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Your Morning Dump… Where Bill Russell likes to travel with a loaded .38


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NBA legend Bill Russell was arrested this week at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after a loaded gun was found in his carry-on luggage.

The Transportation Security Administration says airport police arrested Russell on Wednesday night at a security screening after agents noticed a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson pistol in his carry-on bag.

TSA spokeswoman Lori Dankers says Russell was turned over to Port of Seattle police and cited on a state charge of having a weapon in a prohibited area. Russell had a permit for the gun, which was loaded with six rounds and confiscated, and he was released, according to Dankers.

Airline passengers are permitted to travel with firearms only in checked baggage. They must be stored properly and unloaded.


I’m curious why 79-year-old Bill Russell is traveling with a loaded gun. Did Russ forget the gun was in his bag or is he facing some sort of threat?

We’ll likely never get the truth from the highly private Russell. I hope everything is okay in his world.

In other news, the Celtics might go without a captain this season for the first time in 63 years:

Stevens reaffirmed that, unless league rules require a captain, he’d prefer to not name one. That’s just his style. During his time at Butler, he only named captains twice. In his first season at the helm (2007-08) he designated his five seniors (Julian Betko, Pete Campbell, A.J. Graves, Mike Green and Drew Streicher) as captains, and four years later he tabbed Ronald Nored — whom he brought to Boston to be part of the player-development staff — and Garrett Butcher to captain the 2011-12 team.

But Stevens firmly believes that leaders naturally lead and that there doesn’t need to be a formal designation for everyone to know that Rondo is the one guiding this Celtics squad.

I’m not a fan of this decision. While I understand Steven’s logic for not naming captains, it doesn’t apply in this case.

Everyone knows Rondo is the leader of this team. Stevens gushes about his leadership qualities.

This decision can only have a negative impact. 1) It creates a mini controversy for the media and 2) could be the beginning of a riff between Rondo and Stevens.

If Pervis Ellison is good enough to be a Celtics captain, then so is Rajon Rondo.

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  • Raoul

    There’s nothing wrong with this. Media controversy? There always will be; we never will care. Riff between Rondo and Stevens? Rondo is mature enough to not give a damn, and I am willing to bet every cent that this was discussed with Rondo long before he publicly said that they are great friends now.

    Lastly, you’re missing the point if you think Stevens is basing it on individual player comparison (Rondo Vs. Ellison). Matter of fact, you’re missing the entire point of what Stevens is about if you think individual ranking is a part of his decision-making. I think this is an outstanding decision by Stevens, and I love the fact that he puts zero emphasis into things Doc put too much emphasis on.

    In Stevens’ university of basketball, who gets a “C” on their jersey will not be a topic efforts will be wasted on. I will agree with that mantra 100% of the time. Let’s cut out the spiritual hoopla and concentrate on the numbers.

    • Raoul

      I’m surprised at how many of you think the title is necessary. If it was that important, wouldn’t the Celtics be “doomed” without a Captain until Rondo gets back anyway?

      “Stevens firmly believes that leaders naturally lead and that there doesn’t need to be a formal designation” I apply this in my career every day and I’ve only succeeded from it. I let my work do the talking… not my title.

  • Jester00

    If Pervis Ellison is good enough to be a Celtics captain, then so is Rajon Rondo. one of the greatest line ever written although Pervis Was tough on NBA live 95 (a game that I still rock with).

    I carry a gun with me everywhere I go it is your 2nd Amendment right good for Bill some time you just forget stuff.

    • Raoul

      Stevens wasn’t there to make Ellison a captain, so it’s irrelevant. If he was, then Ellison wouldn’t be named a captain. Simple.

    • Frank Aziza

      Right on. I’m sick of people looking at you gun owners like you’re the problem. It’s the criminals that wanna kill us that are the problem, not their weapon. God I hate liberalism.

  • RedsLoveChild

    I`m guessing Russell has been “packing heat” continuously since the 1960`s…and the airport scene was an innocent mistake on his part. If not, authorities would have taken much stronger action than merely releasing him with a citation.

    Rondo not being named captain could easily be interpreted that his days as a Celtic are numbered. Team captains generally do not get traded…and not having RR as captain would lessen the emotional impact in sending him elsewhere.

    • Raoul

      Really? Lol let the media come up with trade rumors. Stevens’ decision (considering he has a history of this very thing already) can in no way “easily” be interpreted as a sign of Rondo being traded.

    • Paul

      Paul Pierce got traded.

      • RedsLoveChild


        I should`ve specified…”Team captains {in their prime} generally do not get traded”.

        Pierce is 36…Rondo is only 27

  • Frank Aziza

    I’m not curious to know why Bill carries a weapon. It’s his 2nd amendment right , there’s so many nuts in the world that Mr. Russell would be a fool not to have a gun. The liberal media has brainwashed all the sheep to a sad point that we look at guns so negatively. We need to focus on the criminal not his weapon of choice when he kills!!

    • Raoul

      When the only reason you carry a gun is because you’re allowed to and for an emergency, I ask this…. you’re allowed to smoke in a house of children, but should you? Also, you’re more likely to come across a fire-related emergency than a hostile situation wherein a gun is needed, so does that mean you carry a fire extinguisher everywhere you go as well?

