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Was Kelly Olynyk the steal of the draft?


Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk was named the biggest steal of the draft, according to NBA.com’s 12th annual GM survey.

Olynyk had 27% of the GMs vote. Kings rookie Ben McLemore was 2nd (13.8%).

Most Celtics fans went “who?” when the Celtics acquired the Mavs 13th pick and selected Olynyk. But his versatility and shooting touch have been a pleasant surprise throughout the preseason.

KO also ranked 5th in voting for the rookie who will be the best player in 5 years.

Other notables in the survey:

  • Rajon Rondo ranked as the 2nd best passer (behind CP3 and tied with Ricky Rubio)
  • Rondo ranked 5th in highest basketball IQ
  • Avery Bradley ranked 4th best perimeter defender
  • Nets-Celtics trade tied 1st in most surprising move of the offseason
  • Kevin Garnett is named the 2nd best leader behind Tim Duncan

If you have work projects to avoid, I recommend reading the 56 question survey.

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  • Curt Hays

    Yes. Already bought a KO jersey. Boston is keeping him.

  • Curt Hays

    Chuck, is that the wrong hyperlink?

    • omitasub

      bill sheilds has cancer?

    • frickenWaaaltah
      • Curt Hays

        Thanks for the link.

        No sweat, Chuck.

    • chuckmckenney

      Apologies. I was reading a story about a former colleague of mine recently diagnosed with cancer and must have copied the link.

  • bill_nair

    I wanted KO back in early april. I thought he would be a great addition to the core we had (KG &PP.) I was shocked to find out he was a 7 footer as our playoff series ended. He played like a SF in college and just always assumed he was. Very skilled player, would be great next to a legit C.

    • Rjd12345

      Agree. Hopefully next year, once he’s developed some more, we can get a defensive center to pair with him.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Never ignore history.

    Whenever a newly drafted 7-foot rookie plays extremely impressive ball in the Summer League—as Kelly did in Orlando—that team just hit the jackpot!

    Don`t expect great things this year but, he`ll be kicking serious ass by year 2 or 3.

  • omitasub

    Rondo 2nd best passer? He should be number 1.

    • wil

      as usual, CP3 highly overrated

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  • Robert Hodgman

    If the guards knew how to use a pick correctly he’d probably be averaging 4-6 more pts a game in preseason. I hope he doesn’t hit the rookie wall before Rondo comes back. He will be even better with a good PG.

    • wil

      Kelly gets in great position, but guards cant make entry passes or use the p&r.

      I think it would be great if we start Rondo, Bradley, Green, Wallace and KO. they really decide wallace and green pairing is good

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  • jack

    If Rondo is just 5th in Basketball I.Q, Im curious to see who the top 4 ones are??!/?

    • Andy

      You can find out. Theres a link in the article

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