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How bad are the Celtics in crunch time?


The fourth quarter has not been kind to the Celtics.

What’s the problem? They cannot score or defend. Other than that, nothing.

Let’s compare some simple stats from the 3rd and 4th quarters of the first four games.

Third quarter:

NBAStats (2)

Fourth quarter:

NBAStats (3)

What you don’t see is the Celtics have surrendered 109 4th quarter points.

Let’s narrow down the numbers to the final 3 minutes:

  • FG%:  33% (6-21)
  • 3FG%: 0% (0-6)
  • Fouls: 17
  • Turnovers: 8

That is all.

Run to the office first aid station and grab the eye rinse.

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  • Curt Hays

    Can I just point out that Joey Crawford stole that last title from Kevin Garnett?

    I know I’ve done this before…but…in game 7, Garnett scored 5 points (including a deep 3) that Crawford waved off because of phantom fouls. Boston lost by 4. Kobe would’ve been the MVP, but Boston was the better team. And this was even without Perk and Shaq. I’m just still pissed about it. We all know that without KG’s knee injury, Shaq’s knee injury, and Perk’s knee injury, Boston would have 3-peated.

    Chuck…just remember the Red Sox. We’ll all be celebrating again soon enough.

    We are in a new period for bleeding green, and damnit I love the Celtics. Here’s to all the small victories!

    • Coobs

      I upvoted you because I’m still bitter as to the manner in which that game 7 was called, with a beautiful first 2+ quarters of no-nonsense D and a “letting them play” mentality from the officials, to all the ticky-tack calls going the Lakers’ way once they had fallen behind by 13.

      But then I took away my upvote, because you mentioned Shaq — Shaq wasn’t even on that team. Shaq was “on” the 2011-12 squad (if you really want to consider that being a member of the team).

      Regardless, go C’s.

      • Curt Hays

        Crap…you’re right. I guess I don’t really like the Celtics enough…Let me fix it, so I don’t look AS dumb.

        • Coobs

          No worries dude

    • RedsLoveChild

      It`s easier said than done, but you gotta “let it go”…for your own sake. I`ve spent way too much time crying over 1982, 1985, 1987…but the outcome never changes.

      Fate/tragedy/bad luck at the worst possible time has cost the Celtics more titles than the 17 they have won. What makes it worse is that the Lakers always seem to be the vultures swooping in to capitalize on the misfortune.

      • Curt Hays

        I suppose you’re right. Thanks. I can always smile about the fact that after Bill Russell retired, the Lakers couldn’t win a championship until they hired a Celtic head coach (Sharman).

      • Chuck Moran

        Def bad luck I hate how ainge was saying red kept the big three together too long the future was supposed to be just as bright imagine bias Reggie playing with them at the end. Bias jordan battles would have been epic and I think today people would be calling bias the GOAT.

    • forever_green

      I up voted you also because of game seven, toughest game I’ve ever watch, the fix was in.

    • LA Flake

      Kobe SUCKED in that series. And he absolutely SUCKED in game 7.

      • Curt Hays

        He still would’ve gotten the MVP regardless.

        Not all MVPs can average 38 points per game (the logo) including a game 7 triple double with 42 points.

    • Tommy_Heinsohn

      “What if game” What if Len Bias and Reggie Lewis didn’t pass away… C’s dominate throughout the 90s

      • Curt Hays

        Can you imagine how much less people would talk about MJ…omg, Bill Russell’s 11 titles would be so much bigger to the unenlightened.

    • Chuck Moran

      Not only that the lakers shot like twenty free throws in the fourth quarter of game six or seven I can’t remember but most of them were bad calls still pisses me off.

  • forever_green

    My understatement of the day..”this is not gonna be a good season”.

    • Fawn Lopez

      Was it suppose to be?

      • forever_green

        Ask Danny Ainge.

  • Jason Whetzell

    This data would be used in court if tanking was illegal.

  • imshak

    I want to know why Butler never won those chips… how were they in crunch time? Not saying it’s all on Stevens but I have been PISSED with his rotations in the 4th of every game! The only thing he did right was sit Jeff Green in the 4th of game 3, letting him know he has to earn minutes like everyone else! How does your #1 option only take 5 shots in 3 quarters (16 minutes)? So green would have taken 10 shots in 32 minutes??? Get out of here! I thought it worked because he came our so aggressive game 4, that was until the 4th quarter where he didn’t score! People are excited about his 22pts but when we needed him most he was the same old passive Green! Then he was told to go for it at the end but by that time he was already cold and couldn’t hit and he settled for 3s. The 4th quarter is when RR would have gotten us those victories! Our team hasn’t been that bad but we have no closer, we had a chance to win all 4 but couldn’t close! We at least take 3 of those with RR!

    • Fawn Lopez

      Why the heck do you want to take them? The idea is to LOSE this season and develop some players. Not win meaningless games! The worst thing you can do is be mediocre in the NBA. The fan base has to understand this and stop trying to fix something that is actually working. We are suppose to lose in the 4th quarter!

    • Chuck Moran

      Too much hero ball by Bradley he needs to be in the corners Stevens should of had green get the ball in the post or top of the key so he could penetrate and get to the line.

  • vitamin d

    Lol “Run to the office first aid station and grab the eye rinse”

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