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Starter shuffle: Crawford in, Wallace out

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 6, 2013 Celtics News, Gerald Wallace 7 Comments on Starter shuffle: Crawford in, Wallace out

wallace arms crossed


Gerald Wallace will not be starting tonight’s game.  He’s going to the bench, a move Brad Stevens says will help both starters and the bench

“[Bradley and Crawford will] both play point, they’ll both handle the ball,” said Stevens. “I think we’re able to run a bigger variety of things with both guys in than we are with one guy in over the other. Our offensive numbers have been pretty good with Jordan in the game. It also gives you a few tweaks, potentially, off the bench. There’s a chance to put Phil in early because it’s a guy that, again, plays a role that may enhance others.”

Wallace, who left Monday’s game in Memphis with a bruised knee, is available and Stevens thinks he can get the 13th-year veteran going more off the bench (it’s been a slow start for Wallace, offensively).

“I think I can do some things with him that will really help him with that second group,” said Stevens.

Like I’ve said a million times, I like Bradley off the ball.  And Wallace in the second unit could help boost their, and his, scoring.

Wallace, though, didn’t seem to take to the move very well.

If only Gerald Wallace understood that playing nice, saying the right things, and being the good soldier is the fastest way out of town.

I can only hope a friend of Gerald’s reads this, so I’ll say it to him personally:

Hey, Gerald.  The Celtics didn’t want you, either.  Your contract was something that Brooklyn needed to unload and it made the salaries match.  The Celtics still doesn’t want you on the team for any longer than they have to hold on to you.  It’s nothing personal at all… you work your ass off and play the game the way it should be played.  But they want to trade you as much as you want to be traded.  But the only way to facilitate that is to shut up, say the right things, and prove to other teams that you’re not washed up or angry.

Pinch your nose, Gerald, take your medicine, and deal with it.  It’s not fair that you’re back in this situation after all you’ve done in your career?  Well, life’s not fair, and a lot of us feel like we’ve earned more than we have.  And we’re not getting paid $10 million to do it.

So please find yourself some self-awareness, go play basketball, and maybe in March you’ll be playing a key role on the Thunder or Spurs.


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  • Rich Jensen

    Hey Gerald, Lynn Anderson’s singing your song:

  • bill_nair

    Ya he’s already overstayed his welcome. Danny get him out of here on the first thing smoking.

    You start for, what is it, 3 or 4 games and do not give it your all and now you complain when your coach benches you?! His best game of the season was last night so by all accounts Stevens saw something that worked. This is supposed to be our “veteran leader”? I had hopes that he could lead this group but im getting the impression hes another NBA prima-donna “star.” A far cry from the very classy Gerald Wallace that earned the leagues respect in Charlotte.

    • BEANTOWN985

      Looks like Michael Merriam took the time to copy/paste the original article and Wallace actually is taken completely out of context. If you just take those two sentences, it does look like he’s complaining, but if you take the whole conversation together you look at it in a completely different light.

  • Curt Hays

    John, I like that you said all of the truth about GW. He does play the game the way it is supposed to be played, but we do need to trade him. He costs too much. Very fair way of putting it.

  • Michael Merriam

    As referenced in Nov. 7th Morning Dump related links, the G. Wallace quote above is clearly taken out of context from the original espn article. I’m not saying he’s thrilled, but after reading more of the article, he sounds more like a thoughtful guy with a brain than the cry baby he’s made to look like by this isolated quote.

    Gotta say I like your idea about the Spurs or my own idea about the Rockets.

    • Michael Merriam

      I guess the above tweet is not from Forsberg’s espn article. Looks there were two similar pregame and a postgame quotes. Postgame version:

      “You can’t be mad after tonight’s result,” said Wallace. “We got our first win with it. … I think the whole shocking part about it was that it’s new for me. This is my 13th season and, other than being on the bench my first three years in Sacramento, I’ve always been a starter. I’ve busted my butt to be a starter, trying to be productive in that first starting unit, and this is the first year that I’ll have to come off the bench. So it’s a new process. It’s often confusing when something new is thrown at you at the start.”


    I think that Wallace’s game is better suited for the 6th man role but that’s just me. Obviously he’s going to have a problem getting on a contender with that contract though, unless somehow a contender unloads an expiring contract that’ll match Wallace’s, which I can’t see happening. Not that I don’t like Wallace’s game, but with the kind of money he’s making, there’s not a whole lot the C’s can do other than just let it play it.