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Lebron James: Boston (fans) have that hatred


LeBron James may be one of the greatest basketball players ever, but the man lacks basic common sense. Look no further than The Decision debacle, his notion that his race was a factor for criticism, or his recent comments about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Alas, King James flashed some knowledge during an interview with David Aldridge:

Me: Since Pierce, certainly, and KG certainly thought of as Celtics, does that rivalry your team had with Boston transfer to Brooklyn?

LBJ: No. Because with the Boston rivalry, not only were you playing against those guys, you were playing against their fans, too. And there are not too many fans that can compete with Boston. Probably the Palace of Auburn Hills when it was rocking, as far as animosity or hatred. Brooklyn doesn’t have that. Obviously, they have great fans, but Boston has that hatred. You kind of inherit not only going against those guys, but you inherit going against those fans as well.

Me: You loved that, didn’t you?

LBJ: Absolutely. It’s great when you can silence them. It’s hard to silence the Garden, I’ll tell you that.

The SOB did shut us up in Game 6 of the 2012 ECF. I’ll give him that.

But let’s not forget who drove him out of Cleveland in 2010 and into the caressing arms of Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley.

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  • Step

    That’s why I always tell Heat fans to thank the Celtics for making Lebron leave Cleveland. They owe us for Lebron and Ray..ugh.

    • LA Flake

      The Heat have fans? Bull! Prove it!

  • eddysamson

    I think Lebron really misses competing with Boston.

  • NE_Celt

    Well with comments like this he sure isn’t reducing the amount of Celtics fans who don’t like him haha.

    • NE_Celt

      PS…who is in for a road trip to TP and egg Lebrons house on Devils night? Or we could step it up with a flaming bag o’ poo.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Poor Lebron James!

    What good is it to have talent, rings, health, fame, and well over $100M in the bank….IF he must live without the love & admiration of the people pictured above at the Losers Convention?!?

  • KGino

    Game 6 2012 ECF should have never occurred. And dirty d-wade nearly breaking rondo’s arm the year before… He needed a lot of help to finally beat us, even as we were phasing out KG and PP

    • bill_nair

      2012 happened unfortunately. As much disdain as I have for Lebron that was one of the greatest performances ever. Too bad we had to endure it.

  • Farter1

    Why do his comments have to be taken negatively? All I get from this is that Boston was his biggest rival and ever since he went to Miami he has done nothing but shut the Garden up, and it must feel pretty damn good, after having gotten beat down by KG/PP and Ray until 2008-2010.

    To me it shows how much respect he has for the Garden and how much losing there must have gotten to him.

    I don’t know about other Celtics fans, but at this point I look at Lebron and enjoy watching his greatness. I don’t care for petty blog posts making fun him in the weight room or flopping in games (as if our own PP wasn’t one of the best at it too).

    I’m glad Boston sucks and won’t be good for at least another 2 years, because its King James league and everyone else is just trying to catch up. I’m all set with being Patrick Ewing Knicks or Reggie’s Pacers and being second to the Bulls every year.

    • bill_nair

      Are you a Boston fan? If so your a disgrace saying your glad we suck. If not then your entire post makes more sense.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I always thought LBJ would love to come to Boston to play at some point of his career. This interview confirms that. Danny, make the right offer when it’ll be the time.. 😉

    • Mike C

      Are you kidding me? I’d rather go the next 50 years without a title then have the most overrated player in history become a Celtic!

      • Caterpillar from Italy

        points of view, my friend.. I’d rather not! 🙂

      • bill_nair

        Your foolish than. Ill take LBJ and Kobe on this celtics team rather than never seeing my team raise another banner.

  • Uncle Copious

    That ECF game when lebron single handedly put our beautiful C’s away was the biggest PED performance I’ve ever seen.

    • Mike C

      Behind Rondo’s one man show the game before!

  • Randy

    Why can’t Celtics fans simply admit that their team is no longer that interesting or good and that in the grand scheme of things, the legendary PP-KG combo was a somewhat inferior version of the much talked about Billups-Rasheed combo in Detroit?

  • heatlesbaybay

    Lebron sucks on skittles

  • heatlesbaybay

    fucboii come to the garden and get clapped

  • bill_nair

    Lebron will never get over the Celtics whether we are at the bottom of the barrel or not. I was ready to come in here and say stfu Lebron but hes spot on. Boston has the best fan base. We got in his head up until 2010 and he’ll forever think about us and continue to talk about the organization. I hope we get to end his post season run early again sometime in the near future.