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Your Morning Dump… Where Wallace and Green are pissed at the guys for padding stats

GWEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“We got selfish as a team,” said Wallace. “Instead of worrying about winning the ball game, we were more worried about stats and getting points. It showed. We went from a team that was together and moving and playing together in the first half to a team that was five individuals out on the court, everybody’s playing for themselves. And it showed on the defensive end.”

Why did that happen?

“I don’t have a clue. You gotta ask everybody in here,” said Wallace. “I don’t know. I really don’t even understand it. I’m trying to figure out what’s more important, winning or padding your stats? Because this is a game that we were supposed to win easy, without even the starters playing in the fourth quarter. Instead, we got selfish as a team, we didn’t move the ball, we let the ball stick, we stopped pushing the ball. And their second unit came in and manhandled us, and did whatever they wanted to do.”

Echoed Green: “[Ignoring personal stats is] the biggest thing right now. That’s what we have to do. In order for us to take the next step to getting better, we’ve got to figure out ways to put egos aside, put your pride aside and just buy into what Coach Stevens wants. That’s the only way we can win.”

ESPN Boston

Did the Celtics stop playing defense last night? Yes. See Milwaukee’s 58 second half points as exhibit A.

Did they stop moving the ball on offense? Yes. See Boston’s 2 second half assists as exhibit B.

Did the Celtics players focus on padding stats? I’m not sure.

The offense went south because the C’s lack a true point guard that can push the pace, get the guys the ball in the right spots and reset the offense when needed. The only way you win without a point guard is with guys like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.

Milwaukee got physical and the Celtics responded by fouling. The Bucks went 19-23 from the free-throw line in the 2nd half.

What happened to the Celtics last night happens all the time in the NBA. Teams build big leads, get complacent and have difficulty regaining their poise. The veteran, talented teams know how to flip the switch back, while the younger teams flail away.

The most disturbing aspect to last night’s collapse is that it happened to the Bucks at home. Milwaukee has a talent level equal to the Celtics.

And one final note, Gerald Wallace can’t blast this team every night. They will tune him out.

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  • HulkGreen

    He just stating the obvious… I mean who really want to keep losing close games…Were not going to have a point guard for awhile so let’s just stop with that… if we can be up at halftime with out a point why can’t we be up at the end of the game…What we need to do is take care of the ball and take the best shot we can every time on the court and make them…

    • wil

      i dont like the way he said it. padding stats? all of them are guilty of not passing the ball, but i dont think anyone was padding stats

  • swissflix

    Why not address this to the team first? Why go public about it? Not very helpful.
    Why was Sully in the game for 10 minutes only? Apart from the fouls (which he really did not commit), are they monitoring him and limiting his minutes like Drummond last season? Does anyone know?

    • Frank Aziza

      He’s not if 100% basketball shape yet.

      • swissflix

        apart from that, is it just me or did he look really muscular / not as chubby as he used to?

  • Ken Ti

    it was quite obvious they were alluding to Brandon Bass….

  • Jester00

    You know, they could’ve been worse. (Major League)

  • MrCuret

    It doesn’t surprise me that they blew the lead, last season they blew a 27 point lead (among many others) vs Atlanta that not only cost them the game, but Rondo too, & that was with Pierce & KG in the roster. I think that has become a Celtics tradition over the years.

    • wil

      well only 4 players from last year played last night

    • Mike C

      EXACTLY…, MrCuret is right on the money! There were dozens of lost games last season because this team can’t or won’t play a solid 48 minutes of basketball. Unfortunately it’s become a habit with the C’s.

  • Zak

    Why can’t anyone here in the comment section acknowledge that the team is tanking… Stevens has done nothing but keep them in the game and then help them lose close games which is what we want… We want wiggins not the 7 seed

    • wil

      even if we tanked to the maximum extent, we have like 20% chance to get wiggins, whats hard about tanking is that its hard to bring back a winning mindset after that

      • Zak

        The top 5 picks in this years draft are franchise players… Winning culture exists based on celtics 17 titles…

        • MrCuret

          Just because a player is selected in the top 5 doesn’t guarantee that he is going to be a star. Look at Darko Milicic & Bargiani for example, those 2 were lottery picks, so it was Jeff Green, & he’s not a star either. It’s possible they could get a star but they also risk that the pick could be a bust.

          • tvor03

            This draft is suppose to be like 2003, when 4 franchise players were selected in the first five picks.

          • Zak

            yea but the goal is to tank get a high draft pick for a potential stud in the draft and at the same time shed the salaries of humphies and wallace and go after kevin love or another high end free agent

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  • RedsLoveChild

    Gerald Wallace`s clear agenda is to force Ainge to trade him ASAP…so expect more mouthing off from him until he achieves his goal.

    If he doesn`t get his wish by the trading deadline…GW will likely climb to the rafters and torch the banners!

  • Ron Flanders

    Great point about Gerald. He has about two more before they start tuning him out. Lack of a PG is going to cost us a lot of games until Rajon gets back. 🙁

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Funny thing is, this would have been a perfect first time to sound off.

      Wallace is right and I like that he’s trying, but yeah with a long season ahead, this team probably doesn’t need to flagellate itself after every loss. Not at this stage, anyway. For now I would think they mostly should stay positive and build each other up, and just get to know and trust each other.

      • Ron Flanders

        Very well said.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I wonder if Stevens made the call to start slowing the game down and using the clock like a college team would. If so he did it way too early for an NBA game. It kind of looked like that, and Tommy thought that was what they were doing.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    The only thing that is clear to me is that Brad Stevens is far from being in command of the locker room.

  • ming_mow2

    GW is my guy I don’t have anything to say anymore all have been already said

  • bill_nair

    The locker room needs a guy like GW but if hes gonna ridicule his teammates after every loss hes gonna make matters worse. We know you don’t wanna be here and you wanna be on a winning team we get it. Pick your spots and just stay the course til February.

    For the record I dont think there was any “stat-padding”. They just gave up.