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Stevens: Rondo “understands the big picture”

Brad Stevens sat down for a conversation with ESPN’s Jeff Goodman and talked about a lot of things (being in Boston, falling asleep during Sox games, his biggest adjustments, etc.).  The conversation move to Rondo, where Stevens explained Rondo thusly (Via WEEI)

“I knew from the first moment that I talked to him that he was going to be a person that would think not just about what you’re doing but why you’re doing it, and that’s a good thing.   This is a great example. When you run a play, there are five guys in five spots, and most basketball players will go to their spot, they’ll do what they’re supposed to do, but they won’t know what the other four spots do, because they don’t understand why you’re doing it. He gets it all, and it’s no different in leading. It’s no different in how we’re coaching or running the organization. He understands the big picture, and I think it’s really important that we continue to share and talk about that, because he’s a big part of this.”

Rondo’s having a pretty good preseason for a guy who can’t play yet.

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  • Screamin Jay


    Somebody with photoshop skills should take a photo of Rondo and enlarge his head…just a little bit. Some portrait photographer got famous by doing this, she enlarged the eyes of her subjects just a wee wee bit, enough to notice, but not so much that the eyes looked un-natural. Somebody give Rondo a biggish head!

  • MrCuret

    I understand Rondo having an open mind now, but the Celtics need to do something to be competitive next season. Right now bc he can’t play, & he still has 2 yrs left on his contract he’s playing the good soldier, but Rondo is not used to losing. If the C’s don’t put at least a playoff caliber team around him next season I think they’ll be risking losing him in FA or him requesting a trade. An open mind will not last long, especially if the loses start piling up. Rondo’s on his prime & I don’t think he’ll deal with losing too well (no other star would), so it’s up to Danny to work his magic in the offseason.

    • LA Flake

      No way we put a competitive team next year. Not if we land one of the top picks. Danny could always try to trade his assets to build the team around Rondo but who is out there that can be had who with Rondo can propel us to the top? I can think of no one. Our best course of action is to draft one or two of the top guys next year (and the following year) and build around our *younger* core of Sully, KO, AB & our lottery picks. If anything, guys like Rondo & Green will be used by Danny to move higher in the draft.

      • MrCuret

        If Ainge trades Rondo he’d be setting the franchise back for yrs. If they want a chance to compete in the next few years, Rondo has to be the centerpiece. He’s in his prime, he can lead the team, orchestrate an offense and carry forward the culture built from the days of Pierce and Garnett. Danny is tasked with using their picks, young guys & role players to get another big three together. He could always trade some picks for another all-star caliber player, someone like LaMarcus Aldridge, Rudy Gay, Monroe, or a player like Gortat. He could also trade some of our role players for a third all-star. This is Rondo’s window now. The complete rebuild would just be too painful and would require too much luck and patience.

      • frickenWaaaltah

        Durant in summer 2016 is starting to look possible, with some planning. If OKC continues to sink or just tread water, he’ll probably be open to considering a new situation.

    • eddysamson

      Rondo is kind of a weird dude. I don’t think you can predict anything that he would do. For all we know he intends to be the next great long-tenured Celtic. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened as well. It seems highly possible to me that we are a playoff team next season too so he’s not going to be waiting that long.

      Actually wouldn’t you say this is the perfect season to be bad with him rehabbing his knee?

      • MrCuret

        Agree! That’s what meant, I think Rondo’s approaching this season with an open mind mainly bc of the knee injury. So if the Celtics are going to suck this is the season to do it, bc next season when he’s healthy I’m sure he’ll be expecting to compete in the playoffs. Also, even tho Rondo said he wants to be a Celtic for life, I don’t think we’ll see it happening, if Ainge traded Pierce after 15 yrs I don’t think we’ll see any player being a Celtic for long as long as he’s the GM.

  • elgirrl

    So, I wonder if ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, a longtime Rondo detractor, and one of the press ‘pundits’ who has spent time spreading rumors of Rondo being a coach-killer, etc will be able to reassess his bias against Rondo after this interview with coach Stevens.

  • pierce Hart

    Great to hear Rondo and Stevens Meshing. But can I just say what a load of BS these ESPN rankings are, it should be renamed ESPN player markebility rankings. They hate the attitude Rondo and Bryant have so try and brainwash the public to thinking that Steph Curry and Westbrook are better than them. Ohh they also give bonus points to people who shoot a lot and like a dunk. Westbrook has to be one of the most over rated players in the league. He is so wasteful and hasn’t learned that passing to the best scorer usually works. Surprised the Thunder haven’t tried to Trade him for Rondo I mean the best scorer and the best facilitiator on the one team would be insane.

    • bill_nair

      Most people dont understand the rankings. Its based on what they think a players production will be next year. Ya it is a terrible list but its pretty spot on for the most part.

      • pierce Hart

        So. By production you mean brings the most to a team? Cause rondo sure as hell brings more than Westbrook and most other guys above him. I just feel ESPN markets players and ignores downside if they are entertaining. Look at Blake Griffin. Can’t defend and although great at his role on offense very limited In what he can do. Then there’s CP3. Apparently on of the top guys in the league. Has a team build perfectly for him and yet has never been into conference finals territory. Both over rated by ESPN and hence everyone else

        • bill_nair

          Without going back and reading the directions, I say its safe to assume they mean who’s more likely to to be in the MVP voting (making KD, CP3 AND LBJ top 3), or who’s going to put up the better numbers next year. It has nothing to do with what a guy brings to a team cause lets be honest, Kobe ranked 24th? Lakers are a playoff team with Kobe.

          • pierce Hart

            I see thanks for explaining. I hate the public and their obsession with basketball stats. Soo naive

  • bill_nair

    I’m glad these two are getting along. Cant wait to see what Brad can do with Rondo. I don’t want him giving Rondo the ball and saying make something happen like Doc did the last couple years.

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