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Your Morning Dump… Where things aren’t so Green for Jeff thus far


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Jeff Green is under an intense microscope this season. With the departure of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, and with Rajon Rondo rehabbing from ACL surgery, Green has ascended to being the focal point of Boston’s offense, and while he didn’t ask for the target that comes with that crown, he said before the season that it’s a challenge he accepts with a chance to cement himself as an emerging star in this league.

But with half of Boston’s eight-game preseason slate complete, here’s the brutal truth: Green has not played anywhere near the level expected of him.

Maybe it’s a shooting slump or perhaps he’s still getting comfortable with a new-look roster, a first-year coach and new schemes on both ends of the floor. Coach Brad Stevens loaded up Green’s plate like he was on a trip to Old Country Buffet, but has since said he might have to scrape off some of that food as Green attempts to learn three positions. Regardless of the reason, the production just isn’t there and the spotlight and scrutiny is now blazing on King Green.

ESPN Boston – It won’t come easy for Green

Jeff Green hasn’t had the most explosive or electric start through the first half of the entire preseason.  Jared Sullinger, who is recovering from back surgery, weight gain and a domestic dispute has played well.  Kelly Olynyk, who is a rookie and has exactly zero NBA experience has played well.  Even as much as it pains me to say this, Jordan Crawford has played well.  Even the mysterious Vitor Faverani has opened eyes in the short stints he’s been given.  The point is, everyone on this team has a reason why they could or couldn’t be playing well right now.  With so many new parts, including a new coaching staff, the excuses are already built-in and most fans are willing and ready to accept it, especially with the Red Sox and Patriots absorbing all of the emotional energy from the Boston fandom. Except for Green.  He’s being noticed, and not in a good way.

In Forsberg’s above piece, he goes into fantastic detail, especially statistically to map out the DNA of Jeff Green’s preseason performance thus far, or more appropriately, lack of performance.  In the link below, CSNNE also goes into the mystery that is Green.  It is the preseason and we shouldn’t go too overboard, but at some point we have to start to at least wonder, which is the stage we’re at right now.  It’s a stark contrast to what he was doing a year ago during the preseason, dunking all over the place and getting everyone very excited.  But that didn’t immediately carry over to the regular season until it was roughly halfway over.  There are none more frustrated than Green though, who after the win against New York in Manchester, NH said: “I mean shit hasn’t fallen for me yet…”

Hopefully things will start falling tomorrow night in Brooklyn against the Nets and former C’s legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett (ugh that kills to type that).  No better time for it to begin.

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  • 84_and_7

    he will find his rhythm, He is not PP and we shouldn’t expect that from him till he shows he can be PP. That will get you through the winter.

  • Jester00

    um he is just not that good sorry you all

    • Rjd12345


      • Jester00

        True he is a .345 career 3pt shooter and less 45% FG. He is not worth 8 million a year FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • LA Flake

          plenty of WORSE players making a lot more than JG.

          • Jester00

            yea but there are more who are better and make less!!!!!!!!

          • swissflix

            How annoying all these countless emotional explanation marks are….

          • Jester00

            don’t know???? or don’t care?????? I will let you pick!!!!!!!!!

  • bill_nair

    Its concerning but ill be more concerned after regular season game 20 if this is how he continues to play. Hopefully his poor preseason play leads to a quick start in the regular season. Opposite to last year.

  • eddysamson

    Why does he need to be good in the preseason? I’m more interested in seeing what the new guys can do, maybe he is too. All he’s done is jack up jump shots which isn’t exactly his game. Its obvious to me he’s playing different than he would in the regular season.

    • LA Flake

      Because! The days of “We don’t hang division championship banners around here” are long gone. We’ll hang anything now, including summer league box scores and definitely preseason…something?

    • KGino

      Hopefully just not hurting his confidence at all… he sounded pretty down on himself in that interview

    • Mike Perry

      Jeff Green is the Celtics future P.P. only faster and more athletic once he realizes he cant be stopped he will show us all like he showed Lebron James whose the best 3 in the league .Yeah its preaseson so who gives a hootnany talk to me in Febuary .

  • Luke Walton

    plenty of deals for danny to do between now and feb

  • Dvontae Carter

    It’s the preseason relax, Jeff Will come to by opening night, he’s clearly not being as aggressive or putting half the effort he was in the NewYork series

  • omitasub

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s pre season. Don’t over react.
    Check PP’s numbers with the Nets this pre season. It’s not far off from Jeffs.
    PP scored 3 points first game, and 5 points the next game.
    Jeff scored 6, then 10, then 4, then 11 points.

    I don’t see them over-reacting in Brooklyn…

  • Rjd12345

    It’s preseason pure and simple. It’s crazy to me that fans (less-so on this blog) are screaming for him to be traded based on preseason games. He has to adjust to being the focal point of the defense, but he will and that will also get much easier once Rondo is back. Personally, I’m hoping the Celtics can devise a good inside out scheme that Indiana uses. Sully=David West, Rondo=George Hill, AB=Lance Stephenson, and Jeff Green=Paul George…we’re just missing a good post up center.

    • Mike Perry

      K.O. is a great post up center who can shoot lites out back to the hoop or facing up .

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Hey I actually liked that Forsberg article.

  • Ron Flanders

    Jeff Green is not an All-Star caliber player. He’s a very athletic, complimentary player. Don’t put too much pressure on him.

    • Mike Perry

      Bet you he makes the Allstar team .!

      • Ron Flanders

        Mike…I like the kid, too. But don’t be ridiculous. He won’t be elected as a starter…and he won’t beat out Pierce, Garnett, Paul George, David West, Deng, Rudy Gay, Josh Smith, etc. He’s not a consistent player.

        • Mike Perry

          paul George lol scratch him off that list . luo deng with Bosh and Wade scoring more then him lol thats two off the list . hes a monster watch Ronald .

    • Mike Perry

      lol he wiil be an allstar watch him and rondo .

  • zippittyay

    I wish someone would sneak some of that Low-T under arm roll on medicine into his locker. It might help.

  • LA Flake

    It may take 10 games. It may take 30 games. But something’s going to click and JG is going to unleash his inner beast. Then, look out!

    • Mike Perry

      True Story .

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  • wil

    Jeff Green doesnt have a superstar mindset, not even an all star mind set. Not even scorer mindset. His mindset is definitely setting us back

    • Mike Perry

      but he put up 40 on lebron thats called rising to the occasion and level of competition you face