Biyombo, etc.) but it works well if you have a guy like Danny Ainge calling the shots. Or Sam Presti and half the GMs in the league.
            The flip side is the modern Bucks, whose owner demands they try every season and since they aren’t a free agent destination, this mandate dooms them to somewhere between 30-40 wins a year.