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Pierce and KG never wanted Ray Allen to stay in Boston


In his story about the new verbal battle between LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski unleashes this:

Allen had his reasons, and they’re well-documented. In the end, Doc Rivers could no longer get Garnett and Pierce to recruit Allen to stay, sources told Yahoo. Neither player would call Allen, and only Pierce could be counted upon to even text him. The partnership had run its course, and Allen made the right, if unpopular, decision for himself.

Ray Allen was such an insufferable bastard that Garnett and Pierce did not want him around anymore. 

Process that for a minute.

Ray Allen just might be the biggest fraud this franchise has ever known. 

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  • Michael Erisman

    The only fraud is your idiotic homer posts. The great KG won nothing without Ray Allen. The great Paul Pierce won nothing without Ray Allen. Ray has been a quality player and person for decades, and he left and went to Miami where the best player in the league wanted him, and produced a ring. Fraud? The facts are on the court.

    • Chuck Moran

      If u think ray Allen had a better career than pierce and kg then your a fraud they are on a different level than ray as far as all around game offense and defense.

      • Michael Erisman

        Championships: Ray 2, PP/KG 1

        • jrleftfoot

          That doesn`t make him a better player. He`s a great shooter , period. Poor ballhandler. Mediocre defender. Yes, he`s a hall of famer , but KG and Paul Pierce were franchise players in their prime . Allen wasn`t.

          • Luke Walton

            what a fewking stupid conversation

        • LA Flake

          Jersey hanging in the rafters in 5 years:
          PP: 1
          KG: 1
          RA: 0

          • thetruth43

            auctally give KG 2 he might be in sota too

    • Corey

      Homer? So why are you on here, stop acting like a front-runner and do something better with your time. You pretend fans come on here and rant as if you’re a disgruntle Celtics, when really you’re poser. You’re probably Heat, Lebron or Ray Allen follower. You’re not a Celtics fan. You’re a clown that has nothing better to do, but come on here troll about nothing.

      It amazes me there’s idiots actually rating you’re comment with positive feed back, they must be idiots too.

      • Michael Erisman

        Stop being a troll. The Celtics are hypocrites. Act all high and mighty when Ray leaves, suck without him, then dump Doc, trade PP, the ever loyal KG (lol) has a no trade clause but waives it and bails to a rival in the same division!! Why? Because the Celtics didn’t want him? I lost every bit of respect for these guys. They not only couldn’t win without Ray, but barely even made the playoffs.

        So that is why I posted. KG is the biggest fraud in Celtics history. He left the T-Wolves, then whined about loyalty a year before nailing himself (his choice by contract) to a division rival. So the Celtics are left with the most ego-centric stat hog in the league, and some upcoming lottery picks. Excuse me for not being amused.

        • Jimmy Andis

          U said all of that and still made no sense. You sir, are a completed idiot. You’re not a Celtics fan, so why troll on here? No one values your opinion and no cares who you are, because your nothing. If you’re a Heat fanboy, Lebron or Ray Allen fan, then so be it.

          Stop trying to push and justify your false argument. You’re a bitter person. If u don’t like the Celtics, KG, PP or Doc, then fine, but u need to keep it moving. If u knew anything about basketball you wouldn’t such laughable comments.

        • GreenTeam

          Do you hear yourself you sound ridiculous. Sad thing is you probably think you’re right. What’s your issue with the Celtics? Did KG or Pierce personally offend you, because I can read the animosity and vitriol in your words.

          Everything you’re saying is factually wrong on so many levels. My advice to u is to get laid tonight, because wired and hyped about nothing. Have a good day.

          • Michael Erisman

            Lol, funny stuff. The difference between me and you is that I do get laid everyday, so my mind is clear to see obvious hypocritical bullshit when I see it. Shrug. Bummer you can’t see reality.

          • Casper Inez

            You get laid alright, but obviously you’re not handling your business as a man, or else u wouldn’t be on here ranting like crazed demented fool. Funny thing is you actually believe your own bull-shit. One on here agree with you.

            We live in reality, just not the reality you’re currently living in. Is Jim Rome your daddy, because u sound just like that mental midget. Just asking?

          • Michael Erisman

            I love Boston fans! In have to give you credit, you are the walking definition of “fanatics”. Hilarious stuff.

            Well enjoy being a lottery team and rooting for the Nets. 😉

            Time to unsubscribe to this “If Jim Jones was a Celtic fan” cult.


          • Craig

            Hope u enjoyed wasting your time for nothing. You’re right Boston fans are true fans, not bandwagon Heat fans or whoever u root for. You were wrong and strong in all your comments. Your argument carried no weight or merrit.

            If u say Boston fans are fanatic, then u must be insane and mental.

          • jrleftfoot

            don`t let the doorknob hit you in the backside on the way out, lover boy

          • LA Flake

            Hey Douche, go FU CK YOURSELF and don’t let one of our SEVENTEEN BANNERS hit your dumbass on your way out!

