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Recap: Celts alternately sloppy and impressive in opening loss

faverani vs raptors

If you only watched the first and third quarters, you’d be telling all your friends how the Celtics are going to be a dangerous team this year that could find themselves fighting for an 8th seed.  If you watched only the second and fourth quarters, you’d probably be searching out live streams of Kansas basketball while trying to sneak a custom “Wiggins” jersey through the customize filter in the Celtics store.

The Celtics looked pretty impressive in stretches, and comically bad in others (the Courtney Lee missed layup followed by a Jordan Crawford missed layup, and then turnover on a 3-on-1 turned into 3-on-none was one of the more atrocious things you’ll see).

The Celtics lose it 93-87.  Oddly, and I swear this is true, Chuck sent out this email earlier tonight:  “Who is recapping tonight’s 98-84 loss in Toronto?”  Almost nailed it.

The Green:

Jeff Green had a nice game with 23 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.  He had some really nice stretches mixed in with stretches where we’d like him to take over more.  But let’s focus on the positive, that’s a nice game.

Brandon Bass had a typically fly-under-the-radar good game with 17 points on 6-7 shooting.  I’d still like to see more than 2 boards, but he did have 2 assists and 2 steals too.

Vitor Faverani looked great early, scoring the first points of the Celtics season and becoming the first Celtic to score double digits this season.  But after a great first quarter, his production tailed off.

Kris Humphries was called Boston’s best big by the Globe’s Gary Washburn, and he kind of has a point.  He was a basket and a rebound shy of a double-double in 21 minutes.

The Gross: 

22 turnovers is disgusting, especially when they led to 20 Raptors points.

Let me reiterate how horrible that Lee/Crawford mess of a play was.  Actually, I’ll let KWAPT do it:

The Greenlights:

simpsons technical difficulties


The Grid:

  • The Celtics out-shot the Raptors 48.5% to 44.2%, but the Celtics took 66 shots to Toronto’s 86.  
  • The Celtics were 20-29 (69%) from the line.
  • Points in the paint:  44-40 Toronto.  
  • Second chance points:  28-12 Toronto.
  • Gerald Wallace took 1 shot

Wallace did have 4 steals, which is nice, but I thought he’d be our steadiest guy.  I don’t know where that reluctance to shoot came from.   After 1 quarter, Avery Bradley was on pace for a triple-double, but he tailed off significantly to finish with 8 points (4-13 fg), 5 rebounds, and 4 assists.

Like I said on Twitter, the Celtics just aren’t equipped yet to pull out a close game like this in the 4th quarter.  This is when a superstar steps up and does something to carry the team over the hump.  Someday, maybe… maybe even later this season.  Not now, though.

Box Score

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  • Mannie

    Green actually had 25

  • Mccskey

    Would have lost by double digits had Toronto shot better from the free throw line

    • Curt Hays

      We’d have only lost by 4 if not for the stupid dealy of game calls.
      We would have had a 4-peat if not for the knees of KG, Shaq, and K-Perk.
      Jordan wouldn’t have 6 rings if Len Bias AND Reggie Lewis were alive.
      Let’s not begin the what-ifs.

  • Micah Malloy

    Wallace with 40 minutes and only went 1 for 1…What happened? Oh well back to the world series for me

  • Jester00

    Good thing I am hammered or I would be pisssrd

  • Where was Olynyk tonight? Was he overwhelmed by his first game or what? Doesn’t matter in the long run and I’m not totally surprised but still. Is it weird to almost feel happy we lost? Does that make sense? I don’t know how to follow this team right now.

    • wil

      He is a 7 ft white guy with a finesse game and playing where every one is faster and stronger than him.

      His game will come to him in a few years.

  • tvor03

    In the morning dump, Green was listed as expendable while Bradley was a keeper. I believe those should be switched.

    • wil

      keep in mind, bradley is still playing as point guard. Green stil has 81 games left to prove.

      • tvor03

        Seemed to me that Green, Crwaford, and Wallace led the offense more than Bradley.

        • wil

          Wallace didnt lead anything today.

          every one is gonna have an off day. That also doesnt mean Avery aint our best shooting guard.

          im just saying dont judge anyone after just one game. And Bradley didnt even play that bad,he was okay.

  • wil

    Clumsy passing. Wallace didnt seem like himself. Celtics missed Sully’s rebounding. Faverani is confident. Faverani is overconfident with his threes. 22 Turnovers is to be expected when your only true point guard played less than 4 minutes. Ugly rotation from Brad Stevens.

    They should never put Bass and Lee in at the same time. Seen it in preason and in this game. A total momentum killer.

    • wil

      plus 66fga against the raptors 86 lmao, im surprised we were only down 6

  • eddysamson

    Anyone else think Vitor plays like a bigger version of Olynyk?

    • Curt Hays

      I can see that, a little. But Kelly was obviously nervous. Next game, he’s going to look like a 7-foot point guard.

  • GreenbirdCro

    I could live with a whole season of games we lose with such a margin, but effort from 1st & 2nd Q throughout the game
    ttttttttanking at its best

  • Curt Hays

    I hate to say it. Humphries is a breath of fresh air. We needed him the last two years when Doc refused to coach rebounding.

  • Curt Hays

    Can we start a campaign to teach everyone Kelly’s name??? Even Mike got it wrong. Read the media notes. It is OH-lynn-ick, not oh-LYNN-ick. C’mon peeps. If we can pronounce Delonte, we can pronounce the Klynyk’s name!

    • Curt Hays

      For the record…in the media notes sheet under the section for “Head Coach Biography”, they have the Doc Rivers biography…

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