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Paul Pierce casually embarrasses Victor Oladipo

Chuck - Red's Army November 4, 2013 Around the NBA, Paul Pierce 5 Comments

Paul Pierce is 36. Victor Oladipo is 21. Who knew the old man was capable of crossing-over a young stud?

The dunk in the face of Jason Maxiell isn’t bad either.

The Truth is still a baaaad man.

(h/t Ball is Life)

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  • Red’s Cigar

    I’d appreciate it if you didn’t post these anymore. Thanks.

    • Thetruth34__

      Me too . I just cant watch him play in another jersey as a matter of fact even seeing pictures of him in another jersey makes me sad :( really sad.

  • k-dog

    thanks for posting this. I will always be a Pierce fan and am happy to see him succeed even without us. Go Celts!

  • bill_nair

    why must you bring tears to my eyes?

  • jason benn

    can someone really rip our hearts out and find the video in where pierce does this exact thing in a celtics uniform and play them side by side he does that crossover dunk face at least once every start of a season when he has his legs under him still. find that video and play them side by side so we can all projectile vomit everywhere thanks :D