          • Kenny Sat

            Just remember to take your meds before u go to bed. Jesus loves you too, Erisman.

          • jrleftfoot

            He gets laid every day? not if he thinks it`s something to brag about–lol. dude has anger issues

          • KGino

            Rule of the Internet #133: anyone who has to say “they get laid every day” obviously doesn’t get laid very much, if at all. Lol

          • LA Flake

            He gets “laid” with the money he made working part time at home. #miamifullofprostitutes

        • LA Flake

          Hey ME, is it your mom that bought a new Audi TT by working part time..?

  • Dustin Chapman

    Calling Ray Allen a big fraud is ridiculous, stop being so bitter about it. He went to Miami. He knew the Celtics were going to get broken up. Maybe he couldn’t have predicted Doc leaving for LA, but he knew the wheeling and dealing was on the way. Look what happened one year after Ray left Boston. Think he would have been a Celtic right now, had he re-signed?

  • CFH

    Well, that puts a different spin on KG saying he lost the traitor Walter Ray Benedict Arnold Allen’s number… He forgot to mention he lost it while they were still teammates.

    If true, that little revelation makes all three of them sound ridiculous. I hope the next article in this saga reveals that Ray tweeted Paul that KG’s scarf didn’t match his shoes so KG said Ray’s jump shot wasn’t pretty anymore.

    • Raoul

      I’m with you.

  • Dustin Chapman

    Also, you can’t trust the media for facts. Just because Pierce and KG may have taken the “if he wants to stay, he’ll stay” approach, doesn’t mean they hated him and wanted him to leave and die. And the only reason this is “coming out now” is because of the LeBron quotes from the other day. What. A. Shocker.

    • rosamondnecipoglu321

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  • elgirrl

    Ray Allen was the “so very ethical”, “wonderful teammate”, and “true gentleman” in front of the press’ eyes only. To his teammates he showed his true colors, and that’s why after 5 years no one wanted him back.

    • Mike Perry

      right on elgirl he didnt want to stay in Boston it wasnt the teamates it was the city itself plus using him for trade bait doesnt make a man feel wanted i would’ve left too.

  • GreenbirdCro

    Can we please focus on the Celtics of today & tomorrow?! Far more interesting then dwelling about the past is this process of building up a new dynasty (hopefully)!

    • Mike Perry

      The Celtics of tomorrow are more dangerous then the Celtics of old . K.O. J.S. J.G. A.B. R.R./M.B. starting five umm they will out run the police not to mention the rest of the league their issue will be when to and when not to .
      J.P. J.C. B.B. Faveroni, and G.W. come off the bench thats rebounds and more scoring (shooting) potential sorry guys these new look Celtics are going to be great .

      • LA Flake

        Hate to burst your bubble but I doubt the current roster will remain intact in 2 years.

      • Billy

        The sad thing about your comment is u truly believe what you’re saying. It’s unfortunate how many idiots and clowns message boards produce these days.

        • Mike Perry

          Billy ur a lame dude wheres your facts to support your staement oh yeah ur a lame ass who wants attention like a lil boy .

  • Raoul

    I’m usually the first to back-up A.W. but I think he is absolutely incorrect in this. KG and Pierce both publicly said they reached out to Allen about staying over and over again. To come out with this NOW (a year later), is ludicrous and purely an attempt to chime in on the Lebron comments.

    To me, Ray Allen is still a big fraud. Period. That’s based on his actions drifting so far away from all the words I grew to respect, that came out of Ray’s own mouth over the course of his tenure with the Celtics.

    • Jake Gruber

      So out of curiosity, do you feel that Doc is a fraud as well?

      • Corey

        Doc did what Ray did. Doc saw the writing on the wall, he wasn’t willing to be apart of a rebuild. Celtics fans don’t have to agree with Doc’s departure, but it happened and it’s done. Just like Ray was a free agent and decided to leave, it’s unfortunate it was Miami, but it happened and now it’s done. Who cares! Seriously.

        • Jake Gruber

          Haha I wasn’t arguing with the guy I was genuinely curious because I don’t have much of an opinion on the matter. I see both sides, really. I get why some fans are upset, and I honestly lost respect for Allen that he chose to go to a team that he JUST lost to in the finals, not because he was ditching the Celtics. I also see why people are upset that Doc left after signing that deal, but I also don’t HATE him for doing it. What I don’t understand is why he had to say all of the things explicitly about how he was a Celtic, etc. That’s the thing that is so stupid that some of these athletes/coaches do. If they didn’t want people to get mad at them, just DON’T say that kind of stuff. Don’t bind yourself in a situation with your words that could possibly upset dedicated fans if you decide to go elsewhere. That’s all.

          • Corey

            We live in society today where sports fans become too obsessed with teams and players. Sometimes we as fans act as if we have something invested in players and teams. I think some fans are overzealous, whether it’s the NBA, NFL, MLB or etc. Me personally I like Ray Allen as a player, but I can careless about him. I’m disappointed Ray to went to play with the 3 stooges in Miami. Yes, but I’m not losing sleep over it.

