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Ubuntu is taking a new shape in Brooklyn


Howard Beck of Bleacher Report has an update on the impact Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are making in Brooklyn:

Pierce and Garnett represent everything the Nets lacked: toughness, accountability, ferocity and a dedication to the defensive arts. Outside of Evans and the rapidly declining Gerald Wallace, the Nets had no defensive conscience last season.

That conscience is now easy to spot, and hear. Garnett was at the center of nearly every huddle Tuesday night in the team’s overtime victory over the Wizards, when the new-look Nets made their preseason debut in Washington.

“He’s a constant talker on the floor,” Lopez said. “He’s just talking through the team defense and the spot where he needs to be. Letting me know he has my back or I need to have his back, vice versa, whatever, talking about the pick-and-rolls. It’s good to have that chirping in your ear, because it gets you to talk on the floor as well.”

This is a different group, and a different time. No one has mentioned Ubuntu in Nets camp, but Pierce and Garnett are still preaching the lessons. Every practice ends with a scrum—Garnett at the center, his right arm and right forefinger raised high above the rest, leading the Nets in a simple chant: “One, two, three…All in!”

I’m having a hard time with this break-up.

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  • Jo

    You’re not alone, man… I may never get over it.

    • KGino

      I’m with you guys… I think I’ll finally be over it when they retire

  • KGino

    So weird, you kinda still expect those shirts to say “Boston Basketball” but they don’t… Those 2 are just so engrained in my brain as Celtics (especially Pierce) my mind can’t process them on another team.

    It’s gonna be REAL weird to play them in the Garden, my initial thought will be, “Nice, Pierce just hit a 3” swiftly followed by “You dummy, that’s not good!”

    • Curt Hays

      Yeah, to my brain, those shirts look photoshopped.

    • eddysamson

      the announcer will be like: “PAUL PIERCE FOR THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….oh”

  • Anthony Trujillo

    Let it go guys…or else create a new website called “jayzsarmy” and follow pierce and Garnett. I’m a CELTICS FAN. I BLEED GREEN, not BROOKLYN. I am very close to not coming back to the site with all these posts about NETS players. Let it go

    • jeff

      If you’re telling people to let go, then u need to stop.