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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are worse than Philly


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

“We started the game off like, like we were cool and we were supposed to win this game,” said Celtics forward Gerald Wallace. “And they were just going to hand us the game and they came out and hit us dead in the mouth.”

“We played a Philadelphia team that isn’t quite as good as New York,” Wallace said. “If we continue to play like this, we’re going to get embarrassed every night. Teams like New York and Miami and guys like that who been together for a while, who’ve had guys play together for a while, they’re going to embarrass us every night and I’m not trying to get embarrassed. We have to figure out how we can do this as a team, bring everybody together, be on the same page and start building something.”


By trading Jrue Holiday and hiring an obscure head coach in mid-August, Philadelphia made it clear they’re tanking for Andrew Wiggins. Most NBA analysts and writers have the Sixers dead last in the league.

Hold that thought…

The Celtics looked bad yet again last night. They took another beating in the paint while getting out-rebounded. The offense is in shambles and Jeff Green has yet to awake from hibernation. If the Celts are going to have any success on offense it’s going to come with transition:

You don’t need advanced stats to understand that Boston needs to crank the tempo this season. As Green sees more double-teams this preseason and struggles to attack the basket, it’s clear Boston’s roster is devoid of players that can dominate the game in the half-court set while Rondo rehabs. But with a bunch of young, athletic and versatile players on the roster, the Celtics are capable of generating easier buckets by attacking teams before they can get set.

On Friday, Boston watched a spunky Philadelphia bunch give it a taste of the medicine that the Celtics should be pouring for opponents. The 76ers attacked in transition and, despite their own propensity to turn the ball over, found a way to consistently get to the rim while blowing past Boston defenders before they were set.

Go ahead, fire away the “it’s only preseason” and “wait until Rondo gets back” rebuttals. My advice to that crowd is to keep your eyes and mouths closed while your heads are buried deep in the sand.

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  • adam

    number one lottery pick here we come.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Drafting Wiggins would be a disaster. He’ll leave pretty much any team for Toronto when his RC is up.

  • forever_green

    When is DA finally gonna take some blame? He has a lot of work to do.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Give Gerald Wallace credit…he has pride and a pulse!
    For those who still haven`t noticed….Jeff Green has neither.

    2014 will be Boston`s 3rd full-blown “tank job” in 18 years. They have experience in these matters, and are damn good at it! Sure, they`ll need ping-pong ball cooperation but, the first step is to compile a sucky W-L record. Consider it done.

    They can bring Rondo back tomorrow, not that it will matter. They were a dismal 20-23 last year with RR playing alongside a healthy KG & PP. It`s the total lack of “paint players” that will keep the Celtic win total below 25 this year.

    Sully and Olynyk`s time will come…but not without experience, and Ainge providing them with help a year from now, which is what the “plan” calls for.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Maybe you’ve noticed, but Wallace has mostly played with Sullinger and Olynyk, and they are maybe the best active playmakers on the team right now other than Pressey. Green has mostly played with Bass and Humphries.

      Green and Wallace are pretty similar really. Both are not really guys who create their own shot, and they both excel in transition. I think the difference so far is that Jared and Kelly make smart passes, both in the half court, and to start a break. Wallace was like 2/7 last night, and one of his nice baskets was from a long outlet pass from iirc Kelly when Wallace just took off and got an easy bucket. Of course Green can do that too. Maybe Stevens knows all that and is challenging Jeff while getting Wallace into the flow.

      I like the Sully/Olynyk combo, and I think pretty much everybody
      here does, so I hate to say this, but as much as possible, especially
      till Rondo gets back, the C’s probably need at least one of them on the
      court at all times. That will mean frequently splitting them up.

      I’m hoping Stevens is going to give up on this Humphries at center insanity and start playing Vitor more while it’s still preseason to really kick his tires and see what he’s got. Look around, and few teams in the East are small at the 5. Orlando has BOTH Glenn Davis and Jason Maxiel now. Other than that, Miami will probably play way more small ball than anybody, but they’re Miami, and of course they can still play Bosh at center.

      And the other part of that is that from Bass, Humphries, and Sullinger…only one should be on the court at any given time. No more 4’s as 5’s please, it throws everybody off. Or at least keep it under just a few minutes here and there for now and only just because of the roster. So it suggests Vitor/Sullinger and Olynyk/Bass or Olynyk/Humphries pairs.

      • RedsLoveChild

        It was refreshing to read Wallace`s quotes, which Chuck posted above. It shows that he cares. He`s a hard-nosed veteran, willing to call out those who don`t put forth the effort.

        This Celtic team desperately needs leadership. Rondo has plenty of toughness, but he`s not really a vocal leader. Stevens is still trying to adjust to this new world he just entered. Green? You know you won`t get any leadership or passion out of him!

        Sully is a future all-star, he`ll be a solid forward for years. Olynyk was the star of the rookie summer league. That might not sound like much but, whenever a rookie stands out in that kind of setting…99% of the the time a very good career follows. It`s more than just a good omen.

        Celts have some real good building blocks. They just need to grab a top 3 player in next years` draft, followed by a key FA signing for the front-court.

  • MrCuret

    If they keep playing the way they’re playing right they’ll end up with the worst record in the league. That game last night was ugly.

  • swissflix

    At least we don’t have Evan Turner on our squad! That’s something to start with!

  • Celticsfanatic

    Most objective article written about this team since the Brooklyn trade.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Seriously though, team isn’t organized at all yet so it shouldn’t be this terrible all year. However the record shakes out they should at least play a lot better because this has been bad.

    Organizing this roster into a team would be a challenge for any coach. It occurred to me while watching the game last night, coaches coming into the league from college tend to get hired at the start of a rebuild, but that might be the hardest thing for their adjustment period. It should be a lot easier to adjust with continuity. Stevens has got to find functional units on a mixed up roster while adjusting to the NBA game and schedule pace etc.

    Philly still had enough size and aggressive and/or athletic front court players to beat the Celtics mostly in the paint and at the rim. Struggling against big physical teams isn’t something new to this year. Philly played the C’s tough the past couple of years and their front court had a lot to do with that. Not having Holiday anymore practically forces them to go inside, and that probably even helps them against the Celtics. Detroit is another easy example of a team that had a bad record but which has also been a bad match-up for the C’s for like the previous 2 seasons because they are now a big, physical team up front.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Also I just read that Barbosa is going to try coming back soonish when his recovery is far enough along. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Boston, and if he comes back more or less the same player then surely he’d help this team.

  • Frank Aziza

    Get the small forward from Duke, his name escapes me right now. You need a top 5 pick to get him and that looks very realistic.

    • bill_nair

      Jabari Parker. My personal favorite out of this coming draft class.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    If Gerald Wallace publicly said there’s not the right mentality after 2-3 preseason game, something’s not working for sure at Waltham.