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Your Morning Dump… Where the ghosts of KG and Paul Pierce haunt the Celtics locker room


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Q: When you said you felt nothing when the trade went down …

RR: “That was blown out of proportion.”

Q: So what was the story behind it?

RR: “I don’t really say much and speak out on exactly what happened. I talk to Kevin all the time. I talk to P. Obviously it was different when the trade went down. I didn’t expect it to happen. I had just gotten off the plane. It happens, and that’s the business. I’m not going to say it was, ‘forget about it’. We still talk about them in the locker room today, tell stories about how KG was, things Paul did. At the end of the day, I still talk to every one of those guys. I talk to Jet, I talk to P, I talked to Kevin yesterday. We still check on each other. It’s a brotherhood. It’s something that you can’t break. We won titles together. We been through the fire together. It’s just something for life.”


Haunt may be a bit of a stretch but I’m in the Halloween spirit. I can’t tell you how much I love to hear Rajon Rondo say he’s telling stories about KG and Paul in the locker room.

I know I’ve knocked him for his maturity, but Rondo’s leadership is really shining through this preseason. Yes, he won’t truly be tested until the team is mired in an 8 game losing streak in February, but he’s doing everything right – right now.

This is the Celtics tradition. Passing on the secrets of success from era to era. It’s also why Rondo is so important to this team. You need someone, a non-coach, to reign in the youngsters and establish a veteran work ethic.

Rajon also made it clear he wants to be here:

RR: “I love it here. The fans are great here. And Danny (Ainge, Boston’s president of basketball operations) has been straightforward with me. This is my team. Why would I want to leave? Why would I want out? I never really backed away from a challenge. This would be a challenge. I’m looking forward to working with coach Stevens. It’s a brand new start for us as a team. A lot of new players and a lot of young guys willing to listen, so I’m very excited about that.”

If you want more on Rondo’s shoe deal with Anta, KWAPT will have an update later this morning.

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  • Luke Walton

    titles. we won titles. as in plural. he must mean eastern conference titles

    • Curt Hays

      I was just hoping everyone would ignore that. Doesn’t Boston only hang up championship banners?
      As for you, Luke, please tell your dad to become an assistant coach for the Celtics.

      • Luke Walton

        : )

  • Micah Malloy

    Why do NBA analysts keep saying that the eventual trade of rondo is the worst keep secret? What are the odds that we keep him and extend him the almost max contract deal?

    • tvor03

      I heard Jalen Rose say that exact phrase on his and Simmon’s NBA preview countdown yesterday. But then again, I’ve always found Rose to be somewhat of a loudmouth idiot.

      • Micah Malloy

        Yeah Bill Simmons had some ridiculous trade proposal with the kings that would never happen. But I don’t understand why the C’s can’t just build with Rondo

        • Jake Gruber

          I think maybe it is just very unlikely to end up with a championship team by building around a PG if you think about it. I’m not stating that as a fact, just as a hypothesis. Can anyone think of a championship team build purely around a point guard? If you say the spurs, I hope you’d think twice about saying that Duncan isn’t the true franchise player on that team (even still).

          • WardenOfTheNorth

            Well, there’s Iverson, but he didn’t win the title. He got them there, but ran into the dominant Lakers. Still, you can build around any player at any position. With Rondo, he’s unlike any player in the league. When he’s on his game, he’s very hard to stop. Players respect him and want to play with him. The fact is, rebuilding through the draft could take years (5-10 years). Rebuilding around a proven “star” might take 2-5 years.

            Another thought….

            I think there are a lot of players who would love to play with Rondo, they just hate the Celtics. This is not to be confused with hating City of Boston. Just the Celtics. The Celtics sent a lot of “young stars” home, since the Big 3 was formed. As these young stars get older and start to become the face of the league, they probably love the fact that the C’s aren’t the dominant team anymore (think: everyone on the Bulls, Cavs, Heat, Magic, 76ers, Hawks, Knicks, Nets, etc). The list is endless. Unless its automatic, slam dunk chances of contending for a title, no Superstar player will want to come here for a rebuild/fresh start, unless its via trade. Just something to think about….then again, $$ talks

            All that said, Rondo is a Celtic. The kid is one of the most entertaining athletes on the planet. Celtics need him more than he needs the Celtics, in my opinion. Let the kid stay. I’d rather gamble with Rondo than gamble with ping pong balls.

          • The Detroit Pistons won two titles (could’ve been three) with Isiah Thomas as their best player and you could argue that Walt Frazier was the best player on those early 70’s Knicks teams (although Willis Reed would have something to say about that). If you count Magic Johnson then that is another winning team based around a point guard (I don’t consider Magic to be simply a point guard because he was too versatile as a player). It can be done but it’s rare. Having said that, the NBA has turned into a point guard league and I’d be willing to guess that teams will win with pg’s as their best player. The key for the Celtics is that Rondo shouldn’t also be the only scorer on the team and we need a big man who can protect the rim. Otherwise every game is going to be a layup line for the opposing team (hence why Toronto shot over 50% the other night).

        • LA Flake

          This is kinda like the PP situation back in 2005-2007. In order to build around Rondo, we need to go out and get players who are in their prime and dominant right now. But those guys are almost impossible to get. So our next best option is to blow it up and go young, as in, Andre Wiggins young. But ping pong balls have never been our friends, so that’s a risky move, too.

          Rondo is a tantalizing talent, no doubt. It’d be nice if he can take the next step as a player while wearing green but if there’s a way to get a franchise-changer like Wiggins, Danny has to make that move.

    • david

      Most ESPN “analysts” have to pretend like they know what they’re talking about so they’ll get paid, even though they’re wrong like 75% of the time. Fact is there’s a reason Danny Ainge is running the Celtics and these buffoons are sitting in a booth running their mouths.

      And Bill Simmons’ trades get more idiotic as the years go on (didn’t he want to trade Rondo for Lamar Odom last season?!) Now i know why most celtics fans can’t stand him.

  • Coobs

    I thought it was eerie when Gorman was interviewing Stevens in the coach’s room before the game on Monday, with the team picture from Rome in front of the Colisseum looming over Steven’s shoulder…

    Ubuntu is still alive with this current squad. Here’s to a (hopefully) great year!

    • LA Flake

      why would anyone junk this comment? some people…

  • Dustin Chapman

    “but Rondo’s leadership is really shining through this preseason” – hahahaha oh how easily the mind can be manipulated by the media. just hilarious…

    • Dustin Chapman

      I’m not saying Rondo isn’t a leader. I love him and have all the confidence in the world in him. But I just think it’s hilarious everybody goes from “rah rah Rondo is worse than AIDS!!” to “wow, he is really stepping up” just because they read a quote or 2.