            If Ray wants to play in Miami, then it’s his life. He probably tarnished his chances of have his jersey hung in the rafters in Boston, but that’s another topic to be discussed in the future. That’s all my trying to explain.

      • Raoul

        No, because (although not publicly until after) he had expressed to Ainge for a while that he did not want to be part of another rebuild.

  • Sam

    I don’t buy it. Maybe they didn’t call him because they already saw the writing on the wall. Ray never gave the celtics any thought. He was gone as soon as the season ended. I think your reading way to much into this and Wojo is just trying to get article reads. Maybe they didn’t call because he didn’t call. Who knows? and does it matter? Their all gone!

    You guys have called Ray every name in the book. At the end of the day you will have to call him a HOF and a Champ so get over it.

    • LA Flake

      I call BS on Wojo. IIRC, KG, upon signing his extension, assured that former Seattle Buck that he’s sure Danny will take care of him. Which Ainge did by offering him a generous contract with a no-trade clause. And both PP and that guy from the Starbucks expressed regrets with PP saying how he envisioned them all retiring together. Gary Tanguay went as far as saying the C’s front office wanted him to retire in green and work for the franchise.

      This is a BS story planted by Doc Rivers because there is no one else who spread such BS.

  • Corey

    I read this article yesterday and who cares! Ray moved on. Lebron is wrong. Pierce, Garnett and Doc are gone. This is such a non-story trumped by that muscle jaw Lebron

    • CFH

      All melodrama aside, that pic IS awesome. KG standing there with his shirt out looking at Pierce like he’s nuts for taking this painting the town green thing so seriously, while Ray is in space cadet mode contemplating the molecular makeup of the paint or something.

      I miss liking Ray Allen. The other two I just miss.

  • Joeb Calf

    Adrian Wojnarowski would know better than anyone on here or throughout the league about what really happened. Wojnarowski is one of a small amount of reporters that get’s access to the Celtics and Danny Ainge. So I believe him. Of course he’s one of a few that’s willing to put Lebron in his place unlike some reporters.

    I think people need to read the entire article and not rush to judgement on any of the parties involved.

    • LA Flake

      I doubt his source is Danny. I bet it was Glenn Rivers.

  • Mike Perry

    you guys are all dumb first off they won a title in their first year and then their ego’s all clashed at the wrong time Pierce took to many shots (my Team) attitude and k.g was banged up mostly , rays ankles werent that healthy so we lost two playoff series against them(MIA) then (NY), then we used Ray as trade bait every season so i would leave when i wasnt wanted either , they stumbled into the playoffs and then Rondo is hurt so we lose, so at the end of it all Boston as a whole got Blessed with a league leading 17 banners , traded 30 million and contracts and will start off with youthful energetic, scorers , every year we got beat up and down the court by the younger teams , i bet this season we match last years record of .500% and make the playoffs still . I hope Rondo sits out too take your time bro . He Rajon Rondo and Derek Rose are the best point guards i’ve seen since Isiah Thomas and John Stockton played.

    • jrleftfoot

      thanks for the history lesson. I`m pretty sure everyone on here knew the facts you stated . that doesn`t make your opinions any better than anyone else`s.Ray Allen will be a footnote in Celtics history. Garnett a chapter and PP a book..

      • LA Flake

        The C’s should give #20 to someone already. Colto Iverson when he joins the team next year, maybe.

  • Frank Aziza

    Ray Allen is passive aggressive. He acts like a perfect team mate yet he has a problem with Doc because Doc wanted the ball in Rondos hands. He had a problem with KG when it came to speaking with media after game. He thought it fell on him because KG didn’t always hang around for the media. He also contemplated retiring last year during a bad stretch. He’s a head case.

  • jonnyvelvet

    GO ray allen !! he did the right thing by going to the heat ! he is always one step up on whats going on ! he even has one more ring than PG and KG !! ha ha ha it”s funny they all jump ship at the end ! PG is old and has nothing left !

    • Billy

      Stop using your mothers computer. You can do better things with your time instead of trolling. Let me know which bandwagon u plan to jump on once Lebron leaves. Ha ha hah

  • jonnyvelvet

    maybe ray didn’t answer his phone when they called !! or return a text ?

  • jonnyvelvet

    terry was a nice pick up , NOT !! he’s a JOKE !

  • Randy

    Guys, who cares? Ray Allen was a great player when he was with the Celtics and very good in his sixth man role with the Heat. I hope people understand that the relationships these guys develop with each other are very different than what we perceive. Consider it in terms of coworkers in the same office. Some times, you just get on each other nerves and want out. Also, the idea that Ray acted fraudulently is a joke. Why don’t Bostonians – and I’m one myself – ever accuse Garnett of defrauding the Minnesota Timberwolves when he agreed to be traded here (ps – that trade never would have happened if Garnett did not agree to sign an extension with the Celtics)? It’s just a game, folks, and my bet is that many of these athletes don’t care as much about things like loyalty to a particular city than us fans ….