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No extension for Bradley

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) November 1, 2013 Avery Bradley, Celtics News 15 Comments on No extension for Bradley


This is not at all unexpected news.  Back in May, when I wrote the “What do we do with?” series, I wrote this about a possible Avery Bradley extension:

The Celtics may want to take advantage of a down year, regardless of whose fault it was, and try to lock Bradley up for a few years.

Of course, it takes two to do the extension tango, and Bradley’s agent isn’t necessarily going to just let his client take a huge hometown discount after the way Bradley’s playoffs ended.  His agent knows Bradley’s value is higher along side Rondo, and that stats drive contract talks.  As much as the C’s can point to this year’s postseason as the “well, his value might not be as high as we thought”… his agent can take a chance on a full season of Bradley at his natural position and say “let’s see what the market bears in restricted free agency.”

If I was Bradley’s agent, I’d advise him to wait, even if he desperately wants to stay on the C’s.  Of course, it’s his call, but there’s a chance another team can up the bidding next season.  Besides, Bradley can benefit from another year of working on his game, as well as the motivation to up his own value.

I’m not worried about Bradley leaving.  Like I said in May, it’s possible he does, and it’s possible he gets traded (no one’s position is guaranteed on this team), but let’s not look at this as a sign.

From the Celtics perspective, they either (a) wanted to lock up Bradley long-term for short money or (b) keep as much flexibility as possible because you never know what potential deals might exist out there as the season moves along.

I love Bradley, but if a long-term deal prevents a big trade that would involve him but ultimately make the team better, then the smarter gamble is to let him go into restricted free agency and prepare to match opposing offers.  Sure, someone could pull a “poison pill” contract and overload it in a way that make him un-affordable, but those are the risks.

From Bradley’s perspective, it makes sense to avoid diving into a long deal for less than your perceived worth.  Play a year with that added motivation, and see if you can up your value.  Even if you want to stay in Boston, you can get more from Ainge with a great year under your belt.

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  • MrCuret

    Bradley is probably the best perimeter defender in the league, but with already 4 yrs in, his shooting touch isn’t consistent, plus he can’t run the PG position either, the C’s need more at the SG position. I don’t blame Danny for not wanting to overpay him, especially when Hayward & Bledsoe will be out there in FA.

    • Curt Hays

      The GMs around the league said it is Tony Allen…just sayin

  • celticpride17

    I say lets get this over with,trade him for hayward now!

  • tvor03

    He’s not a long term solution for the 2-guard anyways. I’d say he’s about $4-5 mil/year guy.

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  • bill_nair

    He’s a backup guard and will get paid as such. Trade Lee and offer Bradley a similar contract. Long term, Danny needs to start finding a better option for the 2 spot.

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  • KGino

    Wow… Not much love for AB so far… Guess you guys forget what he looks like playing with Rondo

    • tvor03

      He looks like a defensive specialist with a very limited offensive game. There’s lots of guys in the league who can hit a corner three. That’s pretty much all he’s good for on that end of the court.

      • KGino

        He’s been playing out of position for the better part of a year now (and hasn’t played with Rondo besides like a week or 2 in well over a year)… It’s hard to make strides as a SG when you’re being asked to handle the PG duties.

        There’s not a lot of guys who can hit the corner 3 AND play his brand of defense though Tvor and that’s the point… He’s one of the top guys in the league on the OTHER end of the court. Bruce Bowen didn’t do too bad himself playing that way… He was a great piece to the Spurs puzzle that won multiple rings. You need AB type players to win… Not everyone can be a scorer.

        • tvor03

          I’m fine with keeping him on the team. He always plays hard, works on his game. But he’s not a starter caliber player. Make him the first guy off the bench, sure. But we need someone a little more versatile on offense in the long run.

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  • RedsLoveChild

    This definitely is not good news.
    Further, no amount of “spin” can turn this into good news.

  • ming_mow2

    if you can just remember how fat felton played with Bradley last playoff season