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Recap: A guy you never heard of leads furious comeback that falls just short


With 8 minutes to go and a more than 20 point Knicks lead, undrafted and unknown rookie Chris Babb checked into the game.  And all he did once he got on the floor was dominate.

Babb went 4-5 from 3 to score 12 points in those 8 minutes and help turn a 23 point deficit into a 2 point lead.  He was joined by Phil Pressey (8 4th qtr points on 3-3 shooting) in the 4th quarter outburst, but his drive at the last second was blocked, giving the Knicks a 103-102 win.

The Green:

The comeback, obviously, was a LOT of fun.  I honestly had chalked up the loss midway through the 4th quarter, but these undrafted guys had something to prove.  I don’t think Babb won himself a spot anywhere on this team, but he did wake up the scouts that were in the crowd.

Gerald Wallace logged 16 minutes and finished with 10 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists.  It’s already clear to me that the Celtics are an obviously better team with Wallace on the floor.   Part of that is because he’s been in the league a long time, and he understands things about the game that a lot of these guys haven’t quite learned yet.

Vitor Faverani had a nice run where he had a couple of dunks and also a 3.  I don’t want to turn this into Darko redux, but Fav is at least showing he’s got actual basketball skills and the ability to earn some minutes on this team.

Jared Sullinger, missed 3’s aside, once again had stretches where he was the best player on the floor despite him being out of shape.  He was the team’s leading rebounder (6), and like Wallace, it felt like the team was just playing better most of the time he was on the floor.  His conditioning will come back, the skills never went away.

Avery Bradley’s shooting touch looked great in a 10 point 3rd quarter outburst (the only thing good that happened in the 3rd, really).

The Gross:

I hope this is precautionary.

The third quarter.  That’s it.  This section is called “The Gross,” and the third quarter was gross.

The comeback notwithstanding, the Celtics generally looked confused for large portions of the game.  And while that’s to be expected, it’s still not easy to watch.

The Greenlights:

Vitor Faverani with the lefty poster…. and then a righty poster!

What? A dunk party without Jeff Green?  I don’t think so…

The Grid:

  • The Celtics out-rebounded the Knicks 36-34. 
  • Babb and Bradley were 6-8 from 3.  The rest of the C’s were 4-16.
  • Celtics shooting percentages:  1st Q: 33%, 2nd Q: 63%, 3rd Q: 42%, 4th Q: 59%
  • Jeff Green was 4-10 for 10 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists. 
  • Brandon Bass had 5 assists, which would have been a career high if this was a regular season game.

Just some other quick notes:

Kelly Olynyk had some things happen in this game that were sort of “welcome to the NBA moments”… moves he made in Summer League that didn’t quite pan out here.  His 4 point, 4 turnover, 1 rebound, 1 assist stat line doesn’t tell the whole story, but in many ways it’s a very accurate reflection of the adjustment he’s making as a rookie.

Up until that comeback, I was unimpressed with MarShon Brooks.  He’s going to have to show more.

I know Kris Humphries played tonight, but I didn’t see a ton out of him.  I don’t think that means much, but I’m sure someone who might not have seen the game might wonder why I haven’t mentioned him yet.

Box Score

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  • Chuck Moran

    Bench courtney lee the guy is a bum. I’d trade him for a second round pick but I doubt any team would do it.

    • EricKrasnauskas

      Yeah, he’s really got nothing to offer these days.

  • Jester00

    Until rondo comes back we have no 2 guard. I don’t know if Lee, Brooks, or Crawford could start for some college teams.

  • Louie Sasa

    Lee is garbage he doesn’t look right out there, he stagnates the offense which I hate. Jeff Green should also learn how to play with Wallace and sullinger

    • zippittyay

      Why not give Jeff Green Lee’s minutes at the two?

  • bill_nair

    I didn’t watch the game but I followed it and noticed Green took as many shots in the first half (7) as he did in the entire Toronto game. Don’t know how he looked, but at least he took more shots.

    • Jake Gruber

      Eh, a lot of them were passive shots. Not really attacking, shooting 3s, or like at the end of the shot clock when he had to shoot. Also, he took 3 shots in the second half. It does little to raise people’s confidence in your aggression when you only do it half of one game!

      • bill_nair

        Thanks for the reply. I wish Jeff had some of that Antoine selfishness, atleast for a month. Just chuck it and watch what happens. May turn out good.

  • Robert Hodgman

    I have to admit that I have been critical of both the signings of Fav and Pressey, and completely expected them to flop. I was wrong! Both have displayed confidence I wasn’t expecting at all. I hope Fav keeps up his aggressive style.
    Humph, Bass, and Lee are detrimental to this team! They need to go, and personally, I don’t care what you get for them. The open minutes for guys who actually care about this team would be worth it alone!

  • Jake Gruber

    I’m literally not even joking when I say this: Chris Babb might actually have to get minutes for this team. Here’s my reasoning.

    The Celtics are DESPERATE for someone who is capable of stretching the floor, even a little bit, and he proved last night that he’s at least capable of knocking down SOME shots. I know it was the battle of the 3rd units, but the difference in floor spacing was ridiculous once he knocked down a couple of 3s. People were flying at him and he got dunks for faverani. They say he’s also an excellent defender, so what’s the reason not to play him so far?

    • zippittyay

      Imagine Fav after he gets in real basketball shape…… Dude needs either a trainer or nutritionist

  • Prescott Adu-Poku

    at least for now we found ray ray jr

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