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Celtkicks: Rondo the new member of “Team Priceless”

As our friends over at Sole Collector posted last month, Rondo has been rumored to be the new member of Anta’s “Team Priceless”. Well as we found out yesterday, Anta has made Rajon a member of their “team” for the next eight years.

The two other members, and fellow Anta endorsers, are old friend KG and the Pacers’ Luis Scola. According to Anta’s site, there is still one more member of the team to be named.

The other information that was revealed this afternoon is the cost of Rajon’s new kicks. They’re listed as 399 Yuan, which is roughly $65.00 USD. Kevin Garnett’s KG4 shoe is also listed at the very affordable price of $65. And with KG signing a four-year extension with Anta last summer, he and Rondo will both be with the shoe company for the foreseeable  future.

Anta tells me Rondo’s shoe will be made available for purchase in approximately one month. Check out some more images from the Rondo “Team Priceless” ad below.

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  • eddysamson

    I don’t know anything about Anta. Are they actually putting out a decent shoe for $65 or are they turning out cheap Chinese garbage?

    • KWAPT

      I have a couple pairs of KG’s Antas and I’m satisfied with the quality. But I’m a KG worshipper so..

  • disqus_M4UiNBRGrk

    The model Rondo will be wearing is different then the version releasing in China. The chinese consumer doesn’t have the same demands as the US and wouldn’t put out as much money for a shoe. The shoe is still very good for the price though and if it released in the US it would actually be more then $65 because Anta doesnt have to pay for duties for materials and such like a Nike would.

    • KWAPT

      It won’t be released here as Anta has no US distribution deal (yet). And far as I know, KG’s first three models all used the same materials in the retail and p.e. models. Who knows about Rajon’s.

      • disqus_M4UiNBRGrk

        I do ;). And Kg’s are also different from his retail version this year. It’s a new strategy.

        The easiest way to tell which is RR’s pair and which is the retail is the tongue loop. The retail pair doesn’t have that, but RR’s also have some different materials and construction.

        • KWAPT

          You sound like someonein the know. Do you work for Anta? If so would love to interviewyou. Email me: celtkicks@RedsArmy.com

  • 76th

    What’s wrong with KG’s face?

  • bill_nair

    Will there be a way to obtain these in the U.S.? Any websites other than ebay?

    • KWAPT

      As of right now, the only website I know that carries Anta is a site called HiBasketball shoes. However I’ve never ordered for them so I can’t vouch. Their site does they say have Antas though.

      • Andrew Tirtha

        I ordered from Hibasketballshoes.com and theyre reliable. Got mine a few weeks after I ordered it. packaging is minimal but it works…

        • KWAPT

          Nice-glad to hear it & thanks for the info.