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Donald Sterling has already embarrassed and humiliated Doc Rivers

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Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski has a magnificent story about how Clippers owner Donald Sterling undermined Doc Rivers just weeks after acquiring him to run his franchise.

24 hours after news broke that the Clippers had agreements to trade Eric Bledsoe and acquire Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick, Sterling inexplicably called everything off… without reason.

And Sterling’s irrational decision was not kept inside Clippers offices. Agents and players were made aware that Sterling was pulling the plug on everything.

Doc Rivers was the only man who could salvage the situation:

With Sterling, rational thought and debate aren’t always part of the discussion. Whatever his reasons, everyone else awaited Rivers’ conversations with Sterling. Rivers contract gave him ultimate management authority on deals, and several sources dealing with the Clippers say that Rivers was beyond embarrassed and humiliated. He feared the unraveling of the deal would cost him his credibility and paralyze him in future trade and negotiation talks, sources said.

From the outside, there were those telling Rivers to unite with his superstar, Paul, and let Sterling understand they both could still walk out on him. Paul couldn’t sign his five-year, $107 million contract until July 11, but sources insist that Rivers never brought Paul into the quagmire.

Rivers’ job was to convince the owner – for a second time, in this instance – and there were those who believed a flat refusal on Sterling’s behalf could’ve resulted with Rivers’ resignation.

“It never got to that,” one source told Yahoo Sports, “but it might have had Sterling not come around.”

Welcome to Los Angeles, Doc.


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  • eddysamson

    Wait I thought Doc wanted Bledsoe to stay?

    • imshak

      He didn’t want to give him to us, that’s the difference. He was pulling strings to mess up the KG trade before even leaving for the Clips (rumor of course). This was well before the league nixed the KG trade or any other between them and us. Doc is shady but I don’t care anymore, he’s their problem… the grass is always greener from the other side of the fence!

  • Ron Flanders

    This is what happens when you leave a class organization like the Celtics to go to the freaking Clippers. What did he think was going to happen? I hope they have a good season, then unravel in the offseason and implode.

  • pierce Hart

    Can’t believe Paul is rated the best PG and a top 5 player in the league yet he has never made it to the playoff conference finals. He has the best possible offense built around him this year with athletic bigs and swing men. There are no excuses. Poor intertial defense shouldn’t stop a top 5 player with so many assets from making a deep playoff run. Paul may have all the stats in the world of a top player but clearly lacks the leadership and grit of rondo Parker an rose

  • CFH

    At least Sterling hasn’t watched Doc in the shower yet, that we know of. The man’s making progress!

  • bill_nair

    Glad to see things are starting of well in LALA land. I hope the clippers and lakers are 7th and 8th seeds.