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Undercover Rondo watches World Series from Monster seats

One thing I love about Boston is the camaraderie that seems to exist between the pro sports franchises.  On any given night, guys from other teams will show up at each others’ games.  I’ve seen half of the Patriots at Celtics games over the course of the past few years, and we know a bunch of C’s will go to the Pats, Bruins, and Sox games.

It’s pretty easy to do, really.  One millionaire athlete calls another millionaire athlete, they get some sweet tickets, and they get to watch the game in the lap of luxury.

Or, if you’re Rajon Rondo, you go a different route.  Last night, he tweeted this:

What the?  That’s no luxury box.  That’s the Green Monster!

How the hell does a superstar athlete, who happens to be pretty highly recognizable, sit among the common folk?

Ah ha… nicely done sir.

That’s pretty cool, actually.  For Rondo, he gets to just be a normal guy watching a baseball game.  And it’s cool that he took in the game from the stands rather than a luxury box.    I would have loved to have seen him in left field, because he would have hit Ross  Salty (sorry, sleep deprivation) in the mitt on that sac fly instead of sailing the throw up the first base line….

…… sorry….. sorry…. still a little frustrated from last night.

Anyway… cool move Rajon.

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  • Slobbington von Slob

    Ross was on the bench so that wouldn’t have been very helpful.

  • Josh P

    Rajon going straight ninja!

  • Kahnstantine

    Just another reason to love Rondo.

  • KGino

    fenway just got rondo’d

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