      I’m all for the right to bare arms. However, I am not for the notation that the majority of gun wielding civilians truly need to do so.

      • disqus_UOqPUyk9ij

        Smoking in a house full of children is hazardous to the children’s health. Responsibly carrying a firearm is only hazardous to a criminal trying to take your life.

        Many people keep a small fire extinguisher in their vehicles. Retail establishments have fire extinguishers all over their stores. Many residences have fire extinguishers all around. So there is very little reason to actually carry one daily on your person.

        • Raoul

          What criminals? I’m willing to guess that 1% of individuals who carry guns in public actually get to use them. So until they can use it, we just have more civilians walking around with guns in public… which means we have more civilians with guns at home where children have been known to bypass security measures parents have put in place to make the gun “inaccessible”. I’m willing to guess that more civilians with guns at home have shot innocent people (whether by accident or not) than they have shot criminals.

          How often do you hear about a civilian’s gun being used to stop a criminal as compared to a civilian’s gun being a part of innocent deaths?

          FYI, your fire extinguisher rebuttal is so false. I don’t know where to start… but owning one is not a “normal” thing as you’re claiming and retail stores is the least likely place you’re going to find a fire. Even more so, owning multiple ones and having those in key locations throughout your car and home, that’s bull and no one does that. You say there is very little reason for a person to carry one… but make the argument that there is reason to carry a gun because they aren’t sitting around in retail stores? What about pepper spray since it’s a lot more likely that you’ll have that type of hostile situation than one where you need a gun, but both of those situations still do not match the amount of times you might need an umbrella… but many people don’t carry those either.

          • disqus_UOqPUyk9ij

            It is the parents’ responsibility to train the child in gun safety. They need to expose them to firearms so that the “childhood curiosity” isn’t there causing the kids to pry where they shouldn’t be.

            You said you’re, “…all for the right to bare arms.” If somebody can’t carry and can’t safely store it at home, then where does your support for the 2nd Amendment come into play here?

            Why are you “guessing” regarding gun owners shooting innocent people or criminals? You can research facts instead of relying on your emotions to come up with hypothetical situations. There are many stories of gun owners using guns to stop criminals… many where the gun didn’t even need to be discharged! You’re watching/reading the wrong media.

            You don’t think owning a fire extinguisher is a normal thing? I don’t know what to say.

            Pepper spray is an okay alternative. It may not stop the threat. It is better than nothing.

            Umbrellas aren’t good at saving lives.

            Think for a second. Three innocent people walking down the street. One guy has a gun. One has pepper spray. One unarmed. The bad guy doesn’t know who has what. Will the bad guy get away? What if all three people had guns or pepper spray? You dont know a bad guy’s motive… so choose the best tool.

          • Raoul

            BANG! Another school shooting. Innocent people shot at the hands of another kid that got a gun from their parents. Keep standing for your right, bro.

          • Raoul

            FYI, Red’s Army stupidly deleted my original reply against gun ownership but kept your post on pro-ownership. Thanks for making a political stance as well Red’s Army. Very disappointed.

          • disqus_UOqPUyk9ij

            All of these mass shootings keep happenin in gun free zones.
            Why, oh why dont these criminals follow the rules!?

    • Screamin Jay

      How about no politics.

  • KGino

    Go Bill. Looking forward to seeing his long overdue statue in Boston later this year.

    And I agree Chuck, tradition is tradition (especially with the celts) just name a captain (or 2).

  • jason benn

    he just said hed prefer not to name one but if pressed by his bosses im sure he will give the c to rondo obviously you want to get in the history books with the celtics if your brad stevens but not this way…..i could care less if he does or not it should be rondo though but again i dont think stevens will want to be remember as the coach who never named a captain for the first time ever in celtics history he will name a captain even if he doesnt want to

    • Raoul

      I don’t think Stevens cares about that at all. He wants to go down or not go down in the Celtics record books for all kinds of reasons, but being the first to not name a Captain he couldn’t care less about.

      • jason benn

        Oh I’m sure he doesn’t care but i just think this is silly lol I’m sure management as part of their brand n so on will trll stevens to pick a capt

        • Raoul

          I hope not. If management does that, Stevens’ career with the Celtics will be doomed. How are these players going to respect him if management starts the tone at not letting Stevens get the last word on decisions? Undermining Stevens would have a much worse impact on this season than Stevens not naming a captain.

          • jason benn

            Management doesn’t have to go in a practice in front of players and say hey brad pick a captain. I’m sure no one will know about it if they do. stevens is a new coach i won’t b surprised if they strongly urge or suggest he pick a captain. like it says in the post it could cause a unneccessarymmedia circus and maybe rondo has been looking forward to it and he gets mad. captains don’t mean squat but when the crap hits the fan they are the rallying cry to bring a team back from behind. celtics are always avout tradition this is a silly one to break its the nba not ncaa captauns mean more here.

          • Raoul

            It means nothing but it means more? Emotionally it may mean something. That’s why I don’t think Rondo cares.

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  • Dustin Chapman

    Another theory could be that it’s a subtle motivational tactic for Rondo

  • david

    leaders don’t take games off or get repeatedly suspended for groping refs…do they?

  • Ron Flanders

    I agree with Chuck; not naming Rondo captain is a mistake.