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Your Morning Dump… Where Gerald Wallace’s motivational talk is working


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“I’m getting fussed at by the coaches, they’re trying to tell me to relax and ease up, but the main thing is, I want the guys to compete,” said Wallace. “If we lose every game, if we lose all 82 games, but we lose them going down fighting and competing hard, then I can live with that. I just can’t live with losing if we didn’t compete [Sunday], we didn’t give our best effort, and we just gave the game away. I don’t want that for these guys and this team. I want us to come out and compete and whatever happens, happens at the end of the day.”

The Celtics as a team responded Tuesday with what Stevens suggested was among their best practices of the season. And players acknowledged that Wallace’s words resonated inside the locker room.

“If you look at that preseason game, especially against a team like that, there’s no reason that they should look like they’re playing harder than us,” said Kris Humphries. “They’re getting balls, or we’re not getting back on defense. Everyone can see it. It’s not a bad thing that [Wallace] talks about it because we’ve got to be accountable.”

ESPN Boston

Gerald Wallace better be careful. If he keeps up this motivational BS and it gets the guys to work harder, Danny Ainge is going to ship his ass out of town.  Oh wait, there are $31 million reasons why that’s unlikely to happen.

In all seriousness, Wallace is providing veteran leadership this team so desperately needs. You don’t want young guys developing bad habits during losing seasons. It’s so easy to say “screw it” when things aren’t going right.

The Celtics are going to lose more than their fair share of games no matter how hard this team works, so Danny Ainge need not worry. If Wallace’s play matches his attitude then he’ll drive up his trade value.

I consider this a win-win situation.

The Celtics play their final preseason game tonight against Brooklyn (KG and PP are not playing) and Brad Stevens is narrowing down his options for a starting lineup:

Stevens said he’s still debating how the starting lineup will look for Wednesday’s preseason finale, but said he’d likely treat at least the first half like a dress rehearsal for the regular season. With Phil Pressey available to resume backup point guard duties, it seems likely that the Celtics would re-pair Avery Bradley and Jordan Crawford together in the starting backcourt. But Stevens also said we’d see more of the Green/Wallace combination that worked well on Sunday. “You’ll see that [Wednesday] night,” said Stevens. “I haven’t decided exactly how we’re going to start the game, but I would assume you’ll see that very early.”

Jordan Crawford a starter. I’ll never be comfortable with that phrase.

If Stevens goes Crawford, Bradley, Wallace and Green, who gets the nod at the 5? Hump is my choice.

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  • LA Flake
  • KGino

    I really hope were not gonna have to watch j craw sully and Gerald brick as many 3s as I’ve seen them this preseason…. Quality shots only boys!

  • rob

    i cant watch this team if JCrawford is starting. just stop with that BS. This season is going to be ugly. Going to have to live through PP and KG in Brooklyn to survive the next 1-2 years of complete crap. Hopefully we can at least get some joy out of watching Rondo

  • bill_nair

    Hopefully Gerald’s attitude can rub off on another SF on our roster.

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  • CallingBatman

    Good for Gerald Wallace. He’s not The Truth, but he speaks the truth.

  • Alex

    start Faverani at the 5!