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Your Morning Dump… Where Vito gets an MRI and Crash is in a walking boot


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

“My back’s OK,” said Faverani. “I practiced today, just one day rest, I think it’s good. The MRI is clear, it’s clean.”

Faverani is expected to get treatment over the weekend and said he’ll be ready to go again on Monday when the team reconvenes after a weekend off.

ESPN Boston

Wallace, whose right foot is encased in a walking boot to help heal a sore ankle, and to allow the full effect of a cortisone shot to take hold, doesn’t sound particularly worried.

He wore the contraption and watched last night, but expects to take part in a full practice Monday.

“It’s good,” Wallace said, looking down at the boot. “I just want to get out of this boot. I don’t really have to wear it. I’m going to keep the stress off my ankle until the shot can get it comfortable. That was the only shot. I sprained my ankle the first game of the season (last year) and that kind of threw me off from there.”

No further shots are planned, according to Wallace.


Good news on the (non-Rondo) injury front. Vito’s back is fine and Gerald Wallace is being extra cautious with his ankle.

They’ll enjoy the weekend off before resuming practice on Monday.

Speaking of practice, the Celtics held an open session last night at the Garden for season ticket holders. There was an impromptu 3-point contest and a game of Knockout with some kids from the stands.

What was Rajon Rondo doing?


Working a camera. There’s no truth to the rumor that this is the result of the cutbacks at CSNNE.

Check out this Flickr stream for more photos from open practice.

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  • Jester00

    first the Fat Boys break up now this!!!!!!

  • pierce Hart

    I am very worried about this team. We’re gonna hit mediocrity in the next few years. We are in need of a new franchise Centre and SF to accompany Rondo Bradley sully and Olynyk if we are wanting to compete I can see us picking a top SF from the draft this year with the position stacked in the early part of the draft. However in 2014/2015 we will not be bad enough to pick up a franchise centre. Should probably offer every asset bar rondo and try and acquire someone like DMC or Drummond who could be available if Smith and Monroe have good seasons.

    • Screamin Jay

      Dude, get off the worry boat. After the trades, EVERYBODY should realize that the rebuild has started, and that the first year of rebuild WE ARE GOING TO SUCK. It’s part of the process, and there isn’t any way around it except by getting EXCEPTIONALLY lucky, and ya just have to live with it.

      It’s your choice to make, if you choose to envelope yourself in a worry blanket, well, my sympathies, but do realize it is self inflicted pain. I’m choosing to look at this upcoming season as a chance to watch the process of a new franchise being built, from the ground up, and will get my jollies this year from seeing how our brand new coach molds this brand new team and how the whole enchilada grows as the parts begin to fit and the coach learns what he has and how to use it.

      Adjust your expectations accordingly and you too can enjoy this upcoming season.

      • pierce Hart

        Hmm I’m actually looking forward to this season and potentially drafting a star SF, ain’t worried about sucking I just feel we will need an elite centre to win another championship

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  • Andy

    Bring back Antoine