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Celtics top ESPN’s Tank Rank

Chuck - Red's Army November 4, 2013 Celtics News 26 Comments on Celtics top ESPN’s Tank Rank


I was unaware ESPN.com Insider had launched a new feature called Tank Rank. It’s a weekly look at the ten worst teams in the NBA in their quest for the top pick in the draft.

Guess who ranks #1?

1. Boston Celtics | Status: Tank-building | Record 0-3

The Celtics aren’t the worst team in the NBA; they’re just playing like it right now. One of four winless teams after the first week of the season, Boston looks fairly inept on both ends of the floor and has already lost to two teams that look bound for the lottery, blowing a 16-point halftime lead in its home opener versus the Bucks and getting killed on the boards on opening night versus the Raptors. The C’s also have the fourth-worst defensive efficiency rating in the NBA despite playing at the slowest pace in the league.

Still, I have my doubts the Celtics stay here for long. They have winnable games against the Jazz at home on Wednesday and the Magic on the road on Friday. And at some point, Rajon Rondo is coming back.

The NBA must be thrilled that it’s top broadcast partner is outwardly questioning the integrity of its teams.

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  • Thatguy

    …Is it just me, or does it seem stupid; and furthermore make it look like ESPN doesn’t know what tanking is? The Celtics aren’t purposely losing games, they don’t have a true point guard to run the offense. They don’t have an enforcer on defense, they have no identity, barely any chemistry. That’s not tanking, that’s legitimately being bad.(No offense, I a Celtics fan, I swear.)

    • bill_nair

      Spot on. We were bad the minute we let Paul and Kevin go. Danny never had to say “lets try and lose games.”

    • Jason Whetzell

      I do have reservations about playing Avery at the point when we have better ball handlers and passers available. Also Humphries DNPs don’t scream WIN NOW to me. Also it doesn’t bother me though. He is prioritizing developing young talent over winning. I’m seriously fine with that.

      • Thatguy

        We have better passers, but how willing are they to pass? We have better ball handlers, but that doesn’t mean they can run the offense. Until Rondo comes back, the offense is going to be a work in progress. Sometimes it’ll look fluid like the first half against the Bucks, other times it’ll look terrible, like the second half against the Bucks.

        (And I completely agree with the developing young talent. I’d get angry if they didn’t do that.)

        • Jason Whetzell

          Crawford is looking to pass and we might as well drive up his trade value. I just love Avery at the 2 guard spot and I feel like playing him at the point is going to demolish his confidence.

          • Thatguy

            Jordan Crawford actually looks good in short periods. I like him like this.

            …Playing Crawford too much may actually lower his trade value.

            I agree with Avery again. I’d rather him stay at the 2 spot. His lack of size isn’t a huge problem unless he’s up against someone like Joe Johnson.

          • Jason Whetzell

            I think the only proof we need that Brad is a good coach is to look at Crawford passing 3 times in a row!

            Also I really hope the Kendall Marshall rumors are true.

          • Thatguy

            Kendall Marshall rumors? Haven’t heard those.

          • Jason Whetzell
    • MrCuret

      The Celtics aren’t purposely losing games? So sitting their best player (Green) the whole 4th qtr isn’t losing on purpose?… they don’t have a true point guard to run the offense? They do have Pressey, who’s a true PG with potential, but he’s not gonna develop sitting on the bench. They don’t have an enforcer on defense? Faverani has been their enforcer, but again it’s hard to enforce from the bench.

  • Mike C

    This is a stupid plan by Ainge, in my opinion. Throw the whole season down the drain in hopes of getting a top draft pick. Seriously, how often do top draft picks come into the NBA right out of college and have any impact at all. Answer…almost never! I guess we don’t have any other options right now. I just hate when the Celtics lay down and die like this!

    • bill_nair

      How does anyone know they are “tanking” though? This team is terrible. It was never built to win and it never should have been built to win. Sometimes you need to let your young players take charge and go through the ups and downs that comes with it. This team has fought hard and I expect will fight hard all season. We’re just a bad team. No tanking needed.

      • Mike C

        I agree with what your saying. I’m just saying if they ARE purposely dumping the season it’s a lame strategy. By the way worst Celtic season record, 96/97 where we went 15 and 67.

        • Jason Whetzell

          If it’s a lame strategy then why did they win the championship the following season?

          • Mike C

            They didn’t. That’s the 1996/97season. It took them eleven season after that to win another title.

          • Jason Whetzell

            My bad I misread, but anyway one of their worst seasons lead to getting two major free agents because of a certain draft pick they had.

    • eddysamson

      I think the point is, that this is a draft class where that can happen. Look at Sully last year, a very late pick who immediately had an impact in an uninteresting draft class. There’s plenty of guys who can and have made an impact as a rookie their first year (and Davis DEFINITELY would have last year) they just usually end up on a bad team where they won’t have to fight for playing time.

    • CFH

      I agree in general. Usually getting deliberately bad in the hopes of drafting a hypothetical great who may or may not materialize is dumb. But in this case, I think the timing is right.

      The wheels were always going to fall off the wagon; that was a given as soon as Ainge handed out young talent and draft picks for KG and Benedict Arnold in 2007. Why not CHOOSE the year you hit rock bottom to be a year where the draft picks are better on average and when you’re able to stockpile other future assets (Nets and Clippers picks) in exchange for bottoming out?

    • Jason Whetzell

      You can turn top draft picks into gold, just ask Jeff Green.

  • adam

    it’s ESPN. nuff said. Everyone knows if you want your latest Celtics new you come to RedsArmy.com.

    • RedsLoveChild

      RedsArmy = “Think Tank”

      Danny Ainge will NOT lose this race for the worst record. While keeping your eye on the prize, focus on Brooklyn and root for injuries. We own their #1 pick as well!

  • bill_nair

    I hate the term tank. If you have a young squad of unproven talent looking to grow and learn your “tanking”. Why cant the Celtics just be a bad team? This teams gonna lose plenty of games on its own without Danny and Brad going to their offices after the game and planning on how to blow the next one.

    • chuckmckenney

      Utah, Phoenix, Charlotte and Orlando round on the top/bottom 5.

      • Jason Whetzell

        Charlotte might win 30+

  • Suarez

    As long as Rajon Rondo is not playing, the Celtics have the worst lineup on paper in the league. The only competition are the Suns and Sixers.

  • Shane

    It’s a very simple thought process if you are Danny Ainge. The Celtics were not going to win another championship with last year’s roster. No small addition was going to change that. Danny Ainge turned what would have been a middling roster for the next few years into a bad roster that will get better, sooner, than would have happened otherwise. The Celtics had (or have to, depending on how you look at it) to hit rock bottom at some point, so why not choose this year? Why not cut your losses and hope the ping pong balls fall in your favor? By trading away PP and KG, Ainge increased the value of the Celtics’ future. He made a conscious, proactive decision instead of having a predetermined outcome thrust upon him. Be realistic with expectations this season, enjoy the 2013/2014 Celtics for what they are, and watch as the future slowly begins to unfold in front of us. Good things come to those who wait, and hopefully, we won’t be waiting